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Part 24: Security Concerns

Now why would the people in this room be anxious? They should sit on that couch made of bombs over there if they aren't feeling well.

I find it kind of hard to believe that there isn't at least one intern who's dead-set on photographing every explosive and death trap in the building.

I doubt I would run into any strangers for now. Knowing that -- it felt easier to calm down. It was welcome in the face of what I had felt before.

I quickly scan the room to see who I can find. The room is practically empty -- I just see Acheron. He seems to be guarding the entrance to Singe's office. Almost instantly, he makes eye contact with me.

Rabies don't jive with no bacon.

Something has been on my mind for a while. I mean -- about the press conference. I'm sure you know what I mean.

A while? But it just happened, didn't it?

In fact, I wanted to talk with you sooner. Even before the conference began. I saw you go with Shock and Rocker.

But I guess right now is fine, too. In fact, it might even be better. There's something eating away at me.

You attacked a half-naked dragon man. There's no clear-cut winner here.

Did my outburst go too far...? I feel like Singe belittled me on stage.

His certainty shouldn't override my worry. I feel like I had a valid concern, Rabies. He chastised me for doing what I'm paid for.

I only acted out of my interest to protect. I feel like others would have done it, too. Especially after learning about the weapons.

Now now, we've all lost the odd family member to an Armstrong-brand punji stick. For the warlord on a budget!™

I have a reputation to uphold. A guard can't be emotional like that. There must be no conflict of interest.

My agency doesn't approve of that. The one I work for, I mean. So that's what I'm wondering.

Did I do something wrong on stage...? Or was I acting as I should have? Maybe Singe was out of line.

That's actually a pretty good question. I don't think there's really a right or wrong answer. It was one of those multi-faceted situations. You can't dumb those down to an answer like that.

But he stared at me intently -- he expected me to speak. And far be it from me to leave him hanging. I guess I should just think it over before I answer.

Acheron's response to learning the building had been stuffed full of fucking bombs was not some kind of moral grey area! The writer is just saying there's moral ambiguity because the plot demands it.

It doesn't really matter much in the grand scheme of things, but I do feel compelled to mention that while you can save before some choices, Klace just threw out Game Design 101 and decided to not be consistent about it. If you chose the wrong answer by accident, too bad! Hope you love backtracking!

We'll side with Acheron, because his position isn't the trousers-eating crazy option.

And how the hell is Singe's position 'moral'? One of the things the writing seems to imply is that a lot of the non-lethal weapons Singe installed in the building are gas-based, but I know from even a passing awareness that it's ridiculously easy to accidentally kill someone with those kinds of weapons anyway.

I know I should expect this from the writing by now, but Klace just keeps finding new ways to disappoint me.

Or -was- Singe being moral here? Holding us in this building full of weaponry? Acheron speaking out against that was totally rational.

In fact, he may have been the only one brave enough. The rest of us took the news in stride. Why should he get in any heat for defending us? This is the viewpoint I explain to him promptly.

Acheron, taking the tough stance on buildings-stuffed-with-C4.

I just like how this implies that Acheron sat down and thought "Huh, maybe the guy who filled the building with weapons has a point."

But I guess I should just move on. It does not affect my mission parameters. I need to protect everybody here.

Everybody? That's not what he said before. Perhaps Singe gave him more duties.

Well, you'll be safe in his office. While you're there -- I'm meeting Dazz. She's been acting a little odd lately.

I don't know her very well, of course. But I can sense when something is off.

There is no good reason why Rabies shouldn't show Acheron those texts. Sure his reason is that he doesn't want anyone to find out about his "powers", but for God's sake, he could easily just go "I have no idea what this person is talking about".

Maybe his mind is occupied with something else. Or perhaps -- someone else.

Thank you for the little chat, Rabies.

I know it's stupid that we're confined. But I still feel somewhat free. I'll take my time to greet everyone.

Starting with Dazz, as I mentioned before. So, if you'd be kind enough to excuse me.

What is with this game having characters that just abruptly end conversations?

I'm left in front of Singe's office with my thoughts. Thoughts that someone out there wants to kill. Thoughts that someone else has powers from The Ark. Thoughts that we are surrounded by deadly weapons.

About to meet the man who holds it all together. Singe -- the manager of the world tour. The one in charge of everything.

Beats me what that third sentence is trying to say. Their words are creating a literal lightshow inside the office?

I can hear their voices as clear as day. Save for a few muffled words, at least.

In fact, now I'm curious as to what they're saying. What could be so important that they can't wait.

Rabies is gonna hear all the juicy furry gossip!

I give in to temptation. I press my ear against the door -- and listen in.

I can only make out every few words. But it's better than nothing. What are they talking about...?

...hope... do this... ...time...

But... ...hard... brother...

Oh god, there's another Kila out there? Red alert! RED ALERT!

I understand... ...grief...

...contest... ...happiness...

...Rabies...? ...never interested...


Oh yeah sure Kila, go cry to the first person you meet about how Rabies doesn't want to leer at teenagers in french maid outfits.


Oh, shoot -- they know I'm here. Wait, if I don't go in right away, I can play it off. I'll pretend I just got here. Hopefully they didn't hear me talking with Acheron.

They seem engrossed enough in their own conversation.

I quickly open the door, and try to hide what I've done.

It opens with relative ease, and I slowly go inside. Hopefully -- to gain some answers from the man himself.

I feel like this needs a spinning picture of Klace with the old batman transition sound effect.

People on the outside are already placing bets on who eats who first.

Did...did Singe just not tell anyone he was going to be keeping them in the building? You'd think that'd be something he would try to plan the band's time around.

But I hate their constant fighting. Worse than an old married couple.

Dazz will have to ease into her new role. It's going to be a bit overwhelming for her.

Hopefully I can help make it easier. I don't want her getting uncomfortable.

"Thank God I'm vocalizing these thoughts out loud, the way nobody does, so I can remember them. Instead of, I don't know, using my fucking tablet to write this stuff down."

I should probab--

Careful, Rook. Last person that said those words to her "accidentally" had a tomahawk missile delivered to their house. Express.

Oh trust me, I was. And you're just the man I was looking for.

Wait -- you were looking for me? Think you have me confused, lady. You know, with someone important.

Now now -- don't leave me waiting, Rook. I've been looking everywhere for you. There's no need to be rude about this.

I have prior engagements. However, would you like an appointment? I'm open to rescheduling this.

Just let me know what time you're free.

Funny, I always took Max as a kind of free-spirit unethical arms dealer who didn't care for schedules.

You know the press conference room?

Yeah -- that's like my second home. Singe sure has a flair for the dramatic. Holds a conference for almost everything.

Would you be able to meet me there later? I'm asking you to come alone, of course.

"Of course this meeting isn't suspicious! What ever gave you that idea?"

Business, of course. You're Singe's assistant, right? He's hard to reach, so I'll take you.

You'll have to be a little less vague.

Do you really not know who I am?

I'm not big on the tabloids, sorry.

Armstrong Inc: Tomorrow's Problems, Solved Today™.

Oh, so that's who you are. He kept all of your dealings private. That's one thing I hate most -- hiding.

I always go for transparency. Withholding information is horrible.

You'll have to excuse my lack of joy. Can't expect everybody to bow before you. I'm not exactly a fan of your work, Max.

Wow, you're just as cocky as she said.

Oops, I've said too much. The rest can wait for our appointment. How does seven o' clock sound to you, Rook?

I'm free.

"You mean the room rigged to fill with Armstrong-brand Fun Gas?"

As good as any other, I suppose.

Great, I'll see you then. And remember -- come alone, Rook.

Yeah, whatever. I have stuff to do.

"What was that?"

"Oh nothing, just making ominous statements about your imminent demise."