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Part 31: Trumping Tiger, Hidden Rabies

How can fatigue be taking over when you're already asleep?

Don't you hate it when the mayor throws you in prison and tortures you for several days straight?

It's kind of messed up that Terra's in such bad shape that this statement is actually kind of believable.

Also, I just love how this secret basement is still shallow enough to allow sunlight in. You'd think if you were building a giant concentration camp under your house you'd go whole hog, but nope.

Err--No, that's not what I meant.

You should learn to word things better. You think you'd know, being a politician. Or is Riley not here to pull your strings?

Caylen. There's no need to mock me. I'm willing to pay for your services. I need protection. This has gone too far.

"Coincidentally, people that pay a lot really deserve protection. Weird, huh?"

You locked us up in here. And you continue to let us starve. Kabu is on the verge of death, you know!

By Riley's orders!

I don't know why, but for some reason the anime hair on Plair looks particularly out of place. I mean human hair looks stupid on any of these characters, but for him Klace might as well have pasted super saiyan cut on his head.

Please understand, Caylen...It's not Riley's orders that bring me now. It's my defiance...My own free will.

I know what needs to be done. I must step down from this election. Please...

If Caylen showed signs of any actual training, this is the part where he'd grab Plair through the bars and hold him hostage with a shiv he made out of teeth and rat feces.

I want you to guarantee my safety. And I want you to end Riley's life...

I'm not an Assassin, Plair. You can't pay me to kill somebody...

But Riley is a threat to my safety! You are paid to -ensure- that safety. Caylen -- I fail to see the difference.

You're still a murderer. You just validate it in your own way. I didn't come here to argue semantics.

...You can keep your money. The payment will be our freedom.

I can't protect you from behind this cell. And you can't just leave Kabu to die.

Why didn't he bring the key down with him?

But I'm holding you to your word. If I start to doubt you -- I'll kill you.

How do you stop to think when you're standing in one place?

Wait...I feel you've come to terms with death. A mercenary can't expect to live forever.

If I doubt you, -Kabu- will die. It will pain me, but it's necessary. I need a guarantee of your compliance.

Watch your tongue, Plair. Your life will be in -my- hands. You don't want to take advantage of me.

Oh, but I think I do.

Has Riley already seized the building or something?

This is goddamn hilarious.

"I really need you to protect me at all costs."

"I need weapons to do that."

"Too bad!"

Why does Caylen give a crap about Kabu in the first place? Why is the player supposed to?

Also, we're in chapter seven now. God these names are lazy.

Keep in mind, all Armstrong Inc munitions are still programmed to explode upon sensing a nearby UN weapons inspector.

At least there's nobody around he can text his life story to.

It was obvious. Just for the wrong reasons.

Is Rook like one of those pandas that's startled by their own farts?

This isn't a big thing, but judging by his character art the supposedly super-important tablet that Rook never takes his eyes off of looks to be about the size of his hand.

Maxine being always right is actually a corporate slogan. Maxine's Always Right, Because You Can't Afford to be Wrong.

Why couldn't Klace just write 'broken in' or 'heavily damaged'? What purpose does putting on both have other than padding?

Believe it or not, there's actually a moment later on in the game that will make you guys reconsider having voted for Kila. That's right, Rook is even more unlikable than he already is.

I assume Rabies disappears or something when he goes to Terra, so wouldn't Max notice this? If Rabies is gone, what disincentive does she have to not blow the place sky-high?

Singe has ripped the wallpaper off the walls and is currently eating the glue underneath. He's going through some stuff.

Send Max a strongly-worded letter, that'll show her.

Oh right, I almost forgot Jade existed.

"The aftermath of tears". That's a sentence Klace typed and went 'Yup, no further action needed.'

I can't be the only one who sees Jade's expression stuck in a permanent -face.

Rook would still be around if we'd chose to spare Kila. Just not in a form(s) ready for conversation.

No, it's true, it's just your life kind of sucked.

Such as his robot tablet friend, and the very nice Best Buy employee that sold him said tablet.

Wouldn't her claws just sink into his flesh at this point?

Like uh


You know what Rook? What matters is that you have great taste in tattoos.

Can we really blame Rook that much for wanting to spend as little time interacting with the people in this furry hell as possible?

I really, really want to see Rook attempt to tackle Max or something only to get suplexed.

You could just jump out a window, Rook. Nobody's stopping you.

Do what? Raid the deviantart armor store? Too late for that!

Why did Nagi expect Velasquez to be unconscious? All he did in the previous scene was push him.

Only in my wildest dreams does the Ecto-1 crash through the wall and run them bother over.

Unless -- you plan to use their energy? Is that why you've been housing so many?


I've heard about your rule, Father. You lie to the world -- playing an immortal. I could kill you right now if I wanted to.

Then why haven't you...?

I want you to watch this world crumble. I want to see your hope wither away. It's -your- turn to be used as a pawn.

This isn't the time for vengeance, Nagi! Please -- just listen to me. I know that you have reason within you!

I like how Nami, the female character of the duo, is just a complete nonissue in this cutscene because 1.) Klace is lazy and 2.) he could never figure out how to have more than two characters onscreen at once.

You know how many worlds are out there. Each living a solitary existence. What if we could all be united...?

You mean the Exodus Project? I've heard of your failure, Father. Why would this time be any different?

Failure? I'm not so sure about that. Nobody knew my true intent. I assure you -- the project succeeded.


Yes -- and now it's time for me to reap. I've waited so long for this day, Nagi. The galaxy can finally unite as one entity.

This probably wasn't Klace's intention, but Nagi has a point. Velasquez would be throwing the trash of the galaxy to the stellar winds.

Come to beautiful Terra! Some of our beaches are still technically safe to be near!

But at the same time -- you have power. Is that what you've been doing, Father? Collecting souls from Earth for harvest?

That's twisted -- even for you. I can feel the energy growing within Terra.

Means to an end, Nagi. Our thinking isn't so different, after all.

Their final act would be our salvation. A grand way to go -- I'd say.

I'm not sure how I feel about that. I would use this power for other means.

What are they babbling about?


So it's a race, then? To see who can unleash this power first? I have to say -- I'm glad it's come to this.

Rabies McFutts, the last and best hope for Terra.

Terra's fucked.