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Part 49: Epilogue: Insanity is running into a wall twenty times and expecting a different result

Epilogue: Insanity is running into a wall twenty times and expecting a different result

When we last left our heroes they had defeated Gabriel, saved the Earth, and lived happily ever after to barter with stubborn store clerks and make yo' mama jokes with pirates.


: Something terrible's happening! I'm picking up a massive energy surge in Antarctica! I know you need to stop Gabriel, but if we leave this unchecked... It could destroy the world anyway! So get a move on!
: Cheeto... I can sense a terrible evil coming from the Earth. If we don't hurry, it may be too late. Let's go to Antarctica!

So here's what we get for completing the game. A new area opens up, we get to use Hal, and we no longer need to keep certain plot characters in our party.

But you see, I quite like this party setup, so we're jot going to head to Antarctica.

We arrive to find what is essentially a hole in the ground.

: Come on, guys! Let's check it out!

: There's another G System near your location. The Lunar G System may have somehow triggered it! I have no idea what kind of enemies you'll encounter... Be careful out there!
What kind of enemies will we encounter? Let me show you!

We run into Hell variants of most of the Mobile Suits in the game. Before now we've run into a lot of Kai variants: Zaku Kai, Gelgoog Kai... Well, the Hell types are kind of like that. The big difference is instead of being slightly stronger they're enormously stronger.

Complete with ridiculous amounts of armor.

Now, what really pisses me off about this dungeon is that it's an example of the ancient Japanese tradition of performing an incredibly difficult task for little to no payoff.

We have to fight these stupidly hard battles, save points are few and far between, and even the simple random encounters are annoying

And what do we get for our hard work? Total crap.

Seriously, why the hell do I need GUNDAM DATA!? I've still got the floating torso of the first one you gave me because I can't sell it!


And as icing on the cake, the lack of save points means I see this screen A LOT.




It's just not worth it. Every time I load the game I have to go through at least two or three red encounters I've already done, and it's just the most tedious thing I've ever done in a game. It's weird, because the whole game up to this point was awesome and a lot of fun. Why the developers felt the need to tack this crap dungeon on and ruin the experience is completely beyond me.

So, that's going to be it for MS Saga. This wasn't meant to be a proper update, really. I just felt like I should at least show what this last segment in the game is like. If anyone can actually finish Another G System, well, you're a more patient man than I. It's still one of my favorite RPGs, because I refuse to acknowledge this as a part of the actual game.

I want to thank everyone who read and commented on this LP. I had a lot of fun writing the updates, but a game like this was still a huge undertaking for a first LP. All the positive comments in the thread kept me going.

And that's the end.