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Part 6: That's How Quantum Mechanics Works, Right?

Jade. Seriously. Why did you take us here?

Hey there. Didn't expect you so soon. Sorry for not being ready to receive you.

I tell her that it's fine, and that Rook is busy. So I decided to come and see her while I waited. I ask her what he [sic] wanted to show me in private.

Kila's also probably seeing if he can try to install nude mods on the machines, so here we are.

Well, actually -- I have a [sic, again] some questions. But they might seem a little odd at first. So if you're open, please bear with me.

She takes a deep breath before speaking. And surely enough -- her question is odd.

I don't know what to say. I just stare at her dumbfoundedly. What kind of question is that...?

Well, let me explain it like this, then.

Let's say I flip a coin. And let's say it lands on heads. Do you believe there are other realities? For example -- where it landed on tails?

Are people just naturally inclined towards asking Rabies weird ass questions?

I'll take that silence as a no. Well, allow me to continue. What if I flip it and hide the outcome? This is where it gets really interesting.

You do realize that by and large quantum mechanics just deals with the physics of the very, very small and doesn't really have anything to do with alternate realities, right?

Until the result is revealed...? We exist in both realities at once. The heads reality -- and the tails reality.

Good god I wouldn't put it past Klace that he learned physics from anime.

This proves the existence of more realities. We're able to place ourselves at an "apex". An apex being like a fork in the road.

Please stop the car, I want to get out

But there is much more at play here. These two possibilities spawn infinite ones. We can use this to predict other realities.

All much better realities than the ones where I decided to play this game!

Jade, you're an anti-scientist.

Nice humblebrag. Also, what kind of awards? Ones that you invented yourself don't count.

You must think this is all really weird. "People can win awards for that...?" Well sure they can -- it's like fiction.

You only need a logical consistency. But that's part of why I love all this. It's all theory with no practice.

It's a pretty scary thought that Jade's ramblings are actually taken seriously in this world.

I blink a few times, at a loss for words.

Promises are meant to be kept, Jade.

She moves to her desk and sits down. I decide to sit down in the chair in front of her. She scatters a few papers across her desk.

Are we sure the Midnight Deaths isn't the city coroner just being really lazy?

"Yeah sure they all died at midnight dook dook dook dook"

I really don't need to know about your weird kinks, Jade.

I'm pretty sure Kila has a better grasp over quantum mechanics than you do.

Wouldn't this article be in Japanese?

This one here. He was shot to death. But there was no gun found in the area. And not even any evidence of a gunshot.

"And no evidence of death, either. He's still alive. There aren't any Midnight Deaths at all. Where am I?"

It keeps getting weirder, my friend. Look here - at the next victim.

She places another newspaper clipping in front of me.

This man hung himself. But there was no noose found. Just the wounds from a rope around his neck.

So? Someone getting murdered via hanging isn't totally unprecedented.

You know, most people's logical conclusion would be that the Tokyo Police just really half-assed their investigations.

That really didn't make sense. Well for the murder -- the corpse could've been moved. But for the suicide? That's where it gets tricky. You can't move after you're dead.

And there's another incident, here...One that I find incredibly interesting. Someone who "survived" the The Midnight Deaths.

He reported loss of breath. Like he was being strangled to death. But it suddenly stopped, and he lived. It matches the other hanging victim. No noose -- and he didn't even own a rope. But this is where it gets really scary.

His neck was injured. Markings all around. Just like the other victims -- but he lived. Everything else matches up perfectly. This man gave a very detailed testimony. I want to use that to help free Klace. He shouldn't be under any sort of suspicion.

Here's how to rule out Klace as a suspect: was the attacker wearing pants?

I know these deaths started as we arrived. But he doesn't deserve any flak for this! I've been using his testimony to theorize. I just need to come up with something...Even if it seems very incredible in nature. One explanation is better than none at all.

Jade please do the world a favor and never become a cop.

The kid doesn't deserve to be blamed...This is all completely out of his control. And the survivor made no mention of Klace.

People's reactions will probably be something like

Jade? Isn't she the lady who drags people to busted-ass arcades and tries to talk to them about quantum physics? And she's trying to solve a murder?

The man who survived...He explained a very peculiar feeling. Something that happened during all of this.

His mind was overtaken with memories. But these memories didn't belong to him. Well they did -- but not the -same- him.

Now you know why I explained my theory. I wanted to relate it to his experience. And by extension -- all of these deaths.

These memories that took over his mind? I think they were from another reality. It'll make sense if I explain a little more.

Please. I want you to usurp Johnny Five-Aces in terms of explaining dumb physics shit.

Infinitely more plausible explanation: dude was strangling himself to get off and had oxygen-derprived hallucinations, then tried to play it off like he got attacked.

It would align with his testimony. If someone is dead in the other reality? Then maybe they die in this one, too.

I know it doesn't explain anything. But I used the testimony that was given. It explains how no evidence was left behind.

Again, how do people know these are happening at midnight?

Sorry for going on a tangent, there. What do you have to say about all this?

I tell her that it makes absolutely no sense. But at the same time -- it makes perfect sense as well.

Sounds like what I deal with every day. There's so many thought experiments...You can lose yourself in them easily.

So to recap: Jade called us up to her office, wrongly explained quantum physics, then used one guy's testimony as proof that the cause of the murders are realities colliding.

This is really the first part of the game where you really start to know you're in for an adventure. There's more physical "theories" like the one Jade just spouted at us, and they're all as every bit as stupid.

I know it doesn't make much sense. But it also can't be proven wrong. That's why I find it so interesting.

Here's how to prove it wrong:

Jade: Are the murders caused by quantum physics?

Quantum physicist: No. Also, fuck you.

Cut and dry!

Interesting was an understatement. She was right thought -- I couldn't prove her wrong. She had a logical line of thought, as odd as it was.

So that's what I wanted to talk about. I'm trying my hardest to save Klace. I don't want him under such scrutiny.

It affects you, as well. You still have to hide while you're here. There's a stigma attached to his name.

I want everybody to be free. I don't think either party enjoys this.

I thank her for her efforts. And for the interesting lesson, as well. As weird as her theories were -- she was sensible.

Here's another thing that's probably pretty obvious: Rabies McFutts, as a character, is dumb as a bag of acorns. More often than not he just accepts at face value what anyone says, and seems to lack even basic knowledge that a six year-old would know.

Are you a garbagewoman, Jade? Because you threw away precious time.

She takes out her phone and places it on the table.

I'll be in touch if anything changes. Don't worry -- I won't spam you.

You mean like how you just did?

Maybe she'll call me about the SEVERAL AWARDS she's won!

Why can't I just ditch them both and be free from this furry hell?