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Part 28: Final Chapter Intro

”Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. Well, I guess that’s technically not true, there are women in hell and I’d assume if you scorned them they’d have fury like them. Maybe even worse fury. Shit, can I start over?” – proverb

I’m sorry, but Pram just wasn’t telling the story right. So focused on herself, what a jerk. So I’m taking this over. Zetta didn’t take Salome’s proposal well at all, hmhm.

Video- “Final Chapter Intro”

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Ridiculous! She’s just a human!
She’s no longer my apprentice or an Overlord… She must die in obscurity as a worthless human being.
I need to forget about her… Come on, Zetta—focus! Gotta stop this curse!
I’ve got my netherworld back, so everything should be back to normal pretty soon.
Then I can get to work on that stupid curse. Haaha ha ha ha!

Anyway he was also figuring out two very important things. The first was that Pram is a huge liar and fixing his Netherworld didn’t mean he got his body back. The second was that everyone was gone. Well everyone else, not like I had anywhere to go.

I’m supposed to have my normal body back now!
Hey, Pram! Where the hell are you!?
What’s going on? You have a lot of ‘splainin to do!
…There’s no sign of her. Where the hell could she be?
Hey, you. Where’d everyone go? Where’s Pram?

I could have been more helpful here probably but it’s not like I have any reason to help Zetta, he’s a terrible person.

What about the old dragon?
Uuuu, let’s see… His arthritis started acting up, so, hmm, he went home too.
…And Dark Lord Valvoga?
Ah, Darklord? Oh, let’s see. He got a job somewhere as the “final boss.”
Seedle, then.
Hmmm…I don’t know. I haven’t seen him around.
So you’re the only one left?
This is a conspiracy, right? There’s no way everyone just left at once.

Oh and that’s when the explanation for all those earthquakes arrived.

I mean they only started after she arrived.

Did… Did you make everyone leave?
Of course. I didn’t want anyone to interfere with our wedding.
What are you talking about?
Aren’t you happy, Zetta? I wanted everything to be perfect for the ceremony.

Oh and that was the part where she crashed her Netherworld into his like a bad human movie.

My netherworld…! Did you just crash your netherworld into mine!?
Do you like it? That’s where we’re getting married.
…We’re destined to die there, together.
What the hell are you saying!?
We will both die soon. But, it’s so tragic to die alone.
My love… Won’t you die with me?
That… That’s your wish?
Yes. Could you help my wish come true?
Sorry, but I don’t plan on dying any time soon. I’ll overcome that blasted curse.
Would you deny me my final wish…?

That only left her one way to ensure Zetta would be exactly where she needed him when she needed him to be there…

What the--!?
I’m waiting, Zetta… …My love.