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Part 27: He Was a Dick, Anyway

Chapter 26: He Was a Dick, Anyway

Last time we spent a few mind-numbingly painful hours fighting optional battles. It's time to get to the more reasonably difficult story.

The next fort on my list is Fort Taiga. We passed through it briefly on our way to Falldust. There was absolutely nothing worth noting then.

: I know that voice! Colonel Akter?
: The one and only. I'm honored you remember me.
: You coward! You won't get away this time!
: Mind your manners, boy. There's no need to be rude. Please do come in! I'll entertain you personally.

Same old song and dance. Around six battles to fight.

Of course, this is the first fort we're taking with the Zeta Gundam.

It's a bit of a monster, honestly.

So what is there to say about this part of the game, really?

It really goes to show you how ridiculous the sidequests are. Over the course of this update I didn't get one single game over. I didn't even come close.

Meanwhile, in the optional battles I fought yesterday I ended up with a death count in the double digits.

Oh, is it over already? These forts don't take long at all.

I'm sorry, but I'm afraid I can't allow that. You see, this is where you all die!
: Cheeto! Behind you!

Eh, not as cool as Walter Gundam.

: Why you little...! You were waiting for us to wear ourselves out all along!
: So what if I was? That's called strategy, boy, not cowardice!

: Or are you too chicken to face us in the open!?
: Silence! I grow tired of you, boy! War has nothing to do with honor! Or pride! Or being a man! The only thing that matters is winning!
Notice how he doesn't have any DG Cells. He's not under the control of the Devil Gundam. He's just a dick.

Oh, there we are. I still stand by my prior statement, though.
: Very well. I'll grant you your wish. You won't live long enough to regret your stupid decision!

: Calm down, Fritz. This isn't the time to lose your cool!
: Ah ha ha ha ha! Not so tough now, are you!? After my Grand Gundam and I are through with you, you'll just be one big pile of smoking scrap metal!
This boss is the easiest of the four forts. The other three bosses have at least one attack that will one-shot a member of your party or come damn close to it. This boss's ultimate attack just does average damage with the chance to short-circuit.

Aeon's System Hack lowers his attack, defense, and speed. Now he's completely harmless.

That's right. A Boost Attack did an average of 162 damage even AFTER my defense was dropped. Christ, I almost feel bad.

I mean, he can spam it multiple times in a row which means I go fairly long spans without being able to land a good attack, but all four fort bosses do that.

There's no two ways around it. This guy is pathetic.

: I'm through playing games with you. Prepare to die!
Ready for his ultimate attack?

Yes, ~500 damage and a chance to short circuit. I wasn't even defending that turn. Big whoop.

Just to show it wasn't a freak event. Low damage, lame attack. The next boss will be a lot tougher.

You know what? It's time to put this guy out of his misery.

Poor bastard.

: How could a bunch of kids like you... defeat me...? I'm a Colonel! A Colonel in the Eisengrad Army!

Best facial expression ever.

Three down, one to go.

: How did that guy get so strong? It's a miracle we managed to beat him.
Fritz, you're retarded. He didn't even manage to shoot anyone down.
: You okay, Fritz?
: Yeah. Just a little shook up. But I'm not gonna run off like before. I'm sticking with you till the end!
: Thanks. I'm going to need you!
: You can count on me! Come on, let's move on! There's nothing left to do here.
Indeed there isn't.

Next time: The final fort!


Grand Gundam


Grand Gundam
Mobile Fighter G Gundam - Devil Gundam Corps
The Grand Gundam was created by the Devil Gundam for its protection. With the cannons on its shoulders, it could fire an almost infinite supply of shells. The Gundam Maxter and Gundam Rose defeated this terror to save Domon Kasshu.