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Part 38: I Hate This Fucking Game...

Chapter 37: I Hate This Fucking Game...

I know I said last time we were going into space, but as it turns out I lied. I remembered a bunch of stuff we have left to do planetside before we lift off.

And so we return to Mt. Trial. There's a Level 4 Door here we couldn't enter before.

Same basic idea as before. Four red battles hiding some really nice treasure.

Fuck this fight. Really, fuck it.

Well, they start out dropping our offence...

And then they start the Boost rush.

Not even kidding. They're set up so they're using a boost attack just about every turn.

I don't even get a chance to use Lapis's System Hack because both of them would go first and kill her with their boosts.

And I died. A lot.

Many, many times.

I probably tried this fight at LEAST 10 times.

Never got a game over, though. I restarted in frustration before that ever happened.

Eventually I just became sort of dead inside. I didn't get angry at every loss, but instead mashed Start+Select with no emotion at all.

It just wasn't fun anymore. I mean, there had been some tough battles in this LP, but this is the only one that just sucked all the fun out of the game for me.

Finally, after a LOT of work and many, MANY retries. The first one falls.

Suddenly I felt rejuvenated. If I could only take down the second one...

And it wasn't quite as hard as trying to kill the first one. One of them isn't so bad, because they have no backup.

I let the funnels fly like there was no tomorrow. After all, if I failed now my PS2 was going right out the window.

Finally, he fell. The worst of it was over. But... I just didn't care anymore.

Three days later...

Alright, time for the next battle.

This battle? Not so bad.

There are some snags, though.

They're very, very strong. Their Walter Fang can one-hit everyone except Cheeto and his 2250HP unless they guard. Even then, it's close.

Anyway, all I have to do is be quick with the resurrects.

I manage to keep only one character dead at any given time, allowing me to attack on most turns.

One falls...

Then the other falls.

This leads us to the next room. Two more battles between us and the treasure.

Remember how the original Grand Gundam was a total pushover?

Not so this time around. Not only does he actually pack a punch now, the fact that there are two of them makes life difficult.

Not even CLOSE to the difficulty of the Ravens. Seriously, fuck those guys.

Keeping my teammates alive is a big priority again.

Unfortunately, this time I don't do as well with the whole "keeping them alive" thing as I did in the last battle.

That's really all I have to report on this battle, so...

Let's just let them die now.

Alright. One more battle. Then goodies.

That's right. Two Devil Gundams. Luckily they aren't Red Devils or anything painful like that. Just plain old regular Devil Gundams.

Though, there is one twist...

After killing one of them we have to kill the other VERY quickly.

Otherwise its buddy will use Self-Recover and REVIVE THE DEAD DEVIL GUNDAM WITH FULL FUCKING HEALTH.

So, long story short, our old strategy of concentrating all our attacks on one boss before taking out the other won't work. We'd just end up in an infinite loop of killing one, then the other, then the first, then the other.

And we end up rotating our Boost attacks.

For example, Fritz uses Gatling Fire on the first, Bazuli uses Gatling Fire on the second...

Cheeto uses Giga-Crush on the first, Rezner uses Critical Charge on the second...

Lapis uses System Hack on them both.

Finally, one falls. It then becomes a frantic race to plow over the second Devil Gundam with everything we've got before it gets a chance to resurrect its buddy.

Success! (It was going to use a Technique that turn. I'd be willing to bet it was going to be Self-Recover.)

And to the victor go the spoils. Treasure room!

Wufei named this... I guess...?
Nataku goes to Li Fang. Its melee stat puts the Shining Gundam to shame. I feel like it's blasphemous, but whatever. One day we'll have the Burning Gundam.

Next time: Battle Royale!