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Part 35: Vehicles Summary

Overlord Feinne Special Report: Tanks for the Memories
I haven’t used vehicles much, but in the name of providing some content I’ll go over all of the vehicles here, and what they’d be good for.

Gear Metal LEX:
Mobility: Average
Range: Long
Strengths: Resilience
Weaknesses: Limited SP
Special Notes: Anti-Vehicle
The very first vehicle type you get, Gear Metal LEX is a pretty standard tank. It’s reasonably fast, pretty tough, and has a solid inventory size. Its big problem is its relatively low SP total, remember that vehicles don’t get free attacks so once it’s tapped out of SP it’s just done. It has a massive range, take advantage of it if you’re using one.

Driller G:
Mobility: Average
Range: Short
Strengths: Strong Attack
Weaknesses: Attacks are single target
Special Notes: Anti-Facility, attacks lower Defense
Driller G is a pretty decent vehicle honestly. It’s got powerful attacks pretty solid defenses, and it’s great at cracking buildings open. Its biggest problem is a lack of range on its attacks, but given how fast vehicles are in general this doesn’t end up being a huge problem.

Dark Runner Z2:
Mobility: High
Range: Short
Strengths: Numerous Slots
Weaknesses: Relatively low stats
The Dark Runner is pretty much designed to take advantage of a thing I hardly ever use, the fact that you can place characters into vehicles that you then use as mobile troop transports. I just do this with thrown facilities but in random dungeon floors when sometimes you’re locked out of facility invites and have a limit to how many invites you can make I could see this being helpful.

Sonic Blaster:
Mobility: Average
Range: Medium
Strengths: INT based attacks
Weaknesses: Low power
Special Notes: Can cause ailments with attacks
The Sonic Blaster is definitely an anti-personnel vehicle. It has relatively weak attacks that hit at a decent range, can sometimes cover a wide area, and can cause ailments. It can be quite good against targets the ATK based vehicles aren’t as effective against.

Yamasaki ZX1:
Mobility: High
Range: Short
Strengths: Very fast
Weaknesses: Few slots, somewhat weak stats
Special Notes: Causes the Gamble status
A weird little motorcycle, the Yamasaki is a bit strange. It’s very mobile but needs to be, since its attacks are relatively short range. It’s not got the greatest stats, so it needs some good parts in its relatively few slots to really do well. It does cause the Gamble status pretty frequently, though, which leaves a target vulnerable to instant death when hit. If you’re interested in such a last-resort tactic this vehicle is for you.

Warcry 01:
Mobility: Low
Range: Medium
Strengths: Magical wind attacks
Weaknesses: No non-elemental skills
An interesting vehicle, it focuses on wind based attacks. It’s great against things that are vulnerable to wind and of course useless if something resists it heavily. Very much a mixed bag, I’d say it’s questionable to rely on it.

Justice Gear:
Mobility: Low
Range: Medium
Strengths: Strong offense, area attacks
Weaknesses: Fragile
Special Notes: Anti-Vehicle
The Justice Gear is a pretty decent vehicle really. It’s good against vehicles, it has area attacks that make it good against personnel, and it’s got solid attacks. Its defenses are a bit lacking, though, so don’t let enemies get too close with anti-vehicle weapons.

Dark Gear XX:
Mobility: Low-Medium
Range: Medium
Strengths: Engaging personnel
Weaknesses: Inferior firepower
Special Notes: Reduces target ATK/INT
Dark Gear is a really interesting vehicle, it’s all about weakening enemies. That has its applications and of course a giant flying skull is always cool, but I’d always rather be killing a thing before it even gets to attack and use its offensive stat.

CX1 Hellpha:
Mobility: Low-Medium
Range: Low-Medium
Strengths: Attacks absorb health
Weaknesses: Inferior firepower
The CX1 Hellpha is a pretty cool little vehicle actually. It has attacks that allow it to absorb the health of targets, getting around the fact that it’s very difficult to heal vehicles. It doesn’t do that much damage but its ability to keep ticking definitely helps.

CX2 Hellta:
Mobility: Medium
Range: Medium
Strengths: Support abilities, area-effect attacking
Weaknesses: Few slots, relatively fragile
The Hellta is a really strange vehicle, it gets a pair of buff spells in addition to its attacks. It has pretty decent power on its best move so you could do some solid damage to enemies while also providing buff support, but you do need to worry quite a bit about the vulnerability of it. The Hellta just plain doesn’t have a lot of health nor does it have terribly strong defenses.

RX66 Helldam:
Mobility: Low-Medium
Range: Medium
Strengths: Strong stat growths
Weaknesses: Very low SP
Special Notes: Anti-Vehicle
The Helldam is a powerful mech with some very nice attacks that it unfortunately can’t use terribly often before it runs out of gas without a good fuel tank equipped. If you level one up a bit you might see some good use out of it, just make sure you’re ready to ditch it when it goes dry.

TX5 Hopster:
Mobility: Medium-High
Range: Medium
Strengths: Jumping
Weaknesses: Can be hard to use in Combos
Special Notes: Attacks cause knockbacks
The Hopster is another odd little vehicle. Its attacks almost all knock enemies around, which can be great if you’re trying to OB someone but not so great if you want a Combo. It’s not actually all that fast but it’s very mobile thanks to its amazing ability to cross vertical obstacles and engage targets above and below it. Its attacks are also pretty cheap though it doesn’t have the greatest stats.

FX7 Skydiver:
Mobility: Very High
Range: Medium
Strengths: Amazing engagement range, great skills
Weaknesses: Relatively low stats, few slots
Special Notes: Anti-Vehicle
The Skydiver is a jet, and it’s really quite awesome. It can move amazingly far, cross huge vertical obstacles, and engage both single and group targets effectively for relatively few SP. It doesn’t have the greatest stats and its few slots mean it is limited in what you can improve but overall it’s one of the few vehicles I’d really consider using.