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Part 30: Introducing the Hot Topic Twins

Remember how Rabies is the same person that got kidnapped by two assassins and acted like it was a minor inconvenience? But this is the thing that's terrifying to him.

"I'm scared, and also frightened. These are two different emotions."


You must have many questions to ask. And for that -- you should be relaxed.

Relaxed? Yeah right. Not this time. I immediately demand an explanation. Why did he give Maxine Armstrong powers from The Ark? And why is she killing those involved with the tour...?

Interesting. I see you've caught me. Yet your concern still rests with others? I expected you to act in self-interest.

Perhaps Velasquez is right about you. Don't worry -- you're still the "savior". The lies are only from myself.

Perhaps it would be best to start anew.

If this were a good game, Rabies would immediately chokeslam this guy through a paper mache table.

Where should we begin...?

He stops to ponder for a few moments.

Oh, of course.

Some people would call me the Ferryman. But you? You can call me Reiyo. I've been stuck in The Ark for eternity.

But part of me wants to leave...I feel like I'm missing out on so much. That's why I gave Maxine Armstrong powers.

Couldn't Reiyo have just put an ad in the paper?

Same reason most deities are assholes: cosmic powers kind of have a way of decaying your moral compass.

It was purely for convenience sake. I needed to keep an eye on you at all times. So I planned the test to be nearby.

But as for why she had to kill? That's another story entirely.

I lied to you about the nature of The Ark. I stand here in watch over Earth and Terra. Governing the forces of life and death.

I can give the gift of life. Or take it away, as I see fit.

"Oh, the laughs I had during the Black Death!"

There is lots to take into consideration. That is why I ordered her to kill.

It's something I do many times a day. My replacement will have to do it, too. With no hesitation. A test was necessary.

It's unfortunate that I have to keep her nearby. But please do not make this a personal thing. It just had to be done.

If I could, I would've ordered her to kill people in an entirely different country.

But I must keep everyone together. I hope you understand. It's just an unfortunate coincidence.


I could bring him back, yes. But where's the fun in that?

In that aspect, Maxine is a genius. I did tell you about being "The Savior".

She came up with that whole plan on her own. In fact, I'm quite taken. Using death to such an end was beautiful.

She taught you some very important things.

Four: It's probably not a good idea that, if you're the Grim Reaper, to potentially give your job to a war criminal.

What fucking duty?

When did Reiyo give Rabies a set of objectives to complete?

Maxine previously counted as foe, but her killing Kila kinda canceled that out.

You could have just left Rabies a note or something.

This game was in early access for a while as Klace released the game chapter-by-chapter, and I'd stake my life that he didn't plan any aspect of the plot out before he wrote them, even though he's claimed otherwise. All that nonsense about parallel worlds? He couldn't figure out a way to develop that plot point, so he just abandoned it and had the character that told us it admit it was an outright lie.

Wait...Then that means...

No powers, blandest personality imaginable. Isn't our main character the greatest?

At least, in that regard. You still have a purpose in Terra.

This is why I'll be sending you back. Every step you take in Terra brings that world closer to its promised salvation.

But now you know a little more about what the path to salvation entails...

Hey, remember that part where Reiyo asks Rabies multiple questions and it's pretty much outright stated he's supposed to get all the answers by reloading the save? Did Klace just forget about that?

I've known you were the savior all along. I know what Velasquez is planning in Terra. I've been watching over it since I was born.

I'm sorry for the lies. But now you know the truth. About me. About you. About the Ark.

Terra won't be saved for a while yet. I felt that it was best to come clean. We may need to join forces...

And I would rather help you as a friend...Instead of face you as an enemy. Especially after I'm free of The Ark.

I believe it is customary on Earth to inquire after forgiveness. So I would like to do this now -- if that's okay with you.

Would you forgive me, Rabies?

I'd go so far as to say Rabies wasn't even around Rook or Kila for even a day. Eight hours, tops. But nope, best friends with them forever.

And how do I know he's telling the truth about Max? And for that matter -- about himself and The Ark? As bizarre as this all sounds, it kind of makes sense. He doesn't have a reason to lie anymore.

And admitting to my lack of power? That's a really big step for him to take. Perhaps he truly is coming clean and telling the truth. I don't know...This is all so confusing.

But if he does break free from The Ark? He would be a useful ally to have. I'm just concerned about how Max would manage things.

Reiyo looks at me expectedly. For the first time -- -he- wants answers. Our situations now reversed.

You're damn lucky your dishonesty made Kila die.

And I will perform my duty with fervor.

And that beings with sending you to Terra. I hope you find the answers that you seek.

And perhaps, if you do save Terra...We can talk about bringing back the dead.

Klace can't even write purple prose correctly.

This game has a lot of flaws, but I honestly think that its constant use of Meanwhiles that reveal every little spoiler and plot twist ahead of time is its biggest sin.

"Kila's dead, let's party"?

Hey Acheron, be polite. Max is just trying to strike up conversation! Probably about murder, but that's beside the point!

About what happened today. Didn't it seem familiar to you?

...Did you do this just to prove a point...? Max, I relive those events every day. Just silently -- in the back of my mind.

There was no need to "remind" me. It's always there. Trust me...

I wonder if Max talks in a British accent a la Liquid Snake. It's either that or I imagine she sounds like Yosemite Sam for some reason.

Don't call me that, Max. Ever again. I renounced the Armstrong name years ago.

Oh, don't be so dramatic. You know you can't hide from a birthright.

Besides -- that's why you were chosen, too. Because we're brother and sister. This wouldn't be any fun otherwise.

Acheron's a pottymouth. He should know better than to use the 'i' word around a proper lady! <>

And you're letting it happen. Can't keep your eyes off of Dazz, can you? It lets me do all sorts of cunning things.

Normally you have everything in your sight. That is, until you see a pretty girl.

Mocking me? Some things never change.

It's the quickest way under your fur. And it's so amusing for me to watch.

But there are more pressing matters at hand. I wanted to talk to you about this "game".

I'm listening.

Honestly, Max's method of tying two people up and making someone choose one to live seems like a really inefficient way of murdering everyone.

That was just the tip of the iceberg.

What makes you think I don't have plans? You should stop assuming things, Max.

Funny. If you had plans, no one would be dead. I'll give you an A for effort though.

This game is going purely in my favor. However, it doesn't have to stay that way.

What do you mean?

Max can see it now: Death™! Under new management!

Then you won't have to worry about losing. You can't deny it -- I use the power better.

I haven't really used it at all. I don't -need- a power to win. I've always been able to outsmart you.

Heh. So confident for someone who's losing. But look at everything I've done so far. You really think you can beat me, Acheron?

You've only killed three people. You're not even halfway done.

Just three? Not at all. I've been in Tokyo for a while now.

Hmm. The Midnight Deaths, you mean. I forgot about those for a moment. Klace wasn't the first one you've killed.

Max of all people should know killing isn't a science, it's an art!

I've anticipated every possible move. There's nothing you can do to stop me. So in the face of loss, why not team up?

I don't know. I was raised to prefer an honorable loss. A dishonorable win is not in my nature.

That's something I wish -you- were taught.

The stakes are too large to stick to values. Remember what we'll be capable of...? Sometimes you need to discard your views.

Especially in the face of the greater good. You can achieve honor through dishonor.

Which is apparently "not use my powers to stop time and easily let at least one person survive"

However...Things haven't really been going my way. So let me speak hypothetically for a moment.

If we team up...Could we still play to my objective? Ensuring that nobody else here dies?

Max would just hate to let a pile of corpses to go to waste.

I don't know if I can agree to that.

That's a shame. Your pride always was your worst feature. It's going to get you killed.

There's such an easy exit in sight. Yet you're too blind to take it.

I wouldn't go that far. Can you just let me think about this? Give me a few seconds without an insult.


I think we both have a common goal. After we win -- we want to bring her back. That's why you're doing this, right?

Exactly. This isn't just for my benefit. I owe you lots, Acheron. For the past. This is my way of making it up to you.

That being said, Max is probably enjoying this a little too much.

Besides, if we end up in control? We can undo all of the deaths instantly. Nothing is permanent, don't you understand?

That's true. If he holds up his end of the bargain.

He doesn't have any reason not to. He got bored and lonely. We will, too. Then we can hold a contest of our own.

After a hard day's work, nothing beats kicking back, relaxing, and blowing up a few otaku squirrels.

We have the chance to fix everything...I don't think we should squander it.

I don't know...

You have to take this seriously. I'll need to kill you if you oppose me. And if I do -- I won't be bringing you back.

So your only chance to see her again? Is to work with me. Or face death...

I guess this is what they call checkmate. Because I'd have to kill you to stop you...And I don't know why -- but I just can't.

I'm glad you made the right decision. So what do yo say? To family...?

Oh like a recording of her guilt's going to change anything. Max has lawyers! BEAR lawyers!

The question must be floated whether or not Velasquez's stammering is from fear or his lungs collapsing because he, you know, stabbed himself.

Oh, looks like he's having a chat with a big ominous shadow. Hi Mr. Shadow!

As far as I know, this is the only time where it's in any way addressed why Velasquez skewered himself with his scepter. Apparently it was part of a ritual to let him keep his immortality or something?

Well, he does have a horse he likes to talk to.

You'd be surprised how long you can keep up an identity as long as you change hairstyles every few decades.

Klace had this character commissioned and honestly thought to himself "yes, this doesn't look fucking stupid at all."

I only need more time...This world will be saved by my hand.

By your hand? Don't be ridiculous. Everything you touch meets a plagued end.

And soon -- Takamagahara will fall. Or whatever it is you call this place now.

You have a kingdom that houses the dead. Father -- you rule over a rotting carcass. Your subjects are nothing but maggots...They writhe through its cavities for succor.

So tell me...How can you save something long since dead? Something build on the carrion of your woe?

I'd like to direct your attention to the fact that even though Nagi's wearing a bunch of stupid armor, the section just above his groin is exposed for no reason.

Don't make me laugh. You've become a pitiful mean, "Velasquez". You are not fit to be in a position of rule.

Your world is in my hands, now. I will teach your people one simple fact.

Hey, that's Harbinger's line.

Okay, it wasn't that funny.

Still need proof Klace ripped off Persona 4?

Oh my god there's two of them

Even God can't save me now.