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Part 31: Armageddon (Part 2) and Good Ending

Our story began in fire, and now it ends in blood…

Video- “The Death Temple Intro”

Watch the Scene

I’ve been waiting for you, my love. I’m sure our blood-soaked wedding will be absolutely perfect.
There has to be some way to stop all this!
No, and we don’t have much time. Please… Make my final wish come true.
Soon, the curse will end your life. Let’s die here, and stay together for all eternity…
I’ll never choose death!
Then… You’ll just have to kill me.
This is the only way… Zetta, my love…

Video- “The Death Temple”

Watch the Battle

Our final map is The Death Temple, and it’s potentially a real drag. It’s a lot like the second battle with Raiden in a lot of ways. The enemies are a mix of demons with Morningstars, Liches with daggers, Clerics with spears, a Magician with a book, and Salome herself. Let’s take a look at the now much weaker Salome.

Salome’s only level 85 now, and if you’ve not been putting as much effort as I have into being brutal her stats are probably still pretty scary. I strongly suggest that you don’t use the ‘strategy’ I use in the video, which is to brute force through everything so you can listen to the music. Throwing a facility upfield and comboing her down on turn one is the proper way to do this map. You might notice I use an exciting new facility, the Castle. This building provides a significant boost to the offense of those who have been in it, and it’s a really key late game to postgame facility because of this. If you’re needing Mana for such a building, the Super Fortress in 3-4 is a great way to farm it. I’d like to say there’s a lot to this map but honestly there isn’t. If you’re crazy strong you can just beat everything up, if you’re not you can toss a facility down and try to one-round her, and if you can’t do that then you really need to level up. It’s that simple.

Salome was mortally wounded.

Video- “The Death Temple Outro”

Watch the Tragedy Unfold

Heh…Don’t worry… This is exactly what I wanted.
When I found out I was dying, it frightened me.
It wasn’t death that I feared… I was afraid that I would die without telling you…
…I wanted to die in the arms of my beloved. My wish was to die in your embrace…
All this time, you just wanted me to kill you!?
Yes, that was my wish…

To wish to die… It’s not a wish I’ve ever seen.

I know it sounds crazy… But, I can’t pretend I didn’t want that.
That’s just how much… …I love you.
Tell me, Zetta… Do you love me?
Heh… I knew… you wouldn’t answer me.
That’s my Lord Zetta… The invincible Overlord that I… loved.
Zetta, I see it… I can see your body…manly and strong, just like always…
Fight the curse, my love. Please… Live on, for me…

And so Salome gave Zetta one last gift.

I love you, Zetta. I always will…
This is the last thing that I can do for you…

She gave him the power it would take to withstand The One’s curse…

What’s going on…? I can feel so much Mana power…
This is the same feeling as when I became the strongest Overlord!

Zetta was actually seriously unhappy about things is what really interested me.

Video- “Good Ending”

Watch the Good Ending!

It’s not true!

Pram was quite worried by the whole thing, especially since it was all her fault.

Tell me, Pram.
What the hell should I do now!?
(Is this really Lord Zetta?)
(The same Lord Zetta who could have ruled the entire cosmos?)
(Has he really become so helpless?)
(How did my precious plaything become this weak?)
(This is my fault, isn’t it…? It’s because I rewrote the Sacred Tome.)
(…I didn’t know this would happen! This isn’t what I wanted. What can I do?)

And if Pram was surprised at how much Zetta was relying on her…

Tell me what to do, Pram. …Please.
That depends, do you wanna remove the curse, or do you wanna restore your body?

…she was truly shocked at what he wanted her help with.

Please, Pram! You have to help me… I have to bring Salome back!
There’s something I need to ask her!
(What are you talking about, Zetta!? You’re going to die in two days, and you’re worried about Salome!?)
……Ugh, you love her.
Hell no! What are you talking about!? You’re an Overlord, for badness sake! Stop talking like a human.
I just have to ask her something! Something…really important!
(I want to help him…)
(Ugh. But, I don’t know how. I have no idea how to bring people back to life!)
(The only reason I could foresee the future is because I read ahead in the Sacred Tome…)
(No, this isn’t like me.)
(I’m Pram, super genius Overlord. I can solve any problem there is, dammit!)

No matter how much she’d disagree with such a statement, Pram is actually not such a bad person.

You mean I just write my wish down in it?
…Salome is an Overlord. What kind of sacrifice is necessary to revive an Overlord-class being?
This is going to be costly…
…I’ll do it.
Well who else is going to, huh!? Don’t tell me what to do! You don’t have any right…
I’m Pram the freakin’ Oracle! …There’s nothing I can’t do.

Pram made the wish…

But to revive an Overlord is costly beyond reckoning.

Then again, failure isn’t in Pram’s vocabulary.

(I, I, I’m Pram! I’m an Overlord! Nothing is impossible for me!)
(I took the Netherworld from my father when I was only two! I. Can. Do. This!!)
How dare the cosmos imply that my Mana power isn’t strong enough!

The gate of the dead opened…
Phew, it’s working…

Unfortunately, this had drawn some… negative attention.

Go to hell!

(Zetta… I’m sorry…)

And Seedle wasn’t finished yet.

I have something to ask Salome, and you’re not getting in my way!
Ha ha ha… So, you grew in power when Salome died, did you?
What the--!? How did you know that!?
Ha! You didn’t figure it out? Hm hm hm… She was quite a woman.
If she had been mine, none of this would have happened.
Shut up!
On the contrary, I think you need to hear the truth.

No, only his grudge motivated him now.

…A little bit each day, since the first day she left.
What the--!?
Touching, isn’t it? …That this woman loved you enough to make you the strongest Overlord.
Pathetic! When she realized it was making her ill, it was too late. She’s dying because of you, Zetta.
Salome loved a man who was too caught up in his own power to realize she was dying! What a tragic ending…
Y-You’re full of crap, Seedle.
Was it worth it, Zetta!? Was all that power worth it?
The only reason you’re the strongest Overlord is because you’ve been stealing Salome’s power!

Seedle wouldn’t get to finish his rant, though, because his earlier pursuer was still on his tail.

Don’t just float there, you idiot. You have stuff to do!
Finish him off!
Fine, I’ll do it—but you’re next after I send this jerk packing.
Insolent child! You dare interrupt me again?
I thought I told you…
YOU’RE the one interrupting MY fight with Zetta!
Heeeeeere I Cooooome!!
Take this! Vanishing bolt!!!

Despite his talk, Seedle was no match for the God of Destruction.

And once again, Zetta was alone. Well, almost.

Salome… …That woman…
I’ll never forgive her! She didn’t even ask my permission…
Once I bring Salome back to life, she’ll be getting a stern talking to!
…But, how? I can’t write a wish in the Tome while I still AM the Tome…
If I had my body back, this’d be a hell of a lot simpler.
So, is this how it ends?
I’m just a stupid book that used to be a fake Overlord that a dead human woman created…

Anyway, I decided I’d had about enough of just watching this.

I thought I’d be free, but I’m still stuck here…
Well, time to change back. You’ve done well, Lord Zetta.
Eh? What are you talking about?
I’m the spirit of the Sacred Tome. I was in there before you Confined yourself to the book.
When your soul entered the Sacred Tome, my soul was pushed out.
So… You’re the Sacred Tome, basically?
That means you knew everything that was going to happen to me… but you didn’t warn me about it!?

Though it was fun, I actually had started to feel bad for him.

…Glad you were entertained. Do you really expect me to forgive you for all this!?
Thank you for giving me freedom.
It didn’t last very long, but I did have a lot of fun.
At least one of us did!
To be honest, I didn’t really like you. All you cared about was your position as the Strongest Overlord.
I wanted to see what would happen if you lost it all…
…Little bitch.
But, I think you’ve changed. I actually kind of like you, now.
Who cares?
Please consider this my apology…
Zetta, I’m going to return my soul to the Sacred Tome.
Now, close your eyes…


And that’s how Lord Zetta got his body back.

Now, Zetta… Record your wish.
Hmhm, there’s no need to be embarrassed; I, I already know what you’re going to write. Haha.
Oh, right… You still know everything, huh?
Of course. Hmhm. I am the Sacred Tome.

And with his body back, there was just one thing for Zetta to do.

Video- “Credits”

Featuring Royal Road

Pram gave up on reading, and now has a successful television show.

Alexander’s exploits have become legend in the field of destroying things.

Seedle returned to the Underworld to lick his wounds and plot his revenge…

A dramatization of his story has become a best seller on

King Drake and Corn have teamed up to grow their own Netherworld.

Dark Lord Valvoga is still working tirelessly to spread evil in his role as ‘Last Boss’.

Nobody’s seen Overlord Babylon for a while.

Salome returned to life, just as Zetta had wished…

And as for Zetta…

Video- “Epilogue”

Watch the End

Five days later he was just fine. What were you expecting? I mean I planted that Corn.

…How can I still be alive?
The One’s curse should have taken effect, by now.
Yeah—Hehe, it’s been five whole days! I came here to see your dead body.
I’m happy that you’re here, of course, but something isn’t right…
Hmmm… Do you think That One was a fake?
A fake!?