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Part 28: The Final Fort

Chapter 27: The Final Fort

Last time we killed Akter to capture the third fort. We felt little remorse.

The last fort standing is Fort Berg. This is our first time here, and we're greeted by a mysterious voice.
: What!? Who are you!?
: Cheeto... Go... You... must... flee...
: Cheeto, we've lost the signal.
: That person knew me... Who was it!?

: Fate calls us to battle, and we must answer the summons!
: No matter what happens, you aren't the only one responsible! We're all in this together! Let's go, Cheeto!

You were expecting something different? Hell no. Another grind through six battles of crap fodder.

The only difference between this fort and the last one is the boss coming up is a monster. I hate it so much.

Don't just take my word for it. The photographical evidence is coming up soon.

We're juuuuuust...


done. That's the last of them.

Missed that one. Hate those stragglers.

: Ha ha ha ha! I bet whoever it was took one look at us and went packing!
: Watch out! I'm getting a reading from the sky!
: The sky!? W-what is that!?

"I can see my house from here!"

A bird-themed suit. Pretty cool.

Lovin' the conehead

Damnit, now I have to kill Sosei.
: I can't... control it... any... longer...!
: General Sosei!
: Destroy me... You must destroy me!

: But why? We can't do that!
: I... don't want... to... kill... you! Hrrggh... Arraargghh!
: General Sosei! Are you all right!?

DG Cells, right on cue.
: Grrraaaaahhhhh!!!

: I don't want to fight you! I can't do it! Why... Why!? Answer me!
: Cheeto! General Sosei is being controlled by his Mobile Suit!
: How do we help him?
: I'm sorry... I don't know.
: This can't be happening! There's got to be a way!
: Cheeto! There's no time to hesitate!
: Come on, we have to fight! If we don't, he's going to kill us all!

I love how with Sosei we're all like, "No! I don't want to do it! This sucks! Isn't there a way to save him? It's just not fair!"

With Atker, there was more of a "Eh, you know what? Fuck 'im. Wanna go grab a bite to eat?" kind of vibe.

Anyway, about this battle. It's pretty tough.

As you can see, he's already dishing out more damage than Grand Gundam could ever dream of.

Oh, and he even has a MAJOR fuck you attack even before the midway point.

I somehow missed the number, but a one-shot from 775HP is no small feat.

The theme of this battle? Hit him with everything I've got as quickly as possible. I'm only going to lose a battle of attrition, so I try to overwhelm him from the word go.

Bringing out my back line for a round of high-level boost attacks generally works in my favor as well.

: General Sosei! Can you still hear me!?
: I can't... hold out... much longer... Cheeto... Please... defeat me!
: No! I... I just can't do it!
: Please... Cheeto... Soon I will... cease... to be myself... Hngrraaaaahhh!
Wait... that was him HOLDING OUT? Christ, that's just not fair.

Time for the Raven Gundam's ultimate attack...


Something like 4 or 5 turns in a row. Keep in mind this is four or five turns I can't attack him because I'm too busy defending and healing.

Which, incidentally, is ALSO 4 or 5 turns he spends healing 300 damage because of the damn self-regeneration properties of the Devil Gundam and its spawn.

1200-1500HP of my hard work, gone. Just like that.

I love the way this battle ended, though.

: General Sosei! I... I'm sorry... I'm so sorry...
: No... There was no other way...
: But you... I mean, I... What I've done...
: You... have a pure heart, son...

Cheeto has his sad face on.
: Cheeto... Go... save Eisengrad... Save... the world...

Hey, guys! That was the last of them! We're done!

: Cheeto...
: We had no choice! We had to defeat him!
: That's right! We can't give up now!
: I know... Let's go. We have to take back Eisengrad from the Neo Zarth!

: I... I will never forget you. And we won't let you down. We'll protect everyone in this world of ours. We'll do it for you, General Sosei...
Unlike Rezner, Sosei is actually dead.

: The energy reading which was covering Eisengrad has disappeared!
: Our attacks on the four forts must have knocked out that barrier!
: Cheeto! Let's go to Eisengrad!
You bet, babe. But we got a lot of sidequestin' to do first!

Next time: Sidequests, part deux!

Raven Gundam


Gundam Heaven's Sword
Mobile Fighter G Gundam - Devil Gundam Corps
Gundam Heaven's Sword (called Raven Gundam in this game) was another one of the Devil Gundam's personal bodyguard. It was able to shift between its standard Mobile Suit form and a special attack form, which it can use to absorb energy with its wings to power up its Wind Fire attack. It was destroyed by Domon, the Dragon Gundam, and Bolt Gundam.