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Part 40: Exploring the Moon

Chapter 39: Exploring the Moon

Last time we beat the Masters Cup in the Mobile Coliseum. We're finally able to go to the moon!



: No way! Huh? It's a transmission from Marie. I'll put her through!

: The surface of the Moon is rough, and unsuitable for landing.
: Unsuitable for landing? So what are we supposed to do!?
: You can land at the Spaceport. It should be in the vicinity. Please, be careful. And don't do anything rash!

Here's our LZ. It's the only one on the whole moon.
: Cheeto! I'm detecting a mother of a reading! It's coming from the north!
: It might be the Giant G System. Come on! Let's head north!
Alright, here's the moon's gimmick: we can only land on this one landing zone, and the entire map is designed like a maze. Also, look what happens if we call up our map.

Yep, no map. I was on the moon when I started making plans for this LP, and I even had a little hand drawn map I was going to use. I've since lost it, so just imagine me wandering around like a twit for ten minutes and you'll understand what it was like getting my bearings back.

Wandering around, when...

What the crap? You're making me fight a boss as a random encounter!?

Well, I guess last time I fought it was a while ago. I'll accept this one.

OH WHAT!? A Zeong? You've got to be shitting me.

And so I wearily explore the lunar landscape. Every new step could mean a fight with a crappy little glass jointed Space Leo or one with a Zeong that's out for blood.

Oh? What's this?
: I wonder if there's anything worth salvaging in there.
: We might find weapons or something. Let's check inside.

Welcome to Moon Base Beta. It's one of two on the surface of this moon. It's also the harder of the two.

There are two enemies found here: The Black Leo and Black Serpent. They have 2000-3000 or so HP each, the Leos are worth I think 3000 EXP each and the Serpents are worth 5000 EXP each. This means each battle I fight nets me a low of 12000 EXP and a high of 18000 EXP.

I spend the next half hour or so running around the save point and grinding levels.

Anyway, refer to this map for how I'm gonna handle this Moon Base. The numbers are the order I'm tackling the rooms.

In room one is a trap. The door locks and I have to fight three battles before I can leave. Also in this room is a switch that opens a door to room seven.

The battles were really no problem.

In room two is the same story. Three battles and a switch.

It's around this time that it hits me: You know who would be really great against these Dark suits? Vargas.

Its name is its job.

Anyway, back to the moon. In room three is some treasure. I do love treasure.

Rooms four and five are the same thing. Empty rooms with treasures.

In room six is a trap, except this time there's no switch or treasure to make the trip worth it. There's no reason to visit room six.

In room seven is a sub-boss battle.

After spending my entire stay in the base grinding up three or four levels, this was a very easy yet very fun battle.

This isn't the actual incarnation of Tallgeese in MS Saga. This little guy here is more like Tallgeese Lite.

Now, here's why Vargas is so useful for this area. I tell him to use a Boost Attack he learned while we were away called
Intercept Snipe. What does it do, you ask?

Well, you see, what the Tallgeese here tries to use a ranged attack...

Swiftly denied! The enemy doesn't get one ranged attack in for the whole turn. There's also a variant that prevents melee attacks and one for counterattacks.

I really can't explain it, but something about this battle was really fun.

I guess I was still under a bit of trauma from the Red Ravens. A battle that wasn't impossibly hard was a nice change of pace.

But, like all good things, it had to come to an end.

RIP Dark Tallgeese. You'll always be remembered as the Mobile Suit who brought fun back into this LP.

And the cache of treasure you were guarding!

None of the Mobile Suits I have with me can even equip this weapon. Li Fang and Rezner can, so I'll keep it for when I go back to Earth.

Next time: The other Moon base![/i]


MSN-02 Zeong
Mobile Suit Gundam - Principality of Zeon
The Zeong was the first Mobile Suit (as opposed to Mobile Armor) built especially for Newtype pilots. It was also the first Mobile Suit equipped with a psycommu system, allowing the pilot to use a pair of remote controlled arms connected to the unit only by thin wires. The particular Zeong pictured was piloted by Char Aznable as a last ditch effort to stop the Federation from taking A Bao A Qu, the Zeon's last standing base. It was actually only eighty percent complete, but it did not need its legs for a space battle, meaning it operated at one hundred percent combat capacity.

MMS-01 Serpent
New Mobile Report Gundam Wing: Endless Waltz - Mariemaia Army
The Serpent was originally developed by OZ to replace the old Leo as the army's primary general-purpose Mobile Suit. The production lines were then captured by the Barton Foundation and kept the Serpents hidden away until AC196, when it rose against the now-demilitarized Earth Government.