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Part 31: Showdown at the Neo Zarth Corral

Chapter 30: Showdown at the Neo Zarth Corral

Last time we destroyed the Devil Gundam and, as a result, Commander Dustov. Now it's time to enter Eisengrad and finish off Vladi Zarth once and for all!

: This is where Rivage Zarth's research facilities were located.
: So that's why it looks similar to the Giant G System ruins in North America.
: This may be the very reason why Vladi Zarth joined the Eisengrad Army.
: He must be after something located in the Underground Hangar.
: We'd better hurry! We have to stop whatever it is they're planning!

The design of this base is a train wreck. Tunnels leading to tunnels leading to locked doors that you have to open from the other side by backtracking and traveling though more tunnels would be the theme of this map. The only indications you're going the right way are sub-boss battles.
: How did you get past the Devil Gundam!?
: We've come for Vladi Zarth. Now step aside!
: What!? I won't allow you to disturb Lord Vladi... let alone lay a finger on him!

The Asshimars are exactly the same as the ones we fought in G System 03 ten or so updates ago. Most of the normal enemies in this base are really outdated, making them insanely easy to dispatch.

The only tough enemies are the sub-bosses themselves. Other than that the encounters only serve as minor chores.

That's not necessarily a bad thing. Save points are few and far between in these tunnels. There are two in the whole base.

The one random encounter to note is this: The Kamikaze Raven. See how Cheeto is dead there? He was at full health before the enemy plowed him over so quickly I didn't have time to screencap it. It's not just a matter of upgrading the Zeta Gundam's health. At rank 6 of 8 in health Zeta has something like 1400HP. Kamikaze's opening attack hits for around 2500 normally, 3500 or more on a crit. To counter it the suit has like no health. I can one-shot it as easily as it one-shots me.

Second thing in this base to note: This is Bazuli's time to shine. The Bawoo's wings allow it to start every battle with 5 EN.

5 EN is just enough to do this.

Which will halve the health of most of this base's Mobile Suits. Thanks to Bazuli I spend most random encounters taking only 200-300 damage total.

Okay, now this is just ridiculous. I hate this base.

: "Intruders"!? This is Eisengrad! You're the ones intruding!
: Put a sock in it! This facility belongs to the Zarth family! And we don't like uninvited guests! Your mistake. Your lives!

Another easy battle.

The Marasais drop fairly quickly, leaving only the Zarth Guard standing.

Of course, it doesn't stand for very long.

HaHA! Take that, RPG logic!

I honestly don't have anything else to say about these random battles. With the exception of the Kamikaze Raven, I use the same exact pattern for all of them. Cheeto and Aeon shoot one suit each, Bazuli uses Shoot All (taking down the two suits Cheeto and Aeon hit 99% of the time), then I shoot at them more until the survivors fall.

In a way, the random battles in this base serve the same exact purpose the cannon fodder in any given Gundam series serve. By throwing wave after wave of easily dispatched enemies at the player, the game makes the player feel more powerful. It's only right, really.

After all, my team just fought and destroyed the Devil Gundam. Realistically, there shouldn't be a single normal soldier that could even put a dent in us.

The fact is, I hardly ever have to heal, let alone buff or resurrect. I just travel through these corridors striking down anyone who dares get in my path, much like Amuro, Heero, Domon, or any other Gundam protagonist during a major climax of his respective series.

Anyway, enough of my blathering. We've got sub-bosses to fight.
: You aren't getting through... I'll stake my life on it!
: Your life? Why are you so devoted to the Neo Zarth?
: Because this world is sick! It's rotten and infected! But Lord Vladi has the power to cure it and save us all!
: You're wrong! All he wants is his revenge! He's lying to you!
: Shut up! Just shut up! I believe in Lord Vladi!
: Looks like we're going to have to do this the hard way, then!
: Give it your best shot! You aren't getting through!

This battle is an actual challenge.

These guys are very fast. Faster than even the Hyaku Shiki or Zeta Gundam.

First I take down the Qubeleys, just to get the minions out of the way.

Then I hit the Zarth Guard with all of the boost attacks my rear line has stored up. Major Rezner is so cool...

: Get out of here! I don't want to kill you!
: What are you waiting for? Finish me off!
: Does your life mean that little to you? Now's your chance to start again! To learn to think for yourself! I don't want any more blood on that man's hands! Now go! Get out of here!
: Fine... But be warned... He is very, very powerful! Turn back while you can...
: Turning back isn't an option. I have to stop him.

And so we press on forward. More and more Mobile Suits fall to the Zeta Gundam.

: You! You're that boy from before!
: Well, well! Quite impressive! I figured you'd long since be dead by now. It doesn't matter, though. You're too late, anyway. We have no further use for Eisengrad. We have achieved our purpose in taking this city.

: Since you'll soon be dead anyway, I suppose it won't hurt to tell you. We were searching for a key here. A key that will grant us access to the legacy of Rivage Zarth!
: The legacy of Rivage Zarth? What exactly are you planning!?
: Another Great Fall, of course! We're going to recreate the Great Fall! Ah ha ha ha! We're going to destroy this world! This pathetic, boring little planet! Ha ha! Kind of... cool, don't you think?
: We're not going to sit back and watch! We're going to stop you!
: Ha! Go ahead! I dare you to try!

: Do your worst! This'll be fun!
This battle isn't too bad. The game is fair in that there hasn't been a save point for a very, very long time.

The same catch-all strategy works. We just have to buff our defense and have Aeon use System Hack to drop all of his stats.

And have Cheeto hit with his strong melee boost attacks.

Eventually this is the best he can do against us. Note that Tremmie doesn't even have a defense buff in this shot.

And just for the awesome overkill factor, I have Fritz use his Gatling Fire boost attack, which makes him fire all of his guns in one go.

I wonder what would have happened if I had upped his offense.

: I let my guard down... You... You aren't half bad!
: Just accept it! You lost!
: Say whatever you like! I won't go so easy on you next time! See you later! It's time for me to split! Remember, though... your efforts mean nothing!
: Wait! Stop!

: He's got to be farther inside! Come on, let's go get him!

A few more corridors and we hit a save point. Is everyone ready? It's time to finally finish off that bastard Vladi Zarth!

: But that's it doing here?

: There's no mistaking it. It's the same black Zaku!

Oh... don't go reminding me about Miss Natalie, you stupid game...

: Vladi! So it was you! You were the one who killed Miss Natalie and my friends!
: Believe what you must.
: But why!? Why are you piloting the same Mobile Suit you killed Miss Natalie with!?

: I'm sorry, Tremmie. This is who I am, now. Cheeto! Show me what you've got! We'll settle our scores in combat!

: Who are you kidding? Do you think you can defeat us with a simple Zaku!?
: Don't be fooled by appearances, Cheeto! I think you'll find my Zaku to be a little... different!

Okay, bring it! That piece of crap doesn't stand a chance.


: It's so powerful! I'm not sure if we can beat it!
: What's the matter, Cheeto? Is that all you've got?
: I won't let you beat me! I can't lose this battle!

Okay, let's heal up and try that again.

By the way, this is what happens if you try to debuff him.

I hit Vladi with all of my strongest attacks.

I keep my health up to survive his constant barrage.

And before long we get to the midpoint.

: Perhaps it's time to take off the kid gloves, as they say.
Now things get sticky. Vladi now uses very strong attacks just about every turn.

I keep the Funnels flying and do my best to keep health up.

But Vladi has a few tricks of his own.

It adds a whole new layer of difficulty to the fight.

Luckily for us, Bazuli swings in to save the day.

I love Gatling Fire...

: That's what you get for thinking you could beat us with a Zaku! But why? Why did you fight us with that!?
: To provoke you into giving it your all. I wanted to see what you had in you!
: What!? Are you saying you wanted to lose!?
: Perhaps. I wanted an end... An end to everything...
Does... does this mean it's over? The war is over?

Oh shit. Here we go again...
: Ending it all would greatly inconvenience us.
: Gabriel... We have done enough damage. Our plan is over.
: Oh? I beg to differ.

Oh man... why does this always happen? Jesus!

: Not to worry, though. We will carry out your plan for you.
: What are you talking about? I know that I, the rightful Heir to the Zarth line, can activate the G System on the Moon.
: I'm afraid you're mistaken. There is another way.
: What!? You mean you found the other Machina Sapiens?
: Precisely. The collective will of both the Machina Sapiens will reactivate the Giant Lunar G System and revive Rivage Zarth's plan.

: ......
: What's the matter with you? Your memory should have returned.
: No... It hasn't.

: I know you remember your mission!
: But I...
: You have seen it for yourself! The ugliness of this world! Now come with me, Aeon! Stand by my side!
: Call her all you want! There's no way Aeon's going to join you!
: Oh? I wouldn't be too sure.

: You're our friend, right!?
: Cheeto... I'm sorry...

And so, the true villain of MS Saga reveals himself.

: It will be a peaceful world, absent of conflict, hatred and suffering. It will be the paradise our Lord, Rivage Zarth, envisioned.
: How could you!? How could you!? Aeon!!!
: Cheeto! We have to get out of here! Now!
: Come on, Cheeto! We won't accomplish anything if we're dead!

: We can catch up with them and get her back later!
: Hey! Let's get outta here! You got a death wish or something, kid!?
: It's too dangerous here! We have to evacuate, quickly!

: There's no time to worry about him! Keep moving!
And so we run. This base could come crashing down any minute.

: We should be safe now. The exit to the surface is just ahead!
: Right...
: Come on, cheer up. Aeon will come back. If you're really her friend, you should have faith in her.
: Tremmie's right! Let's go find those guys and get Aeon back!
: The Eisengrad Army will help us search for her. Rest assured, she won't be missing for long.
: Thanks... All of you.
This makes me wonder about something. Does this leave Rezner as the highest ranking member of the Eisengrad Army? After all, we killed like, everyone else.

: I'm going to find those guys, if it's the last thing I do! And I'm going to bring Aeon back!

Let's get the hell out of here.

: Our fight with Vladi is finally over.
: Yeah... We've finally made good on our promise!
: But we can't celebrate just yet.
: Right. There's still a war to fight.

: I feel so too. Gabriel's the real person behind all this!
: Gabriel and Aeon's mission... That's the key to everything!
: Right. We've got to find out where they've run off to!
: Leave the search for Gabriel to me! I'll mobilize the entire Eisengrad Army to locate him!
: Thanks, Major!
I guess she IS the highest ranking soldier left.

: Don't worry, we'll get Aeon back!
: So long as we keep trying, I'm sure things will get better! I'm sticking around too!
: Cheeto, please let me help, too. Not just as a soldier, but as a friend!
: I was only planning on sticking around until Vladi was defeated... but what the heck! I'm in, too!
: Thanks, everyone. I'm going to need all your help!

End of Act II

Character Stats at the end of Act II




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