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Part 6: Chapter 3 Lead In

”Assassination and the Netherworld are so closely intertwined that it’s hard to discuss the history of one without the other. This isn’t surprising, given that it’s the most obvious path to advancement there.” – Villaindotus, Nether Historian (assassinated)

Video- “Chapter 3 Intro”

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So some weird girl lit Zetta on fire earlier.


Fortunately for him he managed to flail around like an idiot until it went out.

Oh poo, the fire’s out, ohhh.
Who the hell--!?
What is going on out here?
That girl… She set me on fire!
What!? …She did?
Did you really light Zetta on fire?
Geez, you’re an honest one, aren’t you?
Who the hell is she? One of Alex’s assassins!?

That was when another ‘guest’ took the opportunity to reveal himself.

Which means almost everyone I invited to this little ‘party’ is here.

You rarely leave the Underworld… What’s the occasion?
Pram the Oracle said you were in trouble. I just came to see for myself…and maybe have a little fun. Ha ha ha…

He was a kind, brave samurai until he got lost in the Underworld, where he kicked enough ass to become head-honcho.
…I wonder what he’s really after.

I think Zetta really is becoming paranoid.

My spies? Ha! Not her, no way. All of my spies are still in the Underworld.
Except, of course, for the ones I placed in your ranks.
Well Zetta, you certainly are high-strung if you thought this little girl walking around in the open was an assassin…
Shut up…
You, little girl! Who are you, anyway? …Did you come here to kill me?

Still, it’s weird that this girl is here. I mean this is a space for Overlords.

I know that! She’s a strange looking girl.
No, no… She shouldn’t be able to exist here if she’s just an ordinary girl.
Well… Yeah… I was wondering that, too.
But, do you think she knows where she is, or what she’s in the middle of?
Um… She looks pretty dense, so…no.
Hey! What’s your name?

And it’s equally weird that Zetta cares who the hell she is.

(I used to be able to eliminate dumb girls like this without a second thought…)
(Damn, I’m going soft…)
(She made an attempt at my life! …Why don’t I want to kill her?)
(It’s like something inside of me won’t let me kill her.)
(…Who the hell writes this crap!? Just because I lost my body doesn’t mean I have to lose my mind!)
Excuse me, what’s the deal, Zetta? Books shouldn’t have long internal monologues.
What…? No, nevermind.
So, what about this chick? Should we kill her now, or find a deliciously evil way to torture her first?

It’s even more weird that he decided to be a stick in the mud.

---------------!? What the hell!? Zetta, are you out of your freakin mind?
Shut up, just leave her alone. I, Overlord Zetta, decree that nobody is allowed to harm that girl.
Heh…Whatever. (What’s HIS problem…)
Ha ha ha… You’re the genius oracle, right? So, tell me… What’s Zetta thinking?

Still, her being here is a bad sign. I’ll have to look into it…

Overlord Feinne on Makai Kingdom
Once again we have a choice. We have of course the three Overlords we can already pick from:

And now we have Demon Overlord Seedle:

Seedle’s extensions will be about as populous as Micky’s but contain different types of enemies. It’s hard to say which is worse, probably about equal in the end. As with last time, vote for which Overlord you want to have create Zetta a new Netherworld, voting closes Tuesday night when I start grinding for chapter 3.