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Part 36: More Ruins

Chapter 35: More Ruins

Last time we successfully convinced the Unicorn Director to let us build a spaceship... providing we supply the data. We'll show him!

Olivia said we'd have to find another entrance to the Lost City. She didn't say anything about having to walk across all of Northern Canada to get there. You hear that, Canadians? Chop down all your forests so it's easier to access your cities' ruins later on. Thanks in advance.

: This should be the way to the Restricted Zone and the Spacecraft Data!
: We need to find 99 units of data! It's the only way to save Aeon! Come on, Cheeto!

We've actually been here before. Remember when I picked up that last bit of Bawoo data? Well, in the chest next to it were 10 units of Spacecraft Data. 89 to go!

As I mentioned before, this is pretty similar to the area we were in earlier.

The enemies are tougher than before though.

So we wander around the old abandoned roads some more.

And we run into our first sub-boss of the area.

The Qubeleys are the same we've been fighting the past few updates. The Dijeh is pretty tough, but nothing to soil ourselves about.

Especially with ol' using Shot Burst and the like.

The Dijeh is mainly a melee suit. It uses a lot of close range attacks.

That is to say, it tries to beat me at my own game. Poor, stupid bastard.

59 to go.

Was this a sub boss? I don't remember, but I have the opening screen, so I'll assume it was.

So just like I don't remember whether this was a sub boss, I also don't remember it giving me any trouble.

Gaplants have been around forever, and the Zaku is just a Zaku III with a lot of guns.

Despite this, it seems to love using melee attacks. I can't quite figure it out.

Rezner shows it what's what.

50 to go.


Messalas are kind of a pain. They have a lot of HP and they're very fast.

It takes a while to kill them. It's more of a hassle than a danger.

There are also upgraded Asshimars about.

They're better than the Asshimars we saw before, but still nothing to worry about.

Apparently I had missed a chest with data in it, so I wandered around pretty aimlessly for a long while in this dungeon. Pretty embarrassing considering it's mostly linear paths.

Finally I regain my bearings and find the last bit of data.

: Now we can build the spacecraft! Let's get back to Unicorn HQ!

Next time: Our very own spaceship!


MSK-008 Dijeh
Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam - Anti-Earth Union Group
The Dijeh was designed around the Rick Dias. It had very similar specifications to the Rick Dias on the inside, but the outside was much more reminiscent of Zeonic design. This suit was best known as the choice mech of Amuro Ray during the Gryps Conflict.

ORX-005 Gaplant
Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam - Titans Forces
The Gaplant was designed to be a very fast transformable Mobile Suit. The result was one of the fastest and most agile suits ever conceived. It was so fast, in fact, that the only people who could pilot it were genetically engineered "strengthened humans." Any normal human would be crushed by the G-forces.