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Part 32: The Calm Before the Storm

Chapter 31: The Calm Before the Storm

Last time we finally defeated Vladi Zarth, only to find out his henchmen have plans of their own for the Neo Zarth. With Aeon gone, we have to chase down Gabriel and save the Earth once and for all.

Thanks to the efforts of Cheeto and his companions, the world is slowly returning to its former state.
The Kaempfers are gone...

people across the land are returning to their normal ways of life.

I caught that kid in mid-falling animation. As it is, it looks like he's missing his right arm.

However, a new battle quickly approaches.
I'm happy that Fritz finally stopped being a whiny little pansy and made himself useful. Although, I'm not especially thrilled that Marie apparently had a Full Armor Gundam lying around and sent me on my way with a crappy little GM.

Any wagers where Vargas is looking?

Well, there's our proof that there's nobody left in the Eisengrad Army ranked higher than Rezner. Somehow I find myself with little confidence in their ability to get, well, anything done at this point.

: Can you tell me about the Machina Sapiens?
: Sure. You've earned the right to know. Machina Sapiens are artificial life forms, created by Rivage Zarth with his G System.
: Artificial life forms!? You mean Aeon is artificial? But... but that can't be!
Uh oh... Cheeto's beginning to regret that magical night in the mountain cabin. The boy needs to learn to keep his hormones in check.

: Listen to me, Cheeto. Aeon may be different... But she can still laugh, cry, get angry... Even fall in love. Trust me. You aren't the only one in shock about this. Think about how Aeon must feel.
: ......
: So, Cheeto. What do you want to do now?
: I don't know. But I... I still believe in Aeon. She's still my friend, and one way or another I'm going to get her back!
: Great! That's the Cheeto I know!
[The ground shakes]
: What's that!?

: Is Cheeto there with you?
: Vargas! I thought I told you to be quiet when landing near here!
: I'm sorry, but this is an emergency!
: If that's the case, I'll let it slide. But just this once!
: Yessir! I won't do it again!
: Vargas! What is it!?

: Sorry to rush you, but we need to leave now!
: Marie. I've made up my mind. I'm going to rescue Aeon!
: Off with you, then. And here. Take this.

: This data should help boost your firepower on the battlefield. I know you'll put it to good use.
: Thanks! I promise, I won't come back without Aeon!
: Good luck. If anyone can do this, you can.

: Now let's get going!
: Wait! Where is the base located?
: In the mountains of Africa. The Neo Zarth built their secret base inside the mouth of a dead volcano.
I love how the Neo Zarth is now a comic book evil organization with a secret base inside a volcano and wants to destroy the world with a ridiculously convoluted evil plot.

: We've confirmed that this base belongs to the Neo Zarth. But we still have no data on the composition of the enemy forces.
: In other words, we have no clue what we're going up against?
Affirmative. This leaves us with just one option. We will launch a full-scale attack on the base with everything we've got!
Rezner wins the "Best Side Character Ever" award.

: Yes, it is most honorable! A fitting plan for a major of the Eisengrad Army to devise!

Damnit Cheeto, it's the best idea ever!
: Whoa! Whoa! Not so fast! You call that a plan!?
: Yeah! That sounds like something Cheeto might dream up!
: But without any hard info, we don't have much choice!
: Well, that may be so, but still...
: Good plan or now, our best bet now is to increase our firepower. And I think you've got something in mind, don't you, Major?
: I do. We recovered some Mobile Suit data left behind by the Neo Zarth.

: Cheeto, I'll let you hold onto the data. Use it to boost your fighting ability. Now, let's head to the Neo Zarth base. Check the map for its location.
: The Neo Zarth are holed up here! Come on, everyone! Let's move!

Benching Vargas based solely on the usefulness of his Boosts as opposed to everyone else. Anyway, we have stuff to do.

They need names.

Next time: The secret volcano base!


MSZ-010 Gundam Double Zeta
Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ - Anti-Earth Union Group
After the Gryps Conflict left the AEUG battered and in no shape to fight another war, the Axis Zeon started developing new models of Mobile Suits left and right. The ZZ Gundam was an extremely powerful Mobile Suit developed to meet the AEUG's new needs. It had a very high-output generator that was required to provide energy to its incredible weaponry. Despite the power of the generator, the ZZ Gundam would still find itself running out of energy and as a result had a very short operational time in battle.

AMX-009 Dreissen
Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ - Axis Zeon Forces
The Dreissen was a mass-produced Mobile Suit loosely based on the old Zeon's Dom. Unlike the Dom, though, it was well-suited to melee combat with its beam lancer and beam tomahawk. It was a very popular Mobile Suit among Axis Zeon soldiers and mechanics, making it a staple for the rest of the war.