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Part 35: So You Want to Build a Spaceship

Chapter 34: So You Want to Build a Spaceship

Last time Gabriel escaped to the Moon with Aeon. The only way to follow him is to build a spaceship of our own.

Our first stop is Diggins Rock. After building the Hyaku Shiki and the Zeta Gundam, it should be easy.

: We have to get to the Moon!
: Whoa, slow down there! What's this all about?
<Cheeto told Astona how the Neo Zarth fled to the Moon in a shuttle.>
: I see... I hate to tell you this, but I have no idea how to build a spaceship.

: Can't you think of something!?
: Let's see... How to build a spaceship... Perhaps the Director of the Unicorns might know.
: The Director of the Unicorns? All right! We'll go to the Unicorn HQ and ask!
: Not so fast, Cheeto! The Director probably won't see you without an appointment. Speak with Olivia. She should be able to arrange a meeting.
: Okay! Thanks, Astona!
: I'm sorry I couldn't be more helpful.

So, this is our next stop. this is starting to look an awful lot like a fetch quest. A bad one. In which I'm not actually fetching anything.

: Can you arrange a meeting with the Unicorns' director for us?
: You want to see the Director!? What's this all about?
<Cheeto told Olivia how the Neo Zarth fled to the Moon in a shuttle.>
: This is serious. All right. I'll arrange an appointment for you.
: Thank you!
: I'll go on ahead and brief the Director. Come to the Unicorn HQ in a while.

Now we can explore the back of the Unicorn HQ. Before the guard stopped us from going into the back. Now we can go on through and explore what the Unicorn HQ really has to offer.

For starters, this guy. He sells items we can't find anywhere else. The most notable of which is the hacking tool. There aren't enough hacking tools to be found in the game to open all of the protected boxes, so this guy here has the rest. They're very expensive, though, and we have other stuff to buy.

Like this, for instance. I bought 49 R-Jarja data and 81 Zaku III data. This allows us to create the suits with 15 free upgrades. Very useful. By the way, these guys here?

They need names. Get cracking. The Zaku goes to Bazuli (it has a lot more inventory space) and the R-Jarja goes to Rezner (its melee stat is very high).

Anyway, we head on back to the HQ and go to meet the Director.

: Please, come in.
: I need your help, sir.
: Yes, so I've heard from Olivia. She told me you want us to help you build a spaceship.
: That's right! The fate of the world depends on it!
: To be frank...

: Why not?
: Creating a spacecraft would place incredible strain on the G System. Enough, even, to potentially spark another Great Fall.
: But we need a spaceship to defeat the Neo Zarth!
: You have used the G Systems to create several Mobile Suits thus far. This is in violation of our rules. I'm afraid we can't allow any further misuse of the G Systems!
"Oh, you're not gonna be very happy then... you see... like ten minutes ago we just made two more."

: the Neo Zarth would have conquered the world! Our forces were ineffective against both the Dark Alliance and the Neo Zarth!
: True... But even so, the G Systems shouldn't ever be used for military purposes.
: Director Shelbourne! Consider the state of the world! If we hesitate to use the G System now, countless lives may be lost! You have to realize this, sir! If we do nothing, Gavenger's sacrifice will have been in vain!
: Please, sir!
: Sir! Now is the time for action! The fates of humanity and our planet are more important than following rules!

: I'll take a chance on you.
: Thank you, sir!
: However, the construction of a spacecraft is no simple matter. Take this.

: This key will grant you access to the Restricted Zone in the Lost City. You should be able to find your Spacecraft Data there. Bring me 99 units of Spacecraft Data. We'll handle the rest.
: All right. We'll go to the Lost City.
: The Restricted Zone of the Lost City can't be accessed vie the entrance near Diggins Rock. You have to find the entrance on the other coast. It should be easy to spot from the air, in your Gaw. Good luck!
At least now we have something to fetch

Next time: Return to the Lost City!


AMX-011 Zaku III
Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ - Axis Zeon Forces
The Zaku III was developed to be a highly versatile Mobile Suit during the Axis Zeon War. It was able to switch out a variety of parts and equipment to suit its mission. However, the design lost out to its competition, the Dooben-Wolf. As such, very few Zaku IIIs were ever produced.

AMX-104 R-Jarja
Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ - Axis Zeon Forces
The R-Jarja was a Mobile Suit design inspired by the Gyan from the One Year War. As such, it was very capable of melee combat, with a beam sword and a heat bayonet. The R-Jarja never met mass-production, though, with the only completed unit piloted by Chara Soon.