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Part 34: So Close, Yet So Far

Chapter 33: So Close, Yet So Far

Last time we were ambushed by the Psycho Gundam on our trip through the Neo Zarth base. We forced it to retreat, and so we're continuing our climb.

And away we go!

The enemies are the same easily dispatched fodder we ran into last update. After all, we're in the same area.

And the ZZ still cuts through them like butter.

We do run into some Dark Qubeleys, which are a bit more of a threat.

But my team still hardly breaks a sweat.

We enter a tunnel. Aeon is close by!

Aw shit.
: I've been hoping for a chance to pay you back!
: But why!? Why are you on Gabriel's side? He's out to destroy the world! If he succeeds, you'll die too!
: Yes, we're aware of that. In fact, that's the very reason we're helping! This is about revenge! Revenge for the Zarths!

: Believe me! I'm a Zarth too. I know the pain and suffering you've been though.
: You're a Zarth!? If that's true, then why do you oppose us!? Don't you want revenge on the human race yourself!?
: The human race...? The Zarths are human too, you know! So please, give up your plans for revenge! This is crazy!

: He's using you for his own purposes!
: Shut up! It's too late to turn back now! I have no choice but to fight!
: But we have no reason to fight each other!
: You might not have one. But I do. This battle will decide which of us is right, once and for all!

: No! Stop! I don't want to fight you!
: You will fight! Fighting is all I have left!

This fight against the Altron is a LOT less forgiving than the last one. After all, there was a save point just outside.

The first half isn't so bad, at least.

Again, I can't use a lot of debuffs without Aeon around. I have to settle for only raising my own stats.

One of the things that make the first half of this battle not so bad is Altron's penchant for Shot Burst.

Sure, it hits my whole party, but come on! He's using head vulcans!

It hardly hurts at all.

Hell, you don't see me using Li Fang's vulcans.

: This is getting interesting. Now let's do this for real!
: No! We don't have to fight!
Now things get tough. At the midway point, he starts using some nasty attacks.

The worst of them being this one.

It allows him to go first in a round, not giving me a chance to defend...

And it's a one-shot on all of my Mobile Suits. He'll keep using it, too, so if I don't revive quickly I'm fucked.

And so, I make it my priority to end this battle as quickly as possible. Gatling Fire makes this happen.

Hell yeah, Bazuli.

: Too late.
: No, don't give up! There's still time!
: Ha! You shouldn't be so concerned about your enemies.
: Wait! I'm coming to get you!

: Now listen. I have a favor to ask.
: A favor?
: I want you to promise to rescue Lapis. She's just a child. She shouldn't have to fight. Once Gabriel's mind-control over her is broken, she'll stop fighting you.
: All right, I'll save her. I promise!
: Thank you. I wish I had met you... Earlier.

Poor guy. He redeemed himself in the end.

: Come on, let's go! He shouldn't be far now!

Whew, talk about timing...
: We've gotta stop them! C'mon!

Crap. Lapis is getting in our way again.

Goddamnit Fritz, shut up. I like you a lot better when you're seen and not heard.
: Ah! We were so close!

: Snap out of it!
: Think back, Lapis! We shouldn't be fighting!
: Don't lie to me! I know you killed Tuck! You took him from me! Now I'm going to kill you!
: It's no use! She won't listen!
: Then we'll just have to neutralize her Mobile Suit and drag her out of there!

Psycho Gundam, round two. She's tougher, but the basic strategy remains the same.

She's very, very strong this time around...

Luckily Cheeto learned this handy little skill on the climb up.

She also seems to charge her EN very quickly. It's difficult to get a lot of attacks in.

And she has the ability to confuse. This makes my allies completely useless. They won't attack, they'll attack each other, or (and this is the best part) they'll buff the enemy. I switch them out to prevent this. Cheeto is immune to mind effects, so I don't have to worry about him.

Between barrages of scatter beams, I do my best to get powerful attacks in. Li Fang has been invaluable on this mountain.

And Fritz lands the finishing blow with Gatling Fire.

: Now's our chance, Cheeto!
: Right. Let's rescue her!

: Hurry! It's going to explode!

What a daring rescue.

: How's Lapis?
: She'll be fine. She's just unconscious.
: That's a relief.
: Yeah... But Gabriel got away.

Space, you say...?
: He must be headed for the G System on the Moon!
: He's headed for the Moon? So what are we supposed to do now!?
: We can't follow him without a spaceship...

: Those guys at Diggins Rock might be able to help!
: Yeah, I can't think of anything better. Maybe that mech mechanic can think of something.
: Wait! Before we see Astona, I'd like to stop by Marie's first.
: You're right, she might be able to help Lapis! Let's go to Marie's cabin!


: We'd like you to look after a girl.
: Another girl?
"Cheeto, that's the third one this month! Why are you always bringing unconscious girls back here!?"

: We can't take her with us in this condition.
: Well, I don't mind her staying here... but what do you think this is, a hospital?
: Really sorry, Marie! You're the only one we can turn to!
: Oh, all right!
: Thanks!

Wait... Wait a second. We left Lapis at Marie's... Vargas is at Marie's... Lapis is unconscious...

Oh God what have I done!?

Next time: We need a ship!

The Zanzibar takes off