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Part 5: Arch Rivals (Part 2)

”When dealing with those who claim to see the future, one must always consider how the prophecy will profit the prophet.” Overlord Rhubarb. Ironically, the next day he was defeated by a hero as foretold in an ancient legend.

The real question is how did Alex get here so quickly?

Video- “Bablyon’s Castle Ruins Intro”

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Something’s not right… This netherworld is brand new, but he was there waiting for Zetta.
Hmmmm… It is curious, indeed.
It’s not possible unless he can see the future somehow.
You’re the only one here with that power! Grah ha ha ha ha!
Uh, what are you implying!?
Wha--? Hey! Why are you looking at me!?
THEY said it! It was Ophelia and Dryzen!
We three are one. Our sin is Micky’s as well.
You’ll burn along with us, Micky! BWA ha ha ha ha ha!
Well, you kids have fun. It’s time for this old man to go.
No! Pram! Stoooop! You’re making a mistake… I don’t wanna die!

Sometimes you just need to explode someone.

Oh well, nevermind… I should concentrate on these guys.
Disperse, loyal battle monkeys! Do my bidding and bust a cap!

Video- “Bablyon’s Castle Ruins”

Watch us Bust Caps

Babylon’s Castle Ruins presents you with an interesting choice. There are four catsabers, two of which have Keys. These Keys will each open up one of the side branches, which in turn each have a Key in them to open up a further branch on that side. What you have to decide, then, is when to actually open things up. If you’re not careful, you can easily end up overwhelming yourself. I get lucky here, because I got a special zone for one of them:

This splash image indicates you’ve gotten ‘Then, everyone was gone’, which is a zone with only topiary. If you’re not so lucky on your first kill, just assess what appeared and work from that. You definitely want to kill the catsabers that aren’t Key as quickly as you can, you can’t afford to let them run around killing your casters.

Video- “Sleeping Babylon”

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Nothing really special to watch out for on this map, just keep in mind that you can end up against some reasonably powerful enemies at the end. If you don’t have any bonus items you want badly, just End Action and be done with it.

Video- “Babylon’s Husk”

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This is a cool little map, there are four monsters here that are each Key to an area off to the side. They won’t move or attack until they’re attacked, so you can open the sides up at your leisure. Take it one at a time and prepare to hit each one hard as it opens because you can end up with some nasty zones. I see another type of special zone here, called ‘Taking a Break’:

This gives the whole map the Amnesia status, which prevents you doing anything but basic attacks. You’ll see things like this sometimes, they can be really helpful or really awful depending on the timing.

Video- “The Aged Babylon”

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This map at first seems like it’s going to be pretty standard, just a bunch of catsabers with a Key. I got somewhat unlucky, though, because I got ‘A thief appears’ for the second zone.

If there are enemy Thieves with UFOs make sure you pick your stolen equipment back up so you don’t risk losing it for good. Once we open the last area up, we also see a new mechanic that’ll come up again later:

This enemy magician has an Invite timer. Every enemy turn it’ll tick down one, and when it runs out the enemy will Invite something in. In this case a raider hut with a strange little monster appears. It’s pretty hard to stop this one, and I think it’s supposed to be a demo of it so you’ll know what’s going on when you need to stop it.

Video- “Fallen Babylon”

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Fallen Babylon is really an introduction to a new type of character we’re going to get after the map. We start out against some enemy catsabers, and once we destroy the Key a bridging zone with no points at all in it opens up. That’s because 900 of the map’s points are in the last area, ‘Soldiers!’

This brings out three level seven enemies, an Infantry (M), Infantry (F), and Medic. They all have rifles so you need to watch out for their ranged attacks. It’s best to let them come towards you rather than advance into their guns, because you can take advantage of the substantial range of magical attacks to pound them down quickly and brutally. Throwing people into range is also a good idea, since it lets you extend your range substantially. We’ll be able to create these new classes next chapter, so I’ll talk about them and why guns are crazy awesome then.

Video- “Fallen Babylon Outro”

Quick Little Scene

Now that he knows my weakpoint, it won’t be long until he sends an assassin…
I need to hurry up and get my body back.