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Part 42: This Hand is Burning Red

Chapter 41: This Hand is Burning Red

Last time we ran around storming moon bases. Now we're heading back to Earth for some more optional fun.

First we're off to Diggins Rock's Mini G System to make one of these.

And we equip it to Tremmie for some nice stat boosts.

And with that, let's go!

: The victor of all four matches shall be awarded a spectacular prize, and be crowned the Mobile Coliseum Champion! Good luck, participants! Let the battle begin!

The Championship League features heavily modded Zaku units. All Zakus, all the time! This team is built for melee attacks.

They're not especially strong, though.

Still, this battle is very losable. If I were to go and do something retarded like attack them with melee strikes I'd lose pretty quickly.

Of course, preventing their attacks completely is always a fun option.

In any case, the three of them fall fairly quickly.

This battle is even easier. These guys can't fight back when I melee them...

So there's nothing to stop me from using Cheeto, Tremmie, and Li Fang to the best of their abilities.

And believe me, NOTHING is gonna stop me from using Li Fang's abilities.

In fact, she wiped out all three of them.

This battle is a slightly harder version of the last fight. While the Zakus' weapons are much, much stronger than before, they still can't counterattack.

Damnit Matilda Rezner. Why'd you have to go and take a Hyper Cannon blast to the face?

And Fritz took a goddamn Gatling Fire to the face trying to revive Rezner. Useless, the lot of you!

Take a lesson from Li Fang, everyone! This is how you NOT suck!

Thank you for demoing, Li.

Looks like Rezner is gonna give it another go.

MUCH better! She catches on quickly!

Oh! Fritz figured it out too! I'm so proud of those two.

FINALLY things get a little tough. Not only is the Nu Zaku the coolest Zaku variant ever and I want one, it's capable of melee strikes, powerful ranged attacks, and launching the strongest funnels in the game for good measure.

This is why I want one. That damage is while DEFENDING!

Sadly there can be only one champion, and I proceed to pick away at its HP.

All the while its funnels REALLY have their way with Fritz. I almost feel sorry for him.

I don't like skimming over this fight like this, but it went really well. Well, other than Fritz getting beaten around.

: Team Cheeto is the victor! Where'd they come from? What're they eating? How'd they get so strong? Who cares! Meet the new champs of Mobile Coliseum! Team Cheeto!!! As their reward, Team Cheeto will receive a Hyper Beam Saber! Unbeatable! Unstoppable! Undefeatable! Team Cheeto has conquered all 3 leagues!


: I never expected a young kid like you to have what it takes! But I've got to tell you... You aren't the top dogs just yet! So, Cheeto! Interested in fighting me? I promise you this: if you win, you'll find it very worth your while.

Worth my while, eh? Okay, I'll do it. After all, how tough can some old man be?

: Ha ha ha ha! I've been waiting for this day! I've been waiting for a worthy opponent!

This fight is INSANE. The Burning Gundam has 45,000HP, is immune to ALL ranged attacks, status effects, and debuffs...

And starts the fight by jacking up its attack, defense, and speed. AND I CAN'T BRING IT DOWN.

To top it all off, its ultimate attack, Tenha-Majin-Ken, is a first-strike...

And is an instant kill, no matter what. Not one of my characters can survive a blow, and a critical strike WILL do 9999 damage.

All six of my party members play a central role in this fight. Even Vargas and Fritz, who have no damaging melee attacks to speak of, come in VERY useful.

Li Fang, Cheeto, and Tremmie unleash their strongest melee boost attacks. Even so, the Burning Gundam's upped defense means I merely pick away at its health.

Fritz's duty is to revive fallen comrades and use Chaff Field to stop the Burning Gundam's weak (ha) ranged attacks.

Rezner is to pick up Fritz's duty whenever he's busy using Chaff Field. Her Full Repair technique gets critically damaged members away from death's door.

Vargas's job is to use Snipe Assist whenever he can.

This stops the Burning Gundam from counterattacking when Cheeto, Tremmie, and Li Fang use their Boosts. Sure, it doesn't actually do any damage, but stopping the monster is just as important.

Finally, Cheeto and Li Fang have a very important role. They use Counter Zone to absorb the Burning Gundam's melee boosts.

Well, all of them but Tenha-Majin-You're-My-Bitch-Ken.

Anyway, after probably about 35 turns and more tries than I care to count, the Burning Gundam falls. I did it.

: And now, for your reward...

: I know you're fighting the Neo Zarths. Use the power of this Burning Gundam... For all of us! I'm rooting for you, Cheeto! So's the rest of the world! Good luck!

This guy needs a suitably badass name. In Li Fang's hands it's an unstoppable monster.

Next time:
: I feel like we're forgetting something...
: OH MY GOD! AEON! We're supposed to save Aeon!
: Holy crap you're right! Everyone get back on the ship! Now!


GF13-017NJII Burning Gundam
Mobile Fighter G Gundam - Neo Japan
The Burning Gundam (God Gundam in Japan) is Neo Japan's ultimate Mobile Fighter. It was given to Domon during his first fight against the Devil Gundam as the Shining Gundam had been destroyed. Domon and the Burning Gundam eventually led the assault against Ulube Ishikawa and the Devil Gundam.