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Part 30: An Awesome Power

Chapter 29: An Awesome Power

Last time we picked up a couple of new Mobile Suits to help us in the war against the Neo Zarth. It's finally time to retake Eisengrad.

: Now we can finally face Vladi and the Neo Zarth!
: It's time to avenger Miss Natalie and our friends!
: Yeah! And get even for Gavenger and General Sosei! And fight for all the others who have helped us along the way!
: We can't afford to lose this one! I'm going to stop Vladi personally!
: Yeah! It's payback time!

: No, never mind... I'm going to fight my hardest! I'll do my best!
: So this is it... The war is almost over.
: That's right! This is the final battle! I'm going to need all your help! Together we can take down Vladi!

It's all cloudy and ominous. Shit is going to go down here, you can tell.

Three areas, all guarded by one yellow battle each. Let's do this!



Whew. Those things freak me out. Freaky Gundam heads growing out of the ground. You can tell we're getting close to the Devil Gundam.

: Who are you!? A Neo Zarth!?

It's Matilda Major Rezner! She's back!
: Major Rezner!? Are you all right!?
: I'm a soldier. It'll take more than a few scrapes to keep me out of action!
: I'm glad you're all right! Major! I have to tell you... about General Sosei...
: I know. I've already heard what happened.
: I'm sorry... I... I'm to blame...

: If anyone should apologize, it's us. Even though the enemy was controlling us, we were the ones who attacked you.
: Major Rezner, what exactly are the DG Cells?
: I'm not too sure myself. All I know is... Once you're infected by them, you lose control of yourself, and go berserk. Cheeto, I have a favor to ask. Please take me with you. I want to put an end to this personally!
: I understand how you feel. We'd be honored to have you join us, Major!
: Thank you.

I'm going to bench Bazuli for now. He'll be back soon, though.
: If you say so. I'll be waiting at Marie's! If you ever need me, just give me a holler!

: Still, I want to personally settle the score for what happened to General Sosei and my fallen comrades in arms! Vladi Zarth is up ahead! We must defeat him and restore peace to the world!

Just one more battle against these freaky Gundam heads.

Five of them, to be exact.

They're not especially dangerous, just weird.

: Vladi Zarth! I'm going to make you pay for what you've done!
: Turn back while you can. You can't hope to defeat me.
: I came here to take you down! There's no way I'm turning back! Miss Natalie... Gavenger... General Sosei... They all died because of you! I'm going to make you pay for everyone you've hurt and killed!
: You may not believe me... but I do feel bad about them. However, the world cannot be fixed without a few sacrifices.
: "A few sacrifices"!? Is that all they were to you!?
: Vladi! Stop talking like that!

: You've suffered what all the Zarths have suffered! This world is flawed. It must be rebuilt!
: Vladi, I used to look up to you so much... You were so strong, yet so gentle... You were my big brother... What happened to you!? I want my big brother back! Come back to me! Please...!
: The brother you knew is gone. He died on that day, eight years ago. Now turn back. I don't want you to die, too. A powerful being lies ahead. Something not even I can control. You must turn back. Now go!

: Tremmie...
: Don't worry. I'm fine. Let's go, Cheeto. We have to stop Vladi.
: But can you really fight him? I mean, he's your brother...
: Yes, I'm... I'm ready to do what needs to be done.
: All right. Then let's do this!

Doesn't look like anything's here...

Wait a second...

: Huh!? What is that thing!?

: This is what was controlling General Sosei and I, and made us attack you!
: So this is the Devil Gundam?
: Watch out, Cheeto! Here it comes!

: It can repair damage just like a living being heals its wounds!
: How can a Mobile Suit heal itself like that!?
: It's not a Mobile Suit! It's a monster! So be careful! Very careful!
The Devil Gundam and his entourage of Gundam heads is quite a tough battle.

First, he can buff attack, defense, and speed in one go with Self-Evolution, and second, he can revive one of the Gundam heads with Self-Recovery.

Because of this my strategy is to take out the Devil Gundam first, then take out the significantly less dangerous Gundam heads afterwards. And so, I hit the Devil Gundam with everything I've got.

I protect myself from its attacks with defensive buffs, and I keep its Self-Evolution in check with Aeon's System Hack.

Beam Field is also very useful, since the Gundam heads can only melee or use beams.

: Has the pilot regained control of his mind?
: Hurry... Do it now... before I lose... myself...
: Oh no! That voice...!
: Quick... I can't... h-hold... Hhrr... rrrraaaahhh!
: If only there were another way...!
We've got to end this battle, and there's only one way I know how...

This hand of mine glows with an awesome power!

: Its burning grip tells me to defeat you!

: Here I go!


And that's that.

: That guy was WAY too strong...!
: I... can't believe... we're still alive.
: Oh, no! His energy levels are recovering!
: They're doing what!?

: No! You mean this isn't over yet!?
: What... are you... waiting for? Finish... me... off...!

: Commander Dustov!
: Cheeto! Be quick! There isn't much time... If you don't hurry... The Devil Gundam... will control... me... once again!
: It really is you, sir!
: Major Rezner... You're safe...

: But General Sosei...
: I'm sorry... It's all because I trusted Captain Vizardt.
: No, Commander! It's not your fault! He's to blame for everything!
: No... It was my fault. Mine... for taking the easy way... and trying to save the world... though a military campaign... I can't hold out much longer... Quick... finish me off...
: No, sir! You're my commander! I can't do it!

: Cheeto. Will you... promise me something?
: What is it, sir?
: The Neo Zarth... are in the underground hangar... Promise you'll protect Eisengrad! Promise you'll defend the world!
: Yes, sir! You have my word!

: Major... Do it...! Now! This... is an order! Terminate the Devil Gundam!
: Y-yes sir... I will terminate the enemy, sir!
: Thank you, soldier. Thank you...
: Graaaahhhh!!!

Poor Dustov.

Rezner looks so sad...
: Now it's up to us to make sure it wasn't in vain! Cheeto! It's time to clean out the Neo Zarth! We can get to the Underground Hangar through the game on the right!

Next time: Revenge on Vladi Zarth!


The Devil Gundam


JDG-00X Devil Gundam
Mobile Fighter G Gundam - Devil Gundam Corps
The Devil Gundam was a noble project gone horribly wrong. Originally designed as the Ultimate Gundam whose purpose was to restore the war-torn Earth, a system malfunction caused it to seize Domon Kasshu's brother Kyoji. The Devil Gundam has the unique abilities to self-evolve, self-replicate, and self-regenerate. It uses these abilities to create the Death Army, Gundam Heads, and other Mobile Suits to serve as protection.