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Part 2: Topical Tiger

Welcome back to Major\Minor. When we last left Rabies McFutts, he had just been visited by the Furry Outsider, and is content saying he's comfortable in a reality where strangers ask him if he wants to go to maid cafes.

But now I know one thing for sure: That really happened -- The Ark wasn't just a dream. He actually gave me some sort of power. I have no idea what to think right now. The confusion inside me intensifies. It's like millions of voices are fighting in my head. Trying to make sense of everything that happened.

Hey, are you coming?

It's handy to know that Rabies' body goes on autopilot from time to time. Or maybe getting visited by Furry Outsider makes his brain short circuit. I don't know, and neither does the writer.

Gee, I wonder what you could have said that would make me not want to talk to you.

I tell him that he did nothing wrong. I let him know that I was lost in my own train of thought. He seems to giggle, as if this was a pun. I decide to take the credit for it. Perhaps in an attempt to ease my inner turmoil.

As least he waited for me, or I'd be clueless right now. That's the last thing I'd want to be. Alone and confused in Tokyo -- bad combination.

I apologize for the delay as we exit the train. Fright looms over me for the rest of the day. Whatever happened tonight -- would change everything.

And with no warning whatsoever, we're abruptly whisked away to a courtroom with some bellhop furry giving an introduction.

Your current leader in the race for Mayor. And with that -- your future King.

I've been his humble servant for years. And through that, I am certain of one thing. He will bring Terra to an age of prosperity.

Look at the size of that badge! He must be important!

I shall speak of this prosperity on my own. This is something every Terran must hear. Under our current King -- we are doomed.

Forgive me, Lord Plair! I did not mean to embarrass you...! Not in front of all these people...

I mean you no quarrel, Riley. Have a seat. I'll call you as needed.

Yes, my Lord.

The last two lines of this paragraph are totally pointless. Why couldn't he just say the first?

Why give your family food when you could make them food?

You work harder than you ever have before. But you only have enough food to feed half. The rest of your family will simply starve. Though before you can eat, there's a knock. A violent rapping on the door of your home.

You learn that it's someone new to Terra. They fled the destruction of their home. All they want is a new life on our soil. They beg for your food, almost dying. But if you feed them -- your family suffers. In this case, charity is a curse. They live, and your family may die.

So what would you do? Would you help a stranger? Even if it goes on to hurt your family? I believe I know what your answer is. "Why would I let my family die?" "Why would I give a stranger -my- food?"

For reasons that are becoming increasingly obvious, I've taken to calling this guy Tiger Trump.

Here's something I should mention. Terra is basically a shithole. Throughout the game, we're gonna see nothing but indications that it's a place that only knows famine and poverty, and pretty much completely unsalvagable. But the game is gonna try its damndest to make use care for a place that would truly be better off if a meteor hit it.

Oh, and Terra's ruled by an immortal king named Velasquez. He's not very good at his job.

Every immigrant we accept? They're another stroke on our canvas. One that paints us as lax and lazy. The more we accept into our world? The more we condemn ourselves to accept. This is the power of that word of mouth.

At this rate, we will all die. Regardless of our origin, we will starve. I wanted a strict immigration law. But even this would not help us. You don't allow a disease to run rampant. We need to cure this blight -- permanently.

A vote for Plair will give us severance. A disconnect from all the other worlds. No longer will they be able to use us.

Wait, is he running for Mayor or King?

Only then, will we be free from immigration. Only then, will our resources be our own. That is all...Will there be any questions?

Kill me.

Please speak, my child.

My name is Caylen. Please refrain from calling me child. I'm not one of your blind followers.

The real problem lies with your greed. You're a noble -- you have so much food. Why do you hoard and say we've run short?


I can tell just by what he's wearing that people on Terra do not in fact have an opportunity to lead happy lives.

You're a single man. Yet I've seen some inside reports.

Inside reports?

Wouldn't it be more fitting to share? The supply is there -- Lord Plair. Your campaign is based on a lie. And why -do- you have so much food? You don't look that round to me.

This is why Lord Velasquez wants a tithe. Not on everybody -- just the rich. So I don't think you care about our food. Or any resources for that matter...You only care about removing foreigners.

So my question is: What is the true reason you seek severance?


Future King...? Don't make me laugh. You're avoiding the question.

Where is your proof...? Accusations require evidence, Caylen. Something I'm sure you don't have. I laugh at the notion that I am hoarding. Especially enough to feed dozens of people? I know the importance of giving. I would never keep that while others starve.

You think the furry equivalent of Ayn Rand exists on Terra? Also, what kind of lazy fucking writer can't come up with a better name than the most default sci-fi name for a planet?

I asked why you seek severance. And you go and get -this- defensive...? You hatred speaks volumes, "Lord" Plair. There's no need to discriminate here. Everyone deserves food and shelter. Not just those natives to Terra.

...I seek severance to be independent. I only want to share amongst our own. I don't want a reputation of "charity". I want Terra to thrive on its own. If we keep giving things away? We only give off a bad image of ourselves.

Well, even if you did achieve severance? We'd still be full of immigrants. Not only that, but their descendants too. How does this make you feel...?

And let the sergals eat up all our food and marry all our daughters? Over my dead body!

Was Plair seriously fucking planning on renaming the planet?

Typical politician...Makings [sic] things up. Turning all the negatives into positives. I'll give you credit -- but I'm not fooled.

I ask again for proof, child.

Fine -- your servant Kabu has all of it. He provided a peculiar shipping manifest. It should be all that we need to prove this.


And the evidence substantiates his claims. Claims of hearing immigrant hate speech. A nightly pastime of yours, it seems. I'll let him handle it from here.

I just love how the wretchedly poor of this planet can still somehow scrounge together enough money for golden dog collars and intricate body tattoos.

Kabu -- you traitor! What have I done to deserve this...?

At first I thought Plair was my friend. I know I'm not from Terra, but...He made me feel wanted -- like a son.

Was you realizing he wanted a cheap servant before or after he made you dress in potato sack rags?

Hoarding enough to food a dozen people would not create a noticeable difference in the worldwide food supply goddamnit.

But he's still talking about being the future king? Do you have to be mayor to be king? Will he use the position of mayor to become king? Also, Mayor of fucking what?

Why is a king who is immortal bothering with elections?

Your badge isn't big enough.

The shipping manifest for those curious:

(100) Giant Badges

(100) More Giant Badges

(500) Giant Badge Assembly Kits

(1000) Foods

And the scene ends here, abruptly as it started.

Hey, wanna know the best part? As soon as it ends, you get an achievement called Make Terra Great Again.

No, I'm not kidding.