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Part 41: More Moon Shenanigans

Chapter 40: More Moon Shenanigans

Last time we finally got around to flying to the moon and looted what I thought was the harder of the two moon bases. Turns out it was only the second hardest of the THREE moon bases, the hardest of which will not be featured today because I have to find it. Anyhoo:

We continue our journey across the lunar landscape. By now we're level 38 or so, a high enough level to scare off any random encounters with the Invisible skill I demoed way back in the second act.

Here we are: Moon Base Alpha. It was technically on the way to Moon Base Beta, but the first time I played this game I found Beta first and that's just how the order of things fell into place for this playthrough. I'm a creature of habit.

Anyway, this is the map of Alpha. It's identical to Beta, but the rooms are in different places. That is, rooms 3 and 6 are now the trap-three-battles-and-a-switch rooms, etc.

The enemies are also a LOT easier to wipe out than the ones in Beta. They're all pretty much the same random encounters we fought on the overworld minus the Psycho Gundams and Zeongs.

I can wipe out the lot of them in two turns.

I'd also like to mention I like the design of the Moon Bases. Not the layout. The layout is terrible, boring crap. But the design is really nice. The central hub is a catwalk suspended over a Death Star-style bottomless pit. It looks very cool.

Anyway, on to business. Room one and two are treasure rooms.

Rooms three and six are the aforementioned trap rooms with three battles and a switch that unlocks one of the doors to room seven.

Rooms four and five mix it up a bit. Three battles and some treasure.

But the main attraction here is room seven. We got ourselves another sub-boss battle.

This Qubeley is significantly tougher and faster than the one we fought in the Coliseum. Still, since I sequence broke the bejesus out of the moon so far it's a really easy fight.

We start off with Cheeto one-shotting one of its guards. The Qubeley pilot learns the true meaning of fear.

We follow it up by two-shotting the other guard. It's not as scary, but it gets the job done.

That leaves only the lone Red Qubeley to face the full wrath of Fritz's Hyper Mega Launcher.

I really took this battle in a laid back fashion. After all, I'd have to be completely blindfolded to even have a slight chance of losing.

In fact, I start to treat the poor bastard like an evil ten-year-old boy treats a tiny bug.

By shooting out its legs, taking away the only meager advantage it had over me: speed.

The poor thing met a fitting end. Lapis let the funnels fly.

And with no other Mobile Suits to absorb the damage, the Qubeley took the full force of the little flying bastards.

And what wonderful treasures was this Qubeley guarding, you ask?

Next time: I'll get back to the plot eventually, I promise!