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Part 33: Chasing Aeon

Chapter 32: Chasing Aeon

Last time we found out that Gabriel escaped to a secret Neo Zarth base with Aeon. We're off to get her back!


First, I have something to take care of in Eisengrad.
: Major Rezner has granted you permission to access the base area of Eisengrad.

I forgot to pick this up when we were here last. We'll be using it later.

Anyway, we're finally off to the base. It's the red dot on eastern Africa. I kind of wonder now what would have happened if I had gone there earlier.

: This mountain is the Neo Zarth base!
: Their base is here? No wonder we missed it!
: Come on, guys! It's time to strike back! Let's take out the Neo Zarth and get Aeon back!

Look... just... I'm sorry, a secret volcano base? The Neo Zarth were a lot more classy when Vladi was running the show.
: Intruders? Here!? But that's insane! How did you find this place!?
: All that stand in our path shall fall. Step aside, or face the consequences!
: Ha! I don't think so! This is the end of the road for you!

Easy fight. The Zarth Guard is in a custom Messala.

So it's been stated in the thread before, but in most Gundam games the ZZ Gundam is fairly useless or, at least, not worth piloting because there are similar Mobile Suits that perform better. Not so in this game.

The ZZ has a TON of HP, it's RIDICULOUSLY fast, it has enough armor to stop a herd of charging rhinos, and it can pack a mean punch.

Granted, it's first and foremost a ranged Gundam, making my choice to give it to Cheeto a decidedly poor one. I don't care. It wouldn't seem right to give the most powerful Mobile Suit so far to anyone else. Fuck strategy.

Anyway, with that fight done it's time to do some more hiking.

Hm... a fork... Well, history has taught me that treasure lies to the left, and I love treasure.

It turned out just to be some repair kits, I think.

So I don't have much to say about the fights here. They're a challenge, but there's nothing TOO ridiculous.

Though, the Shot Killers are kind of a pain. They only do 150-200 damage per shot, but they're immune to all ranged attacks.

Of course, that's no problem for the Double Zeta.

Oh, but wait! The Kamikaze Ravens are back! Except now they come in twos!

Imagine walking through the woods and suddenly running into a pissed off bear. After you shit yourself the first time, you notice it has a jetpack and swords for arms. THAT is what running into a Kamikaze Raven is like.

(Illustration provided by my friend TheSunWillNotSet. Stupid digital camera. )

Although, they'll get knocked over in a stiff wind, so if I can survive the initial blows I can get some good EXP.

Moving on.
: You're going to pay for all those you've killed!
: Oh? And who's going to make us? I'll crush you into oblivion before you know what hit you!
: No one can withstand the might of the Neo Zarth! Prepare to die! For the new world!

This one is pretty tough.

Luckily we have Bazuli with us.

Also the ZZ.

And Shining Gundam.


And ANOTHER sub boss. There're a lot of them in this stage.


Same cheap tricks apply.

He can't even touch us. Xamels are scary, but fighting them is a total joke.

And Tremmie's Zeta takes it down.

The door's locked, though.

After some backtracking and unlocking, we find out it's a treasure room.

It was a long hike uphill, but we reach this door. As we approach...

Yep. Trap.

That there is the Psycho Gundam.

: This is the end of the line! If you try to stop the Neo Zarth, you will be terminated.
: It's a little girl! They're making little kids fight now?

She's got her mad face on.
: I am Lapis Zarth, member of the glorious Zarth family!
: Lapis Zarth...? Lapis? Is it really you!? It's me, Tremmie Zarth! You remember me, don't you? Tremmie! We used to play together when we were little!

Lapis is not amused.
: LIAR! I don't remember any "Tremmie" in the Zarth family!
: No, think back! You have to remember!
: Like I said... I don't know you! AAAHHHHHHHH!!!

: Yes... But it seems she doesn't remember me. Maybe she was brainwashed or something...?
: She's just as much a victim in this as everyone else. Come on, guys! Try not to hurt her!
This is our first boss battle since we lost Aeon.

As such, we can't completely wreck this boss's stats. We can buff ours just fine, though.

Also, the Psycho Gundam has some tough Boost Attacks.

Really, what we have to do is hit her with our strongest attacks and protect ourselves from hers.

And of course I charge up Fritz to do some serious damage later.

: Shut up! I don't know you! I don't!
: Well, I remember you. I know that deep down you're really a kind and loving person! So please, let's stop fighting, okay?
: No! NO! NOOOO!!!

Looks like we have to beat some more sense into her.

And Cheeto is just the one to do it.

Down she goes.

: She ran away.
: I won't let them get away with this. What did they do to her? Come on, Cheeto! We've gotta get to Gabriel!

Just what is Gabriel after? What did the Neo Zarth do to Lapis? What waits for us on the other side of that door? All this and more next time!

Next time: Lift off!


Psycho Gundam


MS-09G Dowadge
Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ - Axis Zeon Forces
The Dowadge was one of the final revisions of the Dom. It improved upon the original by adding vulcan guns in the head and an extra propellant tank to allow for longer operational times.

PMX-000 Messala
Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam - Titans Forces
The Messala is Paptimus Scirocco's own personal Mobile Suit. It was originally developed to perform under Jupiter's gravity, and so it was very fast and agile under normal conditions.