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Part 37: To Space!

Chapter 36: To Space!

Last time we went and collected 89 pieces of data for a spaceship in Canada. Who'd have thought?



And so we return to the Unicorn HQ.

: Marie? Astona? What are you two doing here?
: They're here to help build the spacecraft, of course!
: Cheeto. Did you find the Spacecraft Data?
: Yes! It's all here!
: Excellent. Now we can get to work.

: Normally it would take years to create, due to its sheer size. So we've decided to use all the G Systems on the planet to make it!
: Even mobilizing all the G Systems, it will still take a full day before the ship is complete.
: Is there anything I can do to help?

: But I...
: Off with you, now! All you're going to do is get in our way! Now go!
: All right. Thanks, everyone!

: We're concerned too, you know!
: Well, can they build the spacecraft?
: Yes, it should be fine. They're starting as we speak! Even Astona and Marie are helping!
: Marie and Astona are here?
: Yup! And they told us to rest until the ship's complete!

You know, Fritz, not too long ago I would have said something demeaning like, 'Why do you need to rest? You never do anything you twit!' But now that your Mobile Suit is pretty much made of cannons I'm starting to like you more.
: Yes. One cannon achieve her full potential when weary.
: You can say that again. Lately it's been one battle after the other.

You're pushing my not-making-fun-of-you-anymore sentiment.
: Now you're talking! I'm so hungry I could eat my own weight in food!
: I could use a drink myself.
: Let's all go, then!
: Okay!

After a restful night, morning arrives...

: Wake up! The spaceship's done! Go outside and check it out! It's gonna blow you away!
"meh... just ten more minutes..."

: Well, Cheeto? Do you like her? This is the White Base! She's all yours!
: I can't believe what I'm seeing! Can she really fly in space?
: She wouldn't be much of a spacecraft if she couldn't! Take good care of her, okay?
: I will!

: They figured they wouldn't need your help anymore. Now then! Off with you, Cheeto! Do us proud!

Before we head off into space, there's something I need to check up on.

: You're Cheeto, right? The one who saved me?
: Lapis! I was so worried!
: Tremmie? Is that you?
: Do you remember be now?
: Yes!
: What a relief!

: No, it's not your fault. You were being manipulated.
: But still, I...
: It's okay. What happened, happened. All that matters is it's over now.

: I can hold my own in battle! Marie even made me a Mobile Suit.
What!? Oh goddamnit! She has all these suits lying around and then sends me off to make my own piece of crap like a sucker.

: I do. I want to make up for all the terrible things I've done.
: All right. In that case we'd be happy for your help.
: Thank you, Cheeto!

: Call me anytime you need me! I'll be waiting!
I replace Li Fang with Lapis for two reasons. One, she has System Hack, which fills the boss battle void Aeon left behind. Second, she gets a Qubeley, which is one of my very favorite Mobile Suits. Anyway, that's all that's left to do on Earth. Tomorrow we're going into space!

Character Stats as of Leaving Earth:




Qubeley needs a name.




Li Fang


I really should upgrade him.

Next time: Space!