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Part 8: Death of the Author

As demonstrated by the background picture making it look barely bigger than a closet.

Can I just point out how Kila's tail doesn't even remotely look like one? It's just a vortex of blue fur.

Can't wait to sit inside twenty years worth of captured farts!

He must've been checking it out while I was outside. I guess he got a little head start at everything.

I already had a soak in the hot tub. It was heavenly.

I can't get over how great this place is. It's top tier -- that's for sure!

Let's turn on the TV and see what's on. I love weird Japanese game shows!

Fun fact: in the original version of Chapter One, there's an additional line with him wondering if Takeshi's Castle is on. Keep in mind that show hasn't run in Japan for over twenty years.

He scurries over to the table and grabs the remote. For a moment, he looked confused. I guess the buttons on the remote are in Japanese. I see him find a big red button -- and press it.

Sure enough, the TV turns on. I suppose some things are universal between cultures. He sits down on the floor, and motions for me to join.

Why is the police tape in English?

Not even Furry Earth is safe from a Brietbart reporter.

He looks off the screen for a few moments and nods. It's as if he's talking to somebody on the scene. He holds the microphone away from himself. Whatever he's talking about must be unsafe to hear.

Sorry, it will just take a while longer. I'm sorry for interrupting your program. It will resume as soon as this is over.

In what reality do they interrupt shows to report a murder?

He looks away from the camera again. Same direction. This "Fukumoto" wears a face of shock all of a sudden. It's like he's been given horrible news.

It's now being confirmed to me. Another victim of the Midnight Deaths. Their body was discovered just moments ago.

He lets out an audible gulp before continuing.

How sensitive is his damn mic?

Note that the furry reporter's eyes. If you're playing Terrible OC Bingo, be sure to fill in the "Has Heterochromia" blank!

Heavy heart? Oh no -- this must not be an ordinary victim. He cuts himself off, taking a gulp before he continues.


This is cause for celebration!

So what's going on in Terra? Something dumb I bet.

This is Velasquez. I like how an immortal king has dreadlocks.

There's something mildly offputting how these two are supposed to be talking each other but the whole time they're staring at the viewer.

But you? You have the wisdom of millennia. Something I am not lucky enough to hold. Were it a statement, I would agree. But you posed a question...And one I have no right to answer.

There is no need to apologize. I was simply thinking aloud. Though it may relate to Plair somewhat. He's gaining quite the following.

Rightly so. He has the charisma...Enough to bend anyone to his will. Even if the cause is as foolish as his.

As demonstrated by him being able to arbitrarily arrest people with no apparent consequences!

I mean, can you really blame Plair for wanting to stem the tide against the sparkledog hordes?

The last time someone sought severance...? Well, the only thing severed was their head. It is a costly and dangerous desire.

I can't figure out if those thorn-looking things on Endymion's arms are supposed to be scars or really really dumb tattoos.

Assassins love jokes!

Knock knock.

Who's there?


I'm not saying it would be easier to recruit someone who's psychopath to be an assassin, but I'm not not saying it.

Is a furry who seriously looks like one of those popsicles you buy at the gas station really gonna amount to anything?

If you want your reign unhindered, why are you even bothering with elections? Also, for the third time, is Plair running for Mayor or King?

Though Plair is not the topic of today. There is a matter of much greater import.

Is something wrong, my Lord?

No. It's the opposite, in fact. My "opening" of Terra to immigrants? It was for a very specific reason.

There are those who would disagree with me. And I would as well, if I were unaware. The truth of this matter is quite secretive.

Truth? You aren't doing this for charity?

It's a welcome side effect, to be honest. But my intent wasn't to take in so many. I only sought the arrival of -one- person.

The Savior.

The Savior?

And now, the plot incorporates Furry Jesus.

Yes. I opened our borders solely for them. But so far, they have not come...

As hunger seems to be widespread on Terra, I'm starting to think Plair has some valid points.

Taking bets now. Who wants to guess that Rabies is Furry Jesus?

I am all ears, my Lord.

I've finally pinpointed their location. A trusted source has found The Savior. They reside on a planet called "Earth".

I've never heard of it.

Yeah, what kind of backwater hick yokels names their planet 'dirt'?

For a very specific reason, Endymion. Earth is not connected to any other world. It is what I call an "untouched" planet.

Such a thing exists...?

Only when you have something to hide. Or in this case, something to shelter.

How can I help? It seems Earth is beyond anyone's reach.

Thank God.

Gladly, that is not the case. That trusted source I mentioned earlier? They've come up with a means to reach Earth. A way to retrieve the Savior.

So if it's not clearly, Velasquez is 100% on board with kidnapping Rabies.

Retrieve, my Lord?

You know Velasquez, if you weren't so secretive there might be more people that you could build mutual trust with!

"Recite the Hot Topic catalogue backwards in Latin."