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Part 9: The Not-Velvet Room

Klace has left the building!

That means -- No, it cant be. It just can't Suddenly everything seems to come crashing down. There would be no more world tour...! Would we be sent back home?

Would we become some sort of media hot-shots? Kila's jaw appears inches away from the floor. I can tell he's fighting off tears with fervent effort.

Everything about this writing is just a pain to read through. Who describes a person fighting off tears with 'fervent effort'? Come to think of it, is there even an instance where using fervent doesn't look weird and wooden as hell?

He seems to be unable to form a coherent sentence. I reach out to comfort him and--


Know what time it is?

Time for a fun romp in t̶h̶e̶ ̶V̶e̶l̶v̶e̶t̶ ̶R̶o̶o̶m̶ Furryspace!

Is this guy gonna be one of those mysterious characters who says mysterious things except the things he says are just basic facts?

Some would hope it's the other way around. To watch your world fade away...Like a small fly being swatted on the wall. Just like that -- someone can die.

If you think nobody's below life, then I have a certain squirrel I want to introduce you to.

I've had enough of his cryptic speeches! I deserve some answers, and I make that very clear. Thankfully, I'm able to move and speak again.

You want answers...? What is an answer exactly? A doorway to more questions, perhaps?

Goddamn this character is ~mysterious~ in the worst possible way.

And no, the writer pointing out that he's being a cryptic shithead doesn't excuse it.

Well, I did promise you answers. But I cannot suspend this place for long. Please come with me to The Ark.


Does every character in this game have a weird trailing speech tic?

You'll have to grab my hand. A connection is required to do this.

Yeah, what about that plot hole?

That sounds like Rabies might die and we'll all be free from this shitty game. Should I give us the sweet release of death?

And miss out on perfectly good suffering? I think not!

And to give me a power like he implied he did? He had to trust me as well...

Let's all admire Rabies' critical thinking skills here.

That hobo that lives in the alleyway said he granted me the ability to shoot frogs from my dick! Boy, if he gave me a power like that he must really trust me!

This might hurt a little bit.

This game has already hurt me in ways you can't imagine.

Why? Why even bother saying he uses his free hand? A person with third-grade reading comprehension would realize he used his free hand without being told.

Well he's certainly spruced up the place while we were gone. Is that a new nebula?

First and foremost, allow me to apologize. I feel as though you may be overwhelmed. It's not like me to take things so fast. But recently -- matters have become urgent.

Furthermore, I -will- give you answers. I feel like you deserve as much. So I welcome you once more. To the Ark. A place where you can relax and ponder. A place where you can collect yourself.

Can I sic ghosts on people from here?

Boy did you choose wrong.

And you are the first here in a very long time. So you are free to relax. No danger will befall you here. Not as long as you are by my side.

I'm getting second-hand violation of my personal space just from reading this.

So, about these answers you requested. I am willing to provide you with them.

But I'll only answer -one- question. There are more important matters at hand. I would like it if you thought carefully. I will not be vague, or hide the truth. So make sure you ask what you truly want.

So, this will be important. I want you to sear into your memory that next to last sentence, where he says he's not going to be vague or hide the truth. Trust me, it'll be relevant later on.

I mean if he hadn't of died he probably would have been arrested for indecent exposure and we'd be here all the same.

Unimportant? Well that's an insult, for sure. Especially when someone just lost their life. But it's probably unwise to vocally contest him. Instead, I stop and think of what I should ask. But only one question? That's hardly fair. There was a veritable mountain of them in my mind!

Everything about today was an enigma. And much of it fell into the realm of the supernatural.

For example, this writing is supernaturally bad.

He can't expect me to find closure from one question. Unless that was the point...The ability to bend the reality to my will...? He's testing me. There had to be a way to get all of the answers. And still adhere to his rule of one question. If this power was true, I could easily accomplish that.

Here's the part where I'm almost certain Klace was playing through Undertale and just had to incorporate its metanarrative on saves into his own game. Our power, as little as it's been explained, is evidently the ability to rewind time and go back to an earlier state, which the game expects us to do to ask all four questions.

Where Undertale succeeds, and this game doesn't, is besides the writing quality being galaxies apart, this game doesn't really comment on you reloading at all. Like in Undertale, the game "remembers" that you reset and gives you new dialogue or events accordingly, but as far as I can tell in Major\Minor, not one single character reacts to you reloading a save.

I'll ask what the power is about, but if your curious what his answers are to the other three, here's a brief rundown:

What is the Ark? "You can't understand it."

Who are you exactly? "I'm a prisoner of the Ark, but I'm not gonna tell you my name yet.

What are The Midnight Death? "Iunno lol "

So we're left asking about the supposed "power" he's given us. Buckle up, you're in for a treat.

I think it's just a case that Furry Outsider played Furry Magical Russian Roulette and Rabies happened to lose.

Where did this power come from? I don't think that question has an answer.

Then why the hell did you let me ask it?

It simply moves around from one host to another. Epoch after epoch. No one knows why. We don't know it's origins, either.

Though yes -- I am the current host. I was placed here for containment purposes. In the hope that its spread would stop. But now I'm straying off topic.

The power is...Well, let me think. I have to word my explanation carefully.

There are an infinite number of planes. Each astral plane has many things...It can have similar worlds, or different.

I might have mentioned offhand that this game also incidentally rips off Johnny Five-Aces, but ho-ly shit you haven't seen anything yet.

You could call them parallel realities. So yes -- there is more than one Earth. Each having differences, small and large.

Isn't Earth supposed to be not linked to the rest of the worlds or some shit?

As well as there being multiple Arks. Even though it shares Earth's physical spot.

I am so lost...

For once I'm not really gonna hound on Rabies for not understanding something. I doubt even Klace knows out this works.

Before we continue, I'd like to preface the next part. I did not photoshop or edit the following sequence in any way, and am presenting it as it happens in-game.

Yes, Klace is using clipart to explain his crazy plot.

They both share the same physical spot. But they exist on different astral planes. They cannot see or interact with each other.

Holy hell, Klace couldn't even bother to get rid of the white border around the little No symbol.


Each version of the Earth is different...In either very small or very large ways. This can be as minor as what you've eaten...or as large as the governing superpower.

The power I have given to you...It doesn't really "alter" reality. You can travel to the world you desire. Some would call you a slider. You can navigate this layer in many ways. Where others are stuck -- you are free.

A slider...?

And that is why the power is so dangerous. You could repeatedly destroy worlds. It can throw the universe into disarray.

Again, I swear to God in Heaven that I'm not tampering with these images in any way.

Of course, you only have a fraction of this. I was unable to give you my full power.

But now that you're in the Ark? You've broken into another astral plane. There are even more realities to play with. But you're wondering why I chose -you-. As the power grew within me, it evolved. Or perhaps I achieved a greater prowess...

It beckoned to be "gifted" to other people. But not just any other person. I had to choose -very- carefully.

For a moment -- let us lesson our scope. We will focus on only your Earth layer. Push aside everything I have just said.

Is there an agency I can report Klace to for dash abuse?

The universe is vast. A large galactic community is at play. There are many trade routes between worlds.

And now I guess we're ripping off Star Trek?

Many planets open themselves to immigration. Many planets are hostile. Many planets are friendly.

But the heart of the matter is this: Every planet is connected in some way.

Except for Earth. You inhabit an "untouched" planet.

The way 'untouched' is in quotations makes me very uncomfortable.

I hope this doesn't offend you...But if you were to go rogue with the power? Only Earth would suffer. Only that layer.

So much for Rabies' campaign to wipe clean the slate of life in the universe.

I had to choose a resident of Earth. It would contain any possible damage. Kind of like The Ark does for me.

A resident of any other planet...? Well, the damage would be substantial. So Earth is lucky in that regard. But it is also special in its loneliness.

Klace, it's probably not the best idea to admit to the reader that even you don't know what's going on.

If you chose Rabies, you have questionable standards!

I hope that you can master this power. Many words [sic] will want to seek your aid. We can cave them -- and their realities. We can guide them away from disaster. Guide them towards the "true history".

This guy could have refused to say anything and we'd actually have learned more than that pointless infodump he just dropped on us.

What truth? His explanation made no damn sense. If anything he only got vaguer!

The reason why I brought you to the Ark? It's quite simple, really...

Another world wants to take you. By means of an ominous ritual. They've been trying to summon you for days.

How is a ritual ominous? Unless of course they're just reciting the Steam store page of this game, which is enough to fill anyone with existential dread.

Why can't you just let me purge?

Just kill them? You're basically a god from what you've told us.

I didn't want them to take you. At least, not until I knew why. Does this make sense to you at all?


Rabies McFutts, Savior of Worlds everybody.


Another theme that's going to be running throughout this game is that nobody is very good at their jobs. This guy has apparently let the universe burn down once before, and you'll see what I mean with Konrad and Endymion. Don't worry, there's others, but I want them to be a surprise.

That makes more sense. He takes a loot at his surroundings. I see a hint of regret and remorse on his face. Jade would be in heaven right now at all of this stuff!

But the more I interrupt their ritual. The more I realize I'll never know...I can't figure out why they want you.

So, this time? I'll let them succeed. I wanted to keep you on Earth. For observation purposes, of course. But now that will not be possible.

Many worlds are going to want you. Your power can save them or destroy them. You'll be caught up in many affairs...We must hope they seek your power for good. Many would use it to nefarious ends.

Perhaps after helping this world; We can do good for other worlds as well.

Let the record state that I'm still on board for Rabies to burn the earth, salt the earth, then salt the salt.

Wait! He's sending me to another world? Just like that? That's not right!

Am I even able to survive on another planet? His explanation only puts more questions in my head!

Do not worry. I'll still watch over you. If anything traumatic happens, just relax. I'll bring you back in the face of danger. Remember, that you are cared for. I will not let any harm befall you. I consider you a ray of hope. My agent of fate.

What exactly has Rabies done to make him at all trustworthy? About our only demonstrated power is to attract the worst kind of people.

This is probably just me, but if I was an immortal omnipotent entity, I'd whisk people away by headbutting them.

Rabies starting to sound like a panicked XCOM Rookie here.

I'm finally pushed over the edge, and start to panic.

Klace was dead...I was cursed with a power I didn't ask for. A power that could either save or destroy worlds!

This was--

Before I could continue, my entire body feels pain. Like the first time I was here, on a much larger scale.

Why does Rabies have breathing exercises? Did I miss some part of the story where it's established he suffers from migraines and panic attacks?

How does the writer keep finding new ways to write this terribly? A level less than molecular? Why the fuck not just say 'torn apart at the atomic level'?

Terra, here we come!