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Part 44: Surrounded

Chapter 43: Surrounded

Last time we finally saved Aeon from Gabriel. Now we have to find him and stop him from starting another Great Fall.

Note to self: You are very bad at deciding on a name while waiting for delivery to arrive.

So here we are in the base. The first thing we notice is it's damn huge. 7 stories tall, to be exact. And, of course, half of the doors are locked. This means we get to run all over the place hitting switches and unlocking doors from the other side! YAY!

The battles here are all pushovers. You could blame it on all of the grinding I did in Moon Base Beta, but honestly even if I was only strong enough to barely survive there I'd still be plowing through here.

I don't think we were intended to storm Moon Base Beta before coming here.

Anyway, we come to the first of very many sub bosses.

This... this isn't a sub boss. This is a regular encounter...

Goddamnit Gabe, you suck.


: Why are you in league with Gabriel!? You do know he plans to destroy the human race, don't you?
: Yes, that's exactly why I choose to help him. The world would be a better place without humans.
: Stop following him! Don't let Gabriel use you!
: Use me? Oh, I don't think so.

: What do you mean!?
: Hee hee hee! I'm afraid this conversation is over. I've brought some friends along for you to play with.

Nothing to see here, people.

I take each of them down in one or two hits.

Looks like Gabe's building up quite the fleet here. That there is a Musai. It was one of the Zeon's main battleships during the One Year War

We're back to the dominant position. No longer can these enemy Mobile Suits pose a threat or even a challenge to us. Hambeast and Godhand are unstoppable forces of destruction.

: I see you don't know when to quit. Unfortunately, I don't have time for you at the moment. These gentlemen here will entertain you.


Sucker punch!

This is more like it. An actual challenge!

Not much of one, mind you.

But at least this one can give me a run for my money.

But Aeon puts that buster rifle to good use.

And takes it down.

It was guarding one of these: a very small shoulder-mounted weapon that is surprisingly powerful. I put it on Cheeto's suit.

Alright, looks like we got ourselves some hot elevator action coming our way. Let's start at 2F and work our way up. 4, 5, 6, and 7 lead to locked doors anyway, so there's no point in going up there.

2F has some neat new toys. Here's a little foreshadowing to one of my long-term goals.

3F leads to our new buddy!
: You aren't getting away this time! What? Running again!? Come back and fight!
: Wait! It's too dangerous to go alone!

The door is locked! Cheeto has been cut off from the party!
Oh Cheeto. You're such a card.

: Ha ha ha ha! You idiot! I can't believe you fell for it! I don't care how strong you think you may be! Do you really think you stand a chance against these odds?
: You coward!
: Don't blame me. It's your fault for letting yourself get caught! Before you die, though... I'll let you in on a little secret. Your poor little orphanage, blown into smithereens...

: You lie! Vladi destroyed the orphanage!
: Hee hee hee! Think back. Don't you remember how it happened?
: It can't be...!
: Now do you get it? Vladi didn't attack the orphanage. He tried to stop me from doing it.
: No... It can't be!

: Why, to torment you, of course! Hee hee hee! You see? Everything you have done has been for nothing!
: No, it hasn't! I'm going to make you pay! And then I'm going to stop the Great Fall!
: Ah ha ha ha ha ha! Very well. But you'll have to get out of there, first! Do that... And I'll fight you.

: Farewell, little boy...
Mahndi departs in her Mobile Suit...
: I can't die here now! Not here... Not like this! I won't give up! I will get out of here!

Well, Cheeto, look at the bright side. The way things have been going maybe fighting all these battles alone will challenge you a little.

: You really are thick, kid!
: You think so? Bring it on! I'll kick all of your...
: Ha ha ha! Sure, kid, sure! Show us what you've got!

: Has the Neo Zarth army lost its pride?
: Who said that!? Who are you!?

: Vladi! You're alive!
: I'll explain later! For now, I want to help you as Hal!
: Lord Zarth!? But I thought you died! No matter. We've been told to show no mercy to anyone who stands in our way. And that means anyone.

This is gonna be totally awesome.

Hell yeah, Sazabi.

: But... What are you doing here?
: Trying to atone for my sins.
: But why? Why are you helping me?
: We'll talk later. First we have to deal with this little situation.
: Right!

More awesomeness ensues.

The Sazabi was always one of my favorite Mobile Suits, and this is why.

Hal just cuts a path through all of these guys. He starts with 6EN just like Cheeto, so both characters start every battle with the Mega Slash boost attack. This instantly cuts two suits out of the battle.

Well, that was fun.

: What? Hal...? Hal! Where'd you go!?
: Cheeto! You're all right!

: We... We were all so worried about you.
: Darn right we were! Next time, try using your brain before you go waltzing into a trap, okay!?
: I'm sorry. I didn't see this coming.
: Still, you fought with courage, Cheeto! It's a wonder you held your ground alone!
: No. If I had fought them alone, I don't think I'd still be alive.

: Actually, Hal came to my rescue.
: Hal? You mean my brother Vladi!? So he's still alive. But... Why would he help you?
: I'm not sure. He said he wanted to "atone for his sins."
: Sins?
Declaring war on the whole world, attempting genocide, and unleashing a crazed android aren't sinful enough for you?
: Perhaps he came here for the same reason as we did.

: Well, I'm not forgiving Vladi for what he did! Right, Cheeto?
: Yeah... But you know...
: Stop, you guys! Enough of this! You're spoiling the whole mood. Cheeto is safe! That's all that matters, right?
: Right. We're here to stop Gabriel. Come on, Cheeto! Let's keep moving!

Next time: Lifts! Switches! Boss battles!


MSN-04 Sazabi
Mobile Suit Gundam: Char's Counterattack - Neo Zeon Forces
Although Char Aznable was thought to be dead after his fight with Haman Karn in 0087, he came out of hiding in the early 0090s. Many former Zeon soldiers still desired independence from the Federation, so they embraced Char as the leader of the Neo Zeon. The Sazabi was built by Char's engineers to take full advantage of his Newtype abilities and superior piloting skills. It was equipped with many thrusters and a very powerful generator to make it one of the most agile suits on the battlefield. It was also equipped with six funnels connected by a psycommu system and a beam shotgun (which is completely fucking awesome).