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Part 18: Basic Math

Is this one of those tavern rooms where the sound of bar room brawls and meth lab explosions will lull Rabies to sleep?

It took a few hours before the tavern came to a lull. I'm assuming it was last call or something like that. I heard many doors open and close as things got quiet. Including the rooms of Endymion and Konrad.

Were they going to sleep? Or were they listen in case something happens? I'm suddenly a little paranoid that I'm being watched.

Oh well. It's not like I was doing anything illicit. I made myself comfortable in the luxurious bed.

Fucking lol at the idea that this shitty tavern has "luxurious" beds, and also why the fuck aren't Endymion and Konrad staying in Rabies' room?

What in the hell kind of phrase is 'jerked into coherence'? The writing has failed the 'written by a native English speaker' test and is dangerously close to flunking the 'written by a human' one.

I rub my eyes in an effort to make my vision clearer. The knocking starts to get more vigorous in nature. I can hear someone panting on the other side.

It sounds like somebody is panicking! This kicks me into high gear and I rush to the door. But when I open it -- I'm not sure who it is.

Why would he make this pose if he's panicking? Why is it the same pose as all the others?!

He pants heavily as he closes the door behind him. He locks it as well. That's a little concerning.

Sorry, I promise you no harm. I can explain -- please listen.

He presses his back against the door. I'm assuming so nobody can open it with him in place.

He holds up a piece of torn fabric. It's stained with blood. What!?

This sounds like Riley was attacked and so he ran up the stairs. What was he planning to do, climb up that stove back there?

I open my mouth to call for Endymion and Konrad. He gasps and steps forward, urging me to keep quiet. He says he doesn't want anyone to know where he is.

He steps towards the middle of the room. He places his hands on his head in confusion.

Why? Why would he do this to me? Plair was always a kind Master!

Well, you know how tigers are. I'm not racist but

Plair...? That's the one Endymion and Konrad wanted to oust. He attacked his servant? Why would he do that? Suddenly I realize the urgency of this situation.

If anything, this man's testimony could be invaluable. I ask him his name.

Of course. My name is Riley. Thank you for your shelter, Rabies.

I nod. I start to feel uncomfortable near the door. I move away, and place him between the door and myself.

I won't be here long, I promise. I just need to gather my bearings. It was a shocking thing -- you know?

It's all just thrown me for a loop. You never expect these things to happen. It's so sudden -- and I'm just scared.

I notice his demeanor suddenly changed. Almost like his panic vanished in an instant. He seemed to calm down rather quickly.

Hey pal, no littering on top of the piles of litter that's already in this room. <>

Sorry. It's just making me relive this. I gotta get it out of my hands for good. Or else I'll keep dwelling on what happened.

He stands up and looks me in the eye.

And it needs to look like you struggled. You'll have to forgive me for this.

Riley's doing his best to free Rabies from this furry hell. He's kind of a hero, when you think about it.


I try to pry his hands off my throat, but he's strong. I start to lose my strength -- my vision fading. I slide down the wall as my body becomes weak. He growls fiercely as I start to lose consciousness.

I now put forward Exhibit Z-19 for why the assassins are shit at their jobs: not only did they sleep in separate rooms away from the VIP they were supposed to escort, but they didn't even hear said VIP getting strangled to death through the very very cheap walls of this shitty tavern.

And here's the genius who hired those two in the first place.

Many men aspire to usurp my throne. And this time -- they're getting close. Closer than I've ever experienced.

The fact that Reiyo's a hyena has retroactively ruined The Lion King for me.

It's fun to watch, though. It seems Righty suspects you. But his theories are incredibly wrong.

Indeed. Our fault for being secret. People think that I have something to hide.

Perhaps I should've been open about this. It would've been more noble, at least.

Noble, yeah, -- but not fun. I like the idea of keeping it a secret.

Reiyo, my goal here is not to have fun. I seek a very important change.

But my end of the bargain still stands?

I mean with lines like this, at best Velasquez is criminally negligent. And I'm being very generous.

Well, about that--

I'll be sending Rabies back to Earth. At least, for the time being.


They have to keep up appearances. I just can't rob them from their home. We have to juggle here, "Velasquez".

Hey, remember how Rabies was supposed to be brought to Velasquez right away with no delay? Why is he not objecting to this?

A plan of your own?

Indeed. Life on Tokyo is going to change. Things were just too boring before. I decided to shake it up a little bit.

I see.

You'll find out what I mean soon enough. Things will get harder for Rabies. But it will help them realize their role.

Being The Savior isn't all fun and games. A great danger will soon befall Tokyo. And it will claim the lives of many more.

I want, on paper, the instances where Rabies had either 'fun' or 'games'.

For some reason I'm getting the image of Riley trying to strangle Rabies, being confused by his strange cog-lamprey physiology, then getting his arm bitten off by Rabies' grinding teeth. Then Rabies choked on that and that's what actually made him pass out.

It's like my spirit left my body or something. I'm still fully aware of my surroundings. Or at least -- the lack thereof. Even so, I feel disconnected from my body.

Is this death...?

I feel a large rush of speed. Much like the first time I was send to Terra. This time, I am able to bear the pain more easily.

And as it subsides, I hit solid ground with a thud.

First, my sense of touch returns. I'm face down on some sort of carpet. Wait -- the hotel room carpet! Back on Earth?

As my sense of sight returns -- this fact is confirmed.

There's something funny about the idea that Rabies left behind a corpse when he went to Terra and it's just been decomposing since.

How long was I lying there? Did the hotel not have any heating?

After strenuous effort, I am able to move one finger. And then soon after, I can move another -- then another. I focus on this until I can move all of my digits.

When this is through, I have control of my hands. I use them to push myself up. And then soon after, I can move my feet as well. I bring myself up to a standing position. That was odd -- almost like I had to defrost.

I scan the room, and notice Kila is lying on the floor. We're in the same spots as we were before. Like we hadn't moved since the news report came on.

But sun enters the room through a nearby window. It's not night anymore -- day has broken. I rush over to his body and kneel down beside him. I give him gentle shakes while I call out his name.

Could it be? Are we truly free from the maid fetishist?


He follows the same procedure as myself. First the fingers -- then the hands, and so on. Moments pass, and he stands up in confusion.

Huh...? What happened? Did I just...?

He rubs his eyes like he's waking up after a long sleep. He lets out a yawn and a stretch, utterly confused.

I hereby revoke Klace's right to use the phrase 'let out'.

My body is so stiff.

Mine is as well -- but I brush that fact aside. There are important matters at hand. I ask Kila what he remembers about last night.


I must have passed out in shock. I think -- it's all a blur. Please tell me that it isn't true. If he died, then what happens to us? I don't want to go home, Rabies!

I must have been dreaming. Please tell me I was dreaming!

Personal space, creep.

But I can't let him live in some sort of fantasy world. He has to know the truth of what happened. And so, I let him know that it was true. Klace passed away last night -- he was murdered.

No! I want him to come back! We have to bring him back!

Well when you put it that way, let's get us some diodes, a giant concrete slab, and a LIGHTNING STORM!

I'm not sure how to respond to him. It's very clear that he's in denial.

He starts to pace around the room, talking to himself. Soon enough, it seems like he's forgotten that I'm here. But that's not the only thing he's forgotten. I realize that Klace's death is all he remembers.

That's a very good question. If Kila doesn't even remember his time in Terra, what was the point of him even showing up? Did he seriously just show up so the player would be more inclined to side with Righty or something?

It's very confusing, and I skipped The Ark this time. I have no idea why -- and I'm filled with questions. I thought I was needed in Terra, to save it. I can't believe it, but I want to see that man again.

How could I go meet the King if I'm stuck on Earth? What would Endymion and Konrad be thinking right now?

Especially if Kila was right about the time difference. I'd have to get back there as soon as possible. There's no telling what could happen in my absence.

I could've sworn they said it was impossible to leave. That Terra was a one way street -- and I'd be stuck.

Before I can get too deep into thought, my phone rings. I pick it up instinctively and greet the other end. The ringing seems to shoot Kila back into reality. I know he zones out, but that was something else.

You know, one of this game's touted features is how you can text various characters. Klace couldn't even do the *bare minimum* of Jade texting Rabies instead of calling him.

I'm not sure if you heard the news or not. But the media is making a lot of stuff up. Better wait and talk to Singe in person.

He'll be making a public statement shortly. He just wants to wait for your arrival. Anyway -- that's all, see you soon.

She abruptly ends the call. Didn't picture her the type to talk and drive. Things must be getting hectic on her end.

I wonder if things would get hectic for us as well. Things were starting to get complicated -- and unclear. I started to wonder what fate awaited Kila and myself.

Your mom. She's disowned you.

Before I can answer, my phone rings again. I pull it out of my pocket -- this time it's a text. But the contents of it send shivers down my spin.

Watch Kila instead. He obviously needs adult supervision.


I let Kila know that it was just Jade. I tell him she'll be here to pick us up shortly. Singe will be telling us the full story. Actually -- we should already be downstairs.

Alright! See you down there, then!

He runs off as fast as he can. I can tell that he's in denial. He clearly doesn't want to talk about this. But after all that's happened -- I can't blame him.

Before leaving, I close all of the blinds. I guess that text message got the better of me. Even if it was a joke, it would leave anyone scared. I leave the room -- with paranoia eating away at me.


I start to follow -- but quickly bump into someone. I take a step back and apologize to the woman. But then I realize, I've seen them before. Under the exact same circumstances, as well.

I can't be the only person who thinks this character looks like Furry Lara Croft.

Oh, my apologies -- that was rude. I was just surprised to see you here. Tokyo must be smaller than we think.

So, you're staying here too?

I nod, remembering that Rook said it was expensive. If she could affort it -- just who is this woman?

You can call me Max. It's short for Maxine, but don't say that. It sounds strange in this day and age.

I'm here for business. And let's just say, my company isn't cheap. Only the best when it comes to travel.

Sure, all the up-and-coming billionaires have rope wrapped around their arm nowadays.

I see that you were on your way out. I'll let you get on with your busy day. I didn't mean to hold you up or anything.

Perhaps if I see you again, we'll talk. It would be nice to get more acquainted. Not just anybody can stay in this hotel.

I'm sure you have a story to tell. And I have all the time in the world.

She walks away from me with a smile. As she does so, she plays with the gear on her necklace. I feel like I've seen that before, it stands out to me.

For those who don't want to go back and check, it's Reiyo that's wearing the gear necklace.

I change my course back to the exist. But before I can get there--

My phone rings again. It's a text message -- as the tone doesn't repeat. I'm extremely hesitant, given what happened before. But unlike Kila, it wasn't in my nature to avoid things.

When has it ever been shown or said that Rabies confronts things head-on?

Things have been going wrong for Rabies ever since this LP started. Unless he gets his hands on some power crystals or the Holy Maiden soon, it's going to stay that way.

This doesn't make any sense -- I can't believe it. It seems to be written with a knowledge of my power? But I've never told anybody about my situation. Does someone on Earth know what's going on with me?

I can no longer hope that this is a joke. There is more at play here than I know. Someone, somewhere -- isn't being honest with me.

I exit the hotel. I meet up with Kila, and we enter the limo together. I do all of this knowing that I'm being watched. And that is -much- harder than it sounds.

I consider this the "best" chapter in the game, because it's where the game gets really stupid.

Inumi, get back into your trash pile where you belong.

Since I've never met them -- I introduce myself.

Hello, Mr. Blue Neck Chevron.


I contemplate where or not to offer him my hand. But at first glance, he doesn't seem like the type. As I've learned, not everybody is into hand-shaking.

How does winning a contest show dedication? About the only dedication Kila or Rabies showed was apparently chugging enough soft drinks to shave a decade or two off their lifespan.

He gives a wide smile to Kila and myself. He offers me his hand -- I guess I was wrong. I accept, and he leads it with a firm grip. Kila however, does not, and remains seated.

I let this man know that Kila is in shock.

Was this guy just in town when he got hired? How did he get to Tokyo so quickly?

I'm told that you will learn more shortly. I'll refrain from giving anything away. Leaking information would be irresponsible.

He reclines back in his chair with a relieving sigh.

Relieving to who?

So we have someone to protect us now -- that's awesome! Suddenly I'm not as worried about those text messages. He looks equipped enough to take on any trouble. But I still feel sorry for Kila -- hes acting odd.

And? Acting odd is Kila's MO.

I'm sure that given time, he'd come around. At this point, Jade starts the limo up and drives away. I'm not sure how long it will be until we arrive. But I need to sort this all out in my head, it's crazy.

The second sentence in this paragraph makes it sound like Jade fucking gunned it and left everyone behind.

So, from what I can tell -- I'm now being watched. But this person seems to know about my power, as well. That perplexes me, because I thought it was a secret. In fact, I've never told a single soul about The Ark.

Maybe I wasn't the only one who's been to The Ark. There was more to this, and I just needed to know. Hopefully I would learn more as the day progressed. And with Acheron to protect us -- I'd be safe.

I take a deep breath, and close my eyes. At this point -- Inumi breaks the silence.

Just how young and/or stupid is Inumi?

Whoa -- I was not in a state good for mental health. And no matter what, that was just an odd thing to ask. Maybe he found the silence in the limo a little awkward.

It's 8250, Inumi.


Yeah -- absolutely.

That's so cool -- you're smart. My big brother used to help me with this. But he was just so busy all the time.

Is this supposed to establish that Acheron is smart or something? For Christ's sakes, I'm nearly innumerate myself and even I could do that in my head.

That's quite nice of your brother. I'd like to meet him, Inumi.

It was Klace.


I'm sorry -- my apologies.

Oh, I have an idea!

I choose to believe that Inumi's nose is white because he's been just tearing into Klace's personal coke stash ever since they arrived in Tokyo.

I suppose that's true. We'll have to see what happens. There's a lot on the table, now.

I'm looking forward to Singe's speech. The silence will be broken by an official. He's the most qualified to speak about this.

Singe will break said silence by assaulting reporters because he believes one of them has stolen his brain.

Singe is really smart. He knows what to say to make people happy. Maybe he could help make me happy again.

I dunno, I feel like the best course of action is to find the killer and offer Inumi as a sacrifice. You know, to placate him.

He reaches over and rubs the top of Inumi's head. His hair gets messed up -- but he enjoys it. A wide smile appears on his previously sad face.

Okay -- now that makes me happy! I was scared for all of our safety. I was worried we'd be next, or something.

Not on my watch, okay? Everybody will be fine.

He smiles again, like everything is completely fine. Acheron was really nice through his cold exterior. I feel bad for judging him at first glance earlier. And Inumi seemed like he'd be fun to hang around with.

Nothing we've seen of Acheron even remotely suggests he's cold. Professional, maybe, but so far the majority of things he's said has been friendly.

C'mon Acheron, send Inumi out first. He'll draw sniper fire!

Not now, Inumi -- please let me go first. It would be rude to expose you to danger. I'll make sure the coast is clear, okay?

Wow, what a gentleman. He's definitely good at what he does.


As he said, he leaves the limo first. A few moments pass, and he waves us all out. I'm glad that the coast is clear -- danger free. It was time to get some answers, and meet Singe.

I'll admit, I'm a fan of Kila's newfound silence.

I'm glad we're leaving this limo. It smells like a sad drunk.