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Part 43: We Forgot to Save Aeon

Chapter 42: We Forgot to Save Aeon

Last time we got ourselves the Burning Gundam after a crazy fight against it.

I liked both this and Love Love Fingu, and the democratic process chose this.

Anyway, we head back to the moon because while we were flying between Earth and the moon like a yo-yo Aeon has been sitting around in captivity.

And we find the Giant G System. This MUST be where Gabriel is.
: Wow! This energy reading's off the charts! There's no doubt about it. This is definitely the Giant G System!
: So, we've finally made it.
: Yeah. Here's where it all ends.
: We can't afford to lose.
: I don't plan to. All right, let's head in. Let's go get Gabriel!

: I never dreamed you'd follow me this far.
: Gabriel! Show yourself! Where are you hiding!?
: Don't worry... Since you're so anxious to fight, I've prepared a welcoming committee. If you can defeat the three enemies up ahead, I'll give you back your precious princess.

I don't think he knows what game we're playing anymore.

: We're through playing games, Gabriel! We're going to take you out for good!
: You? Take me out? Hmph. That would be something indeed.

Alright. Looks like we've got three sub-bosses before we can enter the G System. Onwards, I suppose.

Wait, seriously? Was Gabe too busy plotting his comic book-caliber schemes to notice I took down TWO of these things ages ago?

I'm incredibly insulted. Who the hell does he think he is?

Well, it's official. Gabe has completely run out of evil ideas. Now he's just sending the same old crap at me.

Seriously, guy. You're the worst evil mastermind ever.

Oh yes. Now it's time for some sweet, beautiful revenge.




Whew, I can feel that stress just melt off. Alright, time to get Aeon back.

: I am impressed!
: Now give Aeon back to us! You gave us your word!
: Does she really mean that much to you?
: Of course she does! She's our friend!
: Don't worry. I'm a man of my word.
: Just what are you up to!?
: "Up to"...? Ha ha ha... Don't worry. Aeon is all yours. She's of no more use to me, anyway. You can have her!

I don't like where this is going.

Oh, a Devil Gundam. Look at Captain Original here.

: I brought Aeon back to you! Ha, ha, ha!

Okay, so maybe it's a LITTLE original...

: No! She can't be!
: It's a Devil Gundam!
: Poor Aeon! This can't be happening!
: We have no choice but to fight! Come on, girl! Come back to your senses!

: One way or another, we're going to save Aeon!
: He's right! Don't give up! I'm sure Aeon will recognize us!
: Careful! Here she comes!

: Come on, you remember! I don't want to fight you!
: It's no use! We have to fight! We'll have to immobilize the Devil Gundam, and get her out of there!
Well, this is what the Devil Gundam looks like in its next stage of evolution. It's not gonna be a pushover like the last three encounters were. I'd like to take this moment to once again praise this game's music. The music that plays during this boss fight is incredible.

The Devil Gundam has the ability to confuse my characters all at once, which really gets in the way of things. I always hate it when I have no control over my party members. The only reliable fix is to send them to the rearguard until it fades or use a healing item. I generally do the former.

Also, its main Boost Attack, Demonic Claw, is one of those speedy-type ones. I don't get a chance to guard or anything, AND it also confuses.

I start the battle by having Lapis drop its Attack, Defense, and Speed. This will stop it from plowing over my party while at the same time opens it wide up to take full damage from my attacks.

All that grinding in Moon Base Beta goes to good use.

Anyway, even though its attack is lowered, it's still wise to defend against its boost attacks...

because this one in particular is pretty devastating even when debuffed.

: I'm sorry, Aeon... but we'll get you out of there!
: Aeon's suffered long enough! We have to immobilize it before it can recover!
: Let's finish up quickly so she doesn't have to suffer!
There's only one way to skin a devil...

: This hand of mine is burning red!

: Its roar tells me to grasp victory!

: Here I go!




A fitting end.

: This is our chance, Cheeto!
: Don't die on us now, Aeon! We're coming to get you!

Cheeto totally has his face on right now.

: It's me! Are you okay?

: I'm... I...
: Shhh. Everything's all right. You'll always be our friend, Aeon.

Why Fritz? Why? Cheeto and Aeon totally had a moment going before you came along with your doofy hat.

: There's nothing to forgive!

Except for that whole trying to kill us thing. Although, when you think about it, more than half our party has tried to kill us at one point in time. It's become a way of saying "hello" in this game.

: I'm just glad you're back, Aeon!
: Now we can all be together again!

: It's okay, Aeon. You don't have to say anything. I believe in you. We all believe in you.
: Everyone... Thank you. Please... I have a request. Please let me fight by your side again! I have to stop Gabriel!
: But... can you face him?
: Yes, I must. That is my real mission. I was created to stop him. Please!
What? Since when?
: Okay.

: No! I wouldn't!
: Ha ha! It's good to have you back, Aeon!

: There is a Neo Zarth Mobile Suit in the next hangar over. I will fight in that Mobile Suit. Please, take me to the hangar.
A Neo Zarth suit? It's probably some crap like a Leo or Serpent or something.

Okay, that works too.
: Yes, Gabriel meant for me to pilot it.
: It's... It's beautiful.
: Please, take me over to that Mobile Suit.

Now that we have our System Hacker/Funneler back, we bench Lapis.
: Now I can fight too! Come, let's go. We must stop Gabriel!

You could use some serious upgrades first, my dear.

Next time: This base is huge!

Bonus Content!

Gabe summons the Devil Gundam
Cheeto and Aeon reunited


XXXG-00W0 Wing Gundam Zero
New Mobile Report Gundam Wing - Preventers Forces
After assassination of the political leader Heero Yuy (after whom the Gundam pilot was codenamed) the colony scientists designed a Mobile Suit that could overpower OZ forces. That design became the Wing Zero. It was not only lightning-quick, but it was equipped with a buster rifle that could wipe out a platoon of Mobile Suits in a single shot. It was also equipped with the Zero System, a system that interfaces the pilot's mind directly with the Gundam computer. This enabled the Gundam to tell the pilot exactly how to achieve total victory, but had the side effect of placing immeasurable stress on the pilot's mind.