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Part 47: It Begins

Chapter 46: It Begins

Last time we met an interesting character from an era long past and did everything there was to do on Earth. Now it's back to space to tackle the final Moon Base and finish off Gabriel.

Traveling west (does the moon have a west? It must.) from our usual LZ gets us here.

This is Moon Base Gamma. We need our level 5 keycard to get in.

This base is unique in that there are no random encounters. There are only special yellow encounters in each of the rooms.

Same deal here as the other two bases. I'm gonna tackle the rooms in the order they're labeled.

In room one we come across two Zeong Gammas. Sure, they LOOK tough, but they're actually the easiest enemy in this base.

Of course, I consider just about every enemy that can't counterattack easy.

If you'll notice, I finally found a use for the Deathscythe. Its wings make Cheeto immune to acid, overheating, short-circuiting, being hurt, and all mind effects. tl;dr version: He's now untouchable!

Hot switch pressing action.

Room two is a treasure room. We find some nice healing items.

Room three holds three Qubeley Gammas. I consider these the second easiest. The reason I think they're harder than the Zeong?

You guessed it. Funnels.

Fucking funnels.

Anyway, they go down after some work.

And another switch.

Room four has a Zeong Gamma and two Qubeley Gammas.

Nothing to see here, people.

And switch.

Room five has two Perfect Zeong Gammas. Now these guys are pretty tough.

The Perfect Zeong is already a monster compared to the regular Zeong, and the same is true for the Gammas.

The fact that this wasn't a one-shot should go to show you.

Aeon's ranged skill makes the battle go by quickly though.

And we get rewarded with treasure.

Room six is a trap!

And we have to fight off four yellow battles to escape.

We go through all four with little resistance. They're the same as the four battles throughout the base. The only difference being I can't run to the save point for health between every battle.

Whatever. Here's a switch.

Room seven: we've got ourselves a sub boss.

For a complete change of pace, this battle is HARD.

It starts off innocently enough, he just attacks with some ranged attacks that don't do too much damage. But it gets worse. Oh how it gets worse.

Before you know it, he's using a boost attack that hits for 1000-1500 on ALL of my characters.

And he uses it EVERY TURN.

And then he uses a technique to completely replenish his EN

And then goes back to boosting. In fact, it got to the point where I had to focus on the battle so much I forgot to take any screenshots.

Notice how Fritz has 13 TP in this shot? (it's kinda hard to see because he's dead) He started with over 200. That's from reviving characters EVERY TURN.

And here's our reward. A very powerful beam rifle. I gave it to Bazuli.

And so we head back to the Giant G System.
: Gabriel is here!
: Oh, were you looking for me?
: We've found you at last, Gabriel! This time you won't get away!

: You proclaim peace and justice, yet resort to violence to solve your problems.
: What!?
: Tell me, Aeon. Why is it you choose to side with them? You, of all people, must understand this.

: I won't let him down. I will protect the human race.
: That is your answer? How unfortunate. I didn't want to fight you. Still, if you insist on impeding me, I'm afraid I can't let you live.

: You can't stop the Great Fall unless you defeat me quickly!
This battle isn't so hard.

Aeon's System Crack makes Gabe about as scary as a stale marshmallow.

Leaving Cheeto free to pound away at him. Yes, I know Cheeto's in the ZZ Gundam in this shot. I wanted to save this battle until now for the sake of narrative.

Anyway, I hit him with all my strongest boosts, and he hits me with his.



: Impossible! Defeated... by humans... NOOOOOOOOOO!!!

: It's finally over...
: Cheeto! Don't be fooled! I can still feel him...! Gabriel lives.
: Ha ha ha! Very impressive, Aeon! Indeed, I'm surprised you noticed!

: Remember, I am not human. Machina Sapiens are not as frail as you imagine. The Great Fall will begin shortly. There is nothing anyone can do to stop it. All shall perish! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

: There isn't much time! We have to hurry up there!

Next time: The final battle!

Character Stats as of the Final Save Point:





Li Fang



Major Rezner