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Part 2: Pages of Tragedy (Part 2)

”Adventure? Excitement? An Overlord craves not these things.” – Overlord Yodell

Overlord Feinne on Makai Kingdom: New Recruits and More
We’ve picked up six new characters in our first wave of recruitment.

Once we go talk to Zetta again, he’ll summon a Store. This Store actually offers a 10% discount relative to our Merchant, but has limited inventory. We don’t want to use this Store because buying from our Merchant gives her experience points which in turn opens up new items. We need to go get everyone a weapon now. Feinne gets a Rapier, a close combat weapon with a lot of flexibility. Prawn gets an Axe, a hard-hitting close weapon. Azzur gets Nunchuks, which are pretty solid and balanced. Tengames gets a UFO, a special weapon just for thieves that has stealing skills as well as some offense. The casters all get Books, which have a free INT based attack that’ll be very helpful. I buy a little light armor for Feinne as well, armor’s not that useful in this game but it doesn’t hurt.

Zetta took a while to settle in before we got started on this whole plan to restore the netherworld.

Video- “A New World”

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Micky instead.

Anyway it seems like we might want to get some more help for this soon, takes a lot of power to create a netherworld.

I see… Each wish has a price. I assume it depends on the size of your wish.
Something huge like rebuilding a netherworld would probably erase a basic demon.
Which means only an Overlord could create a netherworld.
How will you compensate us for the trouble we’ve gone through to help? Hmhmhmhm…
Money! Babes! Alcohol! Gwaaa ha ha ha ha!
Can’t you just calm down? Lord Zetta’s in trouble and we need to help him, okay?
Okay, Zetta… You can go to the new netherworld, now.
Yeah, thanks…
You’re not a bad guy, Micky. But, that’s why you’ll never be a great Overlord.

Zetta summoned one of those gate thingies and headed to his new world.

Thanks a lot, Micky. …Sucker! Hyaaha ha ha ha!

At first I was concerned this had been made way too easy on Zetta.

Video- “Meet Micky Intro”

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That was the perfect chance to have a little fun… Are you sure you’re the Dark Lord?
O-Of course I am…
Leave Micky alone, you bitch.
The only people who get to bully Micky are myself and—
Dryzen picks on Micky! Graah ha ha ha ha!
Ha, whatever… I’m sick of you guys, anyway.

But not all of him is a stick in the mud I guess.

Huh…? What’d you do?

What the hell kind of netherworld is this!? Nobody said anything about enemies!

Text: p.s. Please enjoy the thrills and adventure. –Micky
Thrills and adventure!? I don’t have time for that crap! …Micky, you bastard!
Well, if I gotta take this world by force, then so be it… It’s ass-kicking time.
Listen up, you punks! The name’s Zetta, and I’m gonna Overlord your faces off!

Video- “Meet Micky”

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Overlord Feinne on Makai Kingdom: Battle Basics
This battle introduces some of the basics of actual Makai Kingdom maps. Lord Zetta is always the only character we have out to start with. He’s still level 2000 but as a book, he’s not able to move on his own or attack. What he can do, though, is Invite our other characters to the battle within a certain radius of him. Let’s look at a screen that has some of the important information we need to talk about on it.

Okay, so in the upper right-hand corner you see a POP number. This tells us how many characters we have out and how many we can have in total. If a character is defeated, the maximum POP will decrease and if it reaches zero we lose. Below that, there is a Score counter. That’s one of the big differences of this game. Everything in the world, both enemies and items, is worth points. By defeating enemies and destroying or picking up items we can score these points, and once we’ve got enough we can win the map no matter what the situation is. The Area Info in the upper left tells us how many points are in an area, but that’s somewhat deceptive because killing an enemy with a Combo will amplify their point value. Getting more than the basic number of points gets us more rewards after the battle, so it’s always a good thing.

This map is very straightforward, there are three melee enemies and we have crazy things like casters and a healer that they do not. For winning it, we get a Hospital building.

We can heal characters at the Hospital, but we should use our Healer because it gets her experience. I was originally going to break the update here, but what the hell let’s keep going. We see a bit more of how this all works in the second map of the chapter, Micky’s Celebration.

Video- “Micky’s Celebration”

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So, as you’d expect for one of these games we can lift and throw things. I suppose that means we should talk about how items work in general. Until we’ve attacked we can freely mess around with a character’s inventory, swapping stuff between their hands and their other slots. This is important because we can’t lift anything without free hands (or lift someone with something in their hands). You can take any item from the ground and add it directly to an open slot in a character’s inventory, fortunately. This is how we get new items from a map in this game. It should also be noted that we can lift and throw Zetta around, which does let us invite to exciting new areas. If we throw something off the map, normally it will go O.B. and be destroyed. However…

If you see something like this off the map, that means there is an Extension. There are two ways to open up an Extension, either you throw an item into it or use the Key. Keys can be either enemies or items, and we use them by DESTROYING THEM (or stealing them with a Thief, I suppose). Keys look like this:

This is basically the same map as last time, except that we get three new unarmed pumpkin-men from the other map. They’re just as pathetic as the enemies on the first map. Make sure you pick up some topiary, though, so you can create new characters.

Micky’s getting all worried about how mad Zetta’s going to be.

Video- “Micky’s Celebration Outro”

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Where there is good, there is also bad, correct? It’s important to have balance.
Ohhh no…! How could you, Ophelia?
Now Zetta will be angry… How dare you do this to me!
So let him be angry, geez. You’re the Dark Lord, aren’t you? …Grow a pair…
You’re practically shaking at the through of Lord Zetta!
Shut up! You’re a newbie Overlord, anyway.
Ha! Is that all you’ve got? I’m supposed to submit to you just because you’re older?
Mana power is all that matters. I can show you, if you want…
A-Alright, Pram… Forget it. You’re more powerful than I am.
Hmph… Glad to hear it. Tee hee.

Video- “Micky’s Anthem”

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Micky’s Anthem is a single weak enemy worth 300 points and that’s all I’ll say about it.

Video- “Micky’s Blessing”

Watch the Rather Long Battle

The final map of this chapter has two extensions, the last of which introduces another feature of Makai Kingdom, buildings on the battlefield. For now let’s just note that buildings can be on the battlefield that provide benefits to characters that were in them. We’ll see how we can make use of buildings later on.

Everything’s going pretty well so far.

Video- “Micky’s Blessing Outro”

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To be honest, I was worried. Power or not, I can’t fight in this form. …But that’s all worked out, now.
I’ll just have you fight my battles for me! Hyaaha ha ha ha!
Hm, even in that pathetic state, he still acts like an Overlord. I knew I could count on him…
But, there isn’t time to relax. I can no longer read the Netherworld’s future… Tee hee…