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Part 39: Back to the Coliseum

Chapter 38: Back to the Coliseum

Last time we fought probably the toughest boss in the normal game. It was incredibly painful.

Shit, after fighting two Red Ravens this should be cakewalk.

: The victor of all four matches shall be awarded a spectacular prize, and can advance to the Champion League! Good luck, participants! Let the battle begin!

Just like in the last tournament, these Hizacks are much stronger than the ones we fought so long ago. Still, they're a pushover to our current team. You may also notice that I replaced Rezner with Li Fang. Now that she has the Altron, her boost attacks are very damaging, making her an invaluable teammate.

Honestly, this battle isn't even close to fair. Fans of the Gundam series may be familiar with the sequences in the end of every series where the main character tears through all the lesser Mobile Suits he ran into throughout the story.

This was kinda like that.

Ooh, they have their big scary beam launchers. Yeah, I've got guns too.

I really like Fritz now. He gets some serious mileage out of the Heavyarms.

This is slightly harder than the first fight. Asshimars are slightly stronger than Hizacks, but a whole lot weaker than my team.

Characters slowly regain health in the rear line. I use this to my advantage. Since these enemies don't do much damage, I can switch out slightly damaged units and they'll have close to full health for the next fight.

Why is this useful? It lets me save TP and items for the final battle, which is worlds harder than these peons.

One thing that separates these Asshimars from the Hizacks is their boost attacks. Their Giga-Flame is much stronger than any of the Hizacks' moves.

It also helps that the Asshimars' guns are stronger than the Hizacks'.

As a side note, Li Fang rocks.

Okay, NOW things start getting serious. After all, I only just recently started being able to outmaneuver normal Gaplants and Messalas and attack first out on the field.

These upgraded versions are blindingly fast, meaning I have to be sure to heal well ahead of time. This is because they'll get three attacks in before anyone can recover.

This is the first fight in this tournament where I feel a need to play with stats. I up our defense, and drop theirs. I also drop the Messala's attack, because it's by far the strongest in the group.

In retrospect I should have messed with their speed, but I was honestly too busy having Bazuli wreck them with Gatling Fire.

What's that? Just because Li Fang has a new Mobile Suit you thought we had seen the last of the Shining Finger? You thought oh so wrong.

So very useful.

This battle is a minor pain. Why? Funnels.

I've never explained how funnels work, so I will now.

The all-range attacks: Bit, Funnel, Fin Funnel, and High Funnel, launch a series of funnels at the enemy. They attack the whole group, splitting damage randomly among the group. Simply, if you attack a group of three and the funnels do 1000 damage, that 1000 points of damage will be randomly divided among the enemy.

What I'm really trying to say here is there's no way to tell who's going to get the worst of this Qubeley's funnel attack, making healing a bit of a guessing game.

That all being said, this Qubeley is otherwise a very easy opponent. Haman Karn in Z Gundam always said, "Don't underestimate this Qubeley!"

This one was obviously not hers.

: Team Cheeto is the victor! Where'd they come from? What're they eating? How'd they get so strong? Who cares! Meet the new champs of the Master League! Team Cheeto!!! As their reward, Team Cheeto will receive a Hyper Mega Launcher! Team Cheeto also has earned the right to advance to the Champion League! Will Team Cheeto dominate the Champion League as easily? Who knows? I suspect this team has a few surprises up its collective sleeve!
Well, that's it for the Coliseum (and Earth) for now. Tomorrow we're gonna kiss the sky! I hope we meet some new Mobile Suits. I miss my MSopedia segment.

Next time: Space! For real this time!