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Part 29: Final Chapter Roster Update

Overlord Feinne on Makai Kingdom

Let’s start by going over our roster as of the start of Chapter 9. I did a lot of work, and I’ll talk about individual work on a character-by-character basis.

Here’s our main character’s newest and most brutal incarnation, Feinne mk4. She’s a Samurai Legend now, so she will get ATK+8 when she gets high enough level. We’ll see soon that I’ve always been a bit inefficient when it comes to leveling up my main character here. For any physical character, you sort of need to level up one of Swords or Spears enough to get some good area attacks for grinding purposes. Spears actually do have good enough single target attack capability that you could even stick with them but I really hate Swords and wouldn’t suggest using them in any fight where you don’t need the AoE effects. We’ll be getting a Sword for the mk4 once we start the postgame to push her into the levels we need to unlock the maps.

Dragonatrix is pretty damn terrifying here. I’ve got her with a top-shelf book and now she’s got Omega magic. Omega spells are fantastically devastating to a huge area. I’ll probably change her to one of the two top-tier versions of her class during the post-game.

Senrath is quite strong but showing the ‘age’ of the base Archer class. She’ll be a lot more powerful if I change her to a fifth tier Archer or Officer, and I’ll do one of those two things probably during the post-game. Keeping her an Archer lets us keep one of our item slots which is good, but there are reasons to be an Officer I’ll discuss below.

Erhard isn’t as awesome as Dragonatrix because she’s lower tier and is using a Magnet (I just plain don’t have a great Magnet yet) but she’s still a witch and witches still rock. I do need to reincarnate her for sure, it would help her a LOT. I can’t afford to give up a strong character until the post-game, though.

Prawn is sort of suffering from a combination of Erhard and Senrath’s problems. He’s not armed with a great weapon (mainly because of cash-flow issues I solve in the post-game) and he’s just not a great class. When opportunities arise in the post-game he should probably become a Ronin(M) or even a Berserker. It’s just not a thing that I can do quite yet.

For a Professor Infel is actually pretty damn useful. She needs a reincarnate too but since Professors have an actual purpose around the base I’m sort of loathe to lose her level. It definitely needs to happen, though, because it would improve her TEC so very much.

Ayana’s been my main healer for a while. I should probably reincarnate her (it, whatever) as well, again it won’t happen until the post-game.

If you’re wondering where K.D. went, she got a promotion to Officer. I really like Officers even though they don’t have a lot of item slots because they’re very quick and great at shooting things. You can see here how much better her TEC is than Senrath’s even at a lower level. When I get her up into the top tiers of Officer she’ll be a real powerhouse.

Azzur is mysteriously high level compared to what we saw last. That’s going to be a thing you’ll notice and I’ll lay out the thing I remembered after we’re done the roster.

Servant is still our healer around camp and she’s a good backup and Braveheart caster for the postgame.

Azure needs some work, he could be a lot better. Once I get some stronger versions of his class it might be worthwhile to switch him up a bit.

My Thief Tengames is by far the most used character that I don’t use, especially going into the post-game. That’s because he’s great at moving, throwing, and picking things up. We’ll see a LOT of him later on, especially if I get saucy and try to steal things in random dungeons.

Misty’s another Braveheart caster and you can’t ever discount how awesome that is.

We’re sort of in redshirt territory here but when we start getting to random dungeons you need them too, frankly.

I made a Makai Chef. So, Makai Chefs are really important in the post-game for reasons I’ll go over when we get there, suffice it to say you MUST make one if you’re going to be serious about finishing the post-game in any reasonable amount of time.

So I mentioned earlier there was a trick to those levels on the random people earlier. Well, I forgot something that I should have been using all along. See, characters in buildings that are invited get the bonus experience from the meter as though they were actually out on the field. So, once we get to maps with good Experience bonuses we can get characters up to pretty substantial levels this way. That’s pretty much the whole trick, it’s really that easy. The final chapter is pretty harsh level wise so it’s good to prepare a bit, enemy levels get up into the seventies and maps have all kinds of crazy crap on them.