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Original Thread: Reading is FUNdamental! [Makai Kingdom]



Reading is FUNdamental! [Makai Kingdom]

What is Makai Kingdom?
Makai Kingdom (aka Phantom Kingdom) is the fourth of Nippon Ichi Software’s PS2 strategy rpg series. It directly followed Phantom Brave and works sort of like a combination of that game and the original Disgaea. The really interesting thing about it is that it wasn’t originally intended to even exist.

Wait, what?
So, as I understand it, the original game that was to follow Phantom Brave was called Makai Wars, the game which was to start the now perennial bonus character Asagi. Due to technical limitations on the PS2 they ended up scrapping Makai Wars, forcing them to sort of scrape a game together hastily. What’s more, their normal composer Tenpei Sato was busy working on a little game known as Disgaea 2 by this point. So what they did was hire a bunch of awesome dudes to compose some music, came up with some awesome characters, and just sort of slapped something together whose real biggest flaw is that I wish it was longer.


Overlord Zetta:
The strongest Overlord in the cosmos. Voiced by Crispin Freeman.

A mysterious warrior who attacked Zetta in the Forbidden Library.

Overlord Pram, the Oracle:
An Overlord known for her ability to see the future. Voiced by Kim Mae Guest. Theme: JOKER.

A strange person who appeared in Zetta’s space. She disappeared shortly after without introducing herself. Voiced by Brianne Siddall.

The Star Overlord, Valvoga
Valvoga is a mighty Overlord who is the final boss in many worlds. He’s made up of three distinct parts. Theme: The Devil's Descent.

Micky is the head of Valvoga, who ostensibly makes most of the decisions. Voiced by Derek Stephen Prince.

Ophelia, the Fallen Angel, is just a face sticking out of Valvoga’s midsection. Voiced by Wendee Lee.

The gigantic dragon skull that makes up Valvoga’s lower portions is named Dryzen.

Dragon Overlord Babylon:
The oldest Overlord, he was once the strongest in the cosmos. Theme: Big Guest.

Alexander, God of Destruction:
An Overlord who considers Zetta his rival. Voiced by Grant George. Theme: Alexander the God of Destruction.

Demon Overlord Seedle:
An Overlord who rules the Underworld. Was formerly a samurai. Voiced by Bob Papenbrook. Theme: Madness of the Moment.

King Drake the Third:

A leonine Overlord who showed up despite not being invited. Voiced by Jamieson Price. Theme: The Royal Duke of Darkness King Drake the Third.

Salome the Traitor:

Lord Zetta's former apprentice. While she was a human long ago, she is now an Overlord. Despite having left Zetta before he became the Strongest Overlord, she clearly still has feelings for him. Voiced by Mary Elizabeth McGlynn. Theme: Cold rain.

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TurnipFritter knows the terrible truth of where Lord Zetta's body has gone.

Polsy understands the true power of the Zetta Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeam!

Zetta Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeam
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