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Part 48: The Final Showdown

Chapter 47: The Final Showdown

Last time we fought Gabriel, only to find out he was going to start the Great Fall anyway. Now it's up to us to stop him.

: All right, guys. This is really the final battle!

: After we get through this, we'll rebuild Miss Natalie's orphanage!

: Let's make it through this in one piece, okay? Gavenger gave his life for us! We can't just throw ours away! So stay alive!

: I'm going to give you a grand tour of the world's skies in our Gaw! We'll look upon the planet we saved from high up in the sky! It'll be great! I promise!

: Yours truly, a thief and a punk through and through, fighting to save the world! Hoooo! Ain't life grand? Cheeto! Let's do this! I'm right with ya!

: And I know we won't, so long as we fight side by side! Victory is close! Give it your best, all of you!

: every fiber of my being urges me to face this enemy! I have trained all my life for this day. Let my skills be used for justice!

: I used to fight for Gabriel... But not anymore. Now I'm with you, Cheeto! Let's save the world!

: No, never mind... Let's win this battle! To protect the Earth, to protect our world, all those that we love! For humanity, for all life!

: We WILL win this battle! We will return to Earth together! To the beautiful planet we call home!

We reach the top of the G System, where Gabe awaits.

: from man to animals to creeping things and to birds in the sky; for I am sorry that I have made them." Genesis 6:7. The story of Noah's Ark. God himself regretted creating you humans. So he visited upon you an apocalyptic deluge. Does the Great Fall not strike you as being similar?
I just... I... Goddamnit Gabe.
: You're insane! You think you're a god, now?
: Think? No, I know. I will be a god, with the power of this G System! This is the very reason Rivage Zarth created me! To be the divine judge of the foolish human race.

: Our mission isn't to judge humanity! It's to protect the Earth!
: All one and the same... Humans are parasites. They destroy the very planet they require for sustenance. Humans must be exterminated if the planet is to survive!

This is why you're supposed to keep this sort of thing in your Livejournal. Because you'll go and do something retarded.

: I have observed humanity for a long, long time... Unlike you, who were just recently born!
: Even so, I have faith in the humans!
: So be it! You will perish along with them!
: Gabriel! I won't let you do this! I will fight! To protect those dear to me!

: I wouldn't have to kill Aeon! Die, humans! Not a trace of your civilization will remain!

: Come on! For our planet! Our world! Our humanity!
This guy is pretty damn strong.

He has a lot of attacks that revolve around all the funnels he carries on his back, and for the most part all his boost attacks are those first strike types.

Pretty much what I try to do is hit him with all my strongest boost attacks and keep my health up for when he's planning to use a boost.

Because this guy really can dish out the hurt.

As seen by this one-shot on Tremmie.

: Playtime is over. It's time to show you the power of the Alpha Azieru!
: Be careful! A massive amount of energy is gathering inside his Mobile Armor!

And so he does the usual cheap boss tactic of raising his EN to 50.

And unleashes what might be the second coolest attack in the game.

If only I could do that...

It hurts a lot.

Oh, and he has the strongest version of those cheapo funnels in the game

Finally, Tremmie takes him down.

Probably as revenge for that one-shot earlier.
: What is... this power!? But... you're just... humans... Mere humans...!
: This is the power of humanity! A power you will never understand! The power to hope, when there is no hope! To make the impossible possible!
: The power of humans... has undone me...!

And the Azieru falls.
: Did we do it?
: I don't sense anything.
: So... It's finally over...

The look on Cheeto's face totally says 'Yes, Fritz. We did. How observant.'
: Yeah, we won! We actually won!!! Is everyone okay?
: We're all fine! In fact, we're more than just fine! We're unbeatable!!!
: Congratulations, everyone!
: Ha ha! We owe it all to you!
: Thanks, Aeon!
: Thank you!

: Don't be mistaken! It's not over yet!
: You're still alive!?
: So long as the G System exists... I cannon be destroyed. I will keep regenerating... Until all humans have perished!

This is Gabe's new suit.

His face is a little

: Ahh ha ha ha ha!
: I will fight! I'll fight you as many times as it takes!
: Go ahead and try! Do you think you're any match for me in your current condition? Go ahead! Do your worst!
: He's right! We're too worn out!
: Cheeto! Don't give up! You can still beat him! Don't lose hope!

: Hal!
: Gabriel is strong! Let me help you! At least for this battle! Please!
: All right! Let's take out Gabriel together!
: Thanks!

I benched Bazuli. He's basically a slightly weaker version of Fritz without the ability to full revive people.

: No... You should be dead! Still, this changes nothing. No one can harm me, not even you.
: You're not as invincible as you think. Everyone has weaknesses!

: Are you all so eager to die? Well then, come! It's time I took care of you all!

: Feel the wrath of a god!
As you can see, Gabe's gone a little nuts. As such, he's incredibly strong. Even though I'm overleveled, I still need to play this smart or it's gonna be game over fairly quickly.

First off, he has the Twin Buster Rifle, also known as the Gundam Wing Plot Device.

Second, he can take a lot of abuse.

: No matter! This will be the end of you! Taste the destructive power of my Black Wing!

Now he starts breaking out the big attacks. First he does the obligatory charge up to 50EN skill.

And I build up my defense because oh god oh god he's gonna kill me.

And then he uses what I deem to be the coolest attack in this whole game.

The old Wing Zero I'm-gonna-wreck-you buster rifle attack.

Just my luck it overheats Fritz and Hal so they can't boost.

So I decide to fight back with the ERUPTING BURNING FINGER.

And Gabriel falls.
: No... How... How can mere humans... defeat me...
: This is the power of humans! You hear me, Gabriel!? You're through!
: That may be... but I have the last laugh! I may have lost the battle... but I have won... the war.

: No! The Great Fall... It's begun!
: Yes... Soon all the G Systems on Earth will join in, and humanity will be destroyed! Perish... humans... Disappear forever... Not one of you... shall remain...

: We made it in the nick of time!
: Looks like we're safe!
: Yeah, that's true... But it looks like we didn't stop it.
: Does that mean we failed?

: The explosion's getting smaller!
: How is that possible?
: Where's Aeon? And... They aren't here!
: Did they do this?
: Turn back! We can save them!
: We wouldn't stand a chance!

Hal doesn't take that shit sitting down.

in exchange for two young lives...

I have a couple of choice words for this guy...

One month later...

: No... But that's impossible! I have to notify the others!

: Absolutely not! That's my final offer!
: Ah, you're pulling my leg! Come on, give me a little break!
: I'm sorry, but that is the price!
: Oh, just this once! Please?
: Hey! Knock it off!
: Whoa! Marie! What's the deal, scaring me like that!?
: Something big has happened! Come to my house! Quickly! I mean it!
: Sheesh! What's her problem...?

: Well done! Now the townsfolk can go about rebuilding their lives again. Many died in order for us to could live in peace We must do our best to honor them. (That's not a typo. It's actually what she says in game.)
: Yes sir! I couldn't agree more!
: Rezner! There's been an emergency! Get over to my house, on the double!
: An emergency? What happened!?
: Just get over here! I'll be waiting for you!

: Let's try and put this behind us. I've been so sad for so long...
: Right, Tremmie!
: From now on, I'm going to enjoy life!
: What are you planning to do?
: Bounty hunting, that's what! I'm going after criminals in my Mobile Suit!
: And then what?
: Then I'm going to live it up with the money I've earned!
: That sounds like fun! I'll come with you!
: I don't know what you're planning, but if you ask me, it sounds as though you're leading that child toward more tragedy rather than away from it!
: Oh, hey! Marie! What is it? Did something happen?
: Yes, something happened! I need you to get over to my house, quick!
: All right! I'll be there right away!

: She turned Medusa to stone! HAW!
: Yeah? Well, yo mama's so ugly... she made an onion cry! BOO-YA!
: Well, yo mama's so ugly, that when she walked into the pound...
: Bazuli! There's been an emergency! Get over to my place, quick! And bring Vargas!
: Marie? Long time no see! Vargas ain't here, though. He went to Tohai. Again.
: He never gives up, does he? Well then, you get over here! Now!
: All right. I'll be right there!

: Never!
: Aw, c'mon now, don't be so cold. I thought you were my sister in arms!
: What part of "no" don't you understand?
: Still as shy as ever, huh, dear?
: Do you want to be a practice dummy for my Hosho-Ken!?
: Sorry to interrupt you two lovebirds, but I need you both at my house, pronto! Now hurry! I'll be waiting!
: What's this all about?
: You don't think...!
: Of course! That has to be it! Come on, Li! We're off to Marie's!

: So what's this all about, Marie?
: Patience! I told you already! You'll see when we get there!
: But we're concerned! What happened?
: Lost and found. From space.
: Space?
: Lost and found!?
: Ha ha! Just as I suspected! Come on, all! Hop aboard my Gaw! I'll have us there in no time!

An OatmealRaisin LP.

Bonus Content!
The Alpha Azieru
The Black Wing
The Great Fall Stopped
The final scene
My fight against the Black Wing - Long enough to show off some really cool attacks, short enough to not overstay its welcome.


NZ-333 Alpha Azieru
Mobile Suit Gundam: Char's Counterattack - Neo Zeon Forces
The Alpha Azieru was an experimental Mobile Armor to be used especially by Newtypes. The Newtype girl Quess made use of nine large funnels, two beam machineguns, and a mega particle cannon to destroy many Federation suits in the Second Neo Zeon War.

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