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Part 40: Extra Stagestravaganza 2! (Asagi, Uber Prinny Baal, Salome, Drake, Alex)

Overlord Feinne on Makai Kingdom:
This is slightly out of sequence because I actually tried Prinny Baal once before I did this but let’s look at what for a lot of people would be the very last wish they made in the game.

It’s time for a summer’s greetings, guys.

Video- “Summer’s Greetings”

Wish You Were Here!

Hey, what’s this? …Uh oh, this is a really dirty book.
Who’s a dirty book!? Do you think I CHOSE this?
Whaaaaat? A talking book!?
How could a talking book freak her out? …The next game’s not another serious drama, is it?
No way in hell I’ll accept that! If people wanted drama, they would have bought Phantom Brave!
Are you talking to yourself?
…If I stop her here, then the next game’ll never be developed!
Hyaaha ha ha ha! I’ll be the main character forever!

Well, this is the easiest extra stage in the whole game. Let’s take a look at what we’re up against.

Yeah, Asagi is only level 50 and while she’s a pretty tough level 50 that doesn’t mean she’s a threat at all. Also you know you loved the Disgaea 2 sprites that were the actual preview of the next game.

System Message: …Expect a delay for the next game?
Hm… That can’t be right. I don’t think they’d put a little girl in charge of the next game.
Who are you!? What do you want!? I don’t understand any of this!
Hmph… You’re far too young! Why don’t you become my apprentice so I can train you.
I don’t get it.
Once I decide you’re ready, I’ll give you permission to star in a game of your own.
System Message: Zetta forced the next main character to become his apprentice.
Hyaaha ha ha ha! Now I can practically design the next game, myself!

Let’s talk about Asagi.

Weapon Skills: Rifle, Remote, Bomb, Wrench
Magic: None
Stat Boosts: HP+8!, SP+8!, DEF+8!, RES+8!, TEC+8!, MOVE+10
Mobility: Medium
Slots: 5
Unique Skill: Holy Arrows (TEC)- Relatively weak for a unique skill, but it does hit a massive area and is pretty cheap.
Asagi is a really awesome character honestly. She’s a lot like Castile in that her overall stats aren’t quite as high as the Overlords, but just like Castile she makes up for it by having incredible TEC. Not only does she have the same TEC growth as Castile, she gets a massive 180% TEC aptitude. She gets large boosts to every stat that could possibly matter for her roles, and she’s just plain awesome frankly. If you can get to 1000 to wish for this before you’re done with the game then you should mess around with using her because she becomes crazy strong very quickly.

Now let’s get it over with.

Video- “Who’s The Strongest? Intro”

See the Coming of Baal

Where are you, Baal? Show yourself! Come on out!

RU, RU, RU, RUN!!!
Y-Yoshitsuna is here…!!!

What the hell is that?

I can tell by the aura… I know it’s you, Baal.
So, you came back for more, huh? What gives? Why me?
Nevermind… I’ll end this, once and for all!
Once I defeat you, the whole cosmos will know that Lord Zetta rules!
Get ready… Here I come…!!!

Video- “Well Gosh”

Watch Me Straight Lose

There he is. The strongest penguin in the cosmos. And now let’s see his mighty chariot.

You only need to be able to kill the Yoshitsuna to win the map, though if you can you probably can also kill Prinny Baal. If you’ve watched this first video, you might have noticed that he kills me. Oops.

Video- “Prinny Baal Game Over”

Poor Zetta

I’m Lord Zetta! I’m bad-ass!
How could a cute little penguin guy beat me?
Graaaaaaaargh…! No way!!

Once he took over the cosmos, Prinnies ruled each world.
Even now, 100 billion years later, Prinnies are still in control.

Video- “Who’s The Strongest?”

It’s Zetta Chumps

Anyway now I’ll talk about how we win. You need some serious stats and ideally anti-vehicle weapons to kill the Yoshitsuna. Beam Sabers are great for this, since Zetta, Valvoga, and Laharl can use them. As I show here, though, you don’t really need it. I beat him with 65k ATK on my main character, 20k on Zetta, and in the tens on Asagi. Again if you watched the video, though, you’ll note that doesn’t kill him in one turn. As long as your main attacker is alive you’ve got a chance to beat the big guy, so don’t give up. As soon as Yoshitsuna goes down you are good to End Action, but I felt saucy and cleared the map.

Video- “Who’s The Strongest Outro”

Zetta’s Not A Good Winner

Hyaaha ha ha ha! Who’s the best…? Lord “I’m the Best” Zetta, that’s who!
System Message: Zetta got Super Battleship Yoshitsuna.
Now, I’m finally the undisputed baddest-ass freakin’ Overlord in the whole damn Cosmos!
Know your role, universe! I OWN you!!
Hyaaaaha ha ha ha ha!!!

For winning this we get the Yoshitsuna, it’s amazing if you feel like leveling it up. Expect its attacks to lay waste to anything they hit pretty much. Let’s move on, because we’ve still got three of these to go.

Video- “Battle with Salome Intro”

Time Travel Again

But, there can only be one bad-ass Overlord, and that has to be me.

You don’t recognize my voice?
Zetta…? What happened to you?
I was curious how strong you really were. …Y’know how people say you could be stronger than I am?
Well, I came here from ~the future~ to see for myself. Show me what you’ve got!
Oh… I was hoping this was a booty call.
…But, I guess that won’t happen. I shouldn’t get my hopes up.
What are you talking about? Don’t you want to fight?
You’re from the future…? Then, I suppose you really haven’t changed a bit.
You always did seek out power without considering my feelings…
After everything I’ve done for you, you’re still the same arrogant man you always were.
…Look, I didn’t come here for this.
Perhaps I do need to defeat you, after all.
Damn, you’re strong!
So… You’ve been hiding your true power from everyone!
How dare you! So, you think you’re better than your old master, do you!?
Forget about the master/apprentice relationship! We’re settling this right here, right now!

Video- “Battle With Salome”

Booty Call

So let’s fight Salome.

Salome’s got better equipment but is lower level than Babylon was. She’s pretty vulnerable to physical attacks, but elemental stuff will just bounce off of her thanks to her equipment. Of course since I just beat Baal, this was hardly a challenge. I roll out some other characters just for fun here. Beating her gets us a Bad Ending and an end of cycle.

Video- “Bad End 2”

Time Paradoxes Can Be A Bitch

This is it… Zetta…
What the hell’s going on? I’m losing… My Mana power…
How can this be…?
You’ve chosen the wrong path, Zetta…
Next time, please don’t make the same mistake…
Remember… I’ll always love you…

So yeah Zetta paradoxes himself out of being the strongest Overlord. Oops. We have Salome when we start our next cycle.

Weapon Skills: Rapier, Dagger, Book, Syringe
Magic: Offensive
Stat Boosts: HP+6, SP+6, ATK+6, DEF+6, INT+8!, RES+6
Mobility: Medium
Slots: 5
Unique Skill: Black Prison (INT)- Black Prison is pretty damn awesome, it’s pretty much a non-elemental Omega spell that has the power of a Unique skill.
Salome is actually a really great character. She’s good at a lot of tings and has the stats and aptitudes to pull off both casting and attacking. Daggers are great for her since they improve mobility and both ATK and INT. Black Prison alone is worth using her for if you’ve got her, because it cuts through everything regardless of its elemental resistances. I’d rate her a bit better than Pram mainly due to it, in fact. White Rage is good but not nearly as good as Black Prison.

Now let’s do one that’s just a joke. The scenes are as hilarious as you’d expect and the map is over so fast I just leave it in with them. You can’t access it until Drake tries to bushwhack Zetta in Chapter 6.

Video- “I Won’t Forgive You!”

Watch King Drake

…Are you angry? Oh, why get upset about a sneak attack? It was just a little joke! Ha ha!
…You’re gonna start rambling, aren’t you?
It’s been 30,000 years since we first met, but we’ve never really had a chance to sit down and talk.
…but I always knew that we’d face off against each other one day.
It’s a shame, but such is the destiny of an Overlord! Fight, steal, rule! …Such an odd fate, yes?
Well, Lord Zetta! I will call you my fighting friend!
Let us battle fair and square, just as destiny would wish for us!
Hm…? What’s wrong, friend Zetta?
Well, I never expected to hear you talk about fighting fair and square.
But of course! I AM King Drake the 3rd, after all!
Aren’t you the one who attacked me in my sleep?
…Only because I wanted your junk.

What the hell!? No, no, no, no! I wanted all your money and valuables!
How dare you imply something so insidious… Especially since we have such a history together.
You’ll regret your harsh remarks!
Pay attention, Zetta… Tremble in abject horror at the fullness of my true form!

Ta, uhm, that’s not it.
Hey, wasn’t that--?
Still your tongue! Hmgh, you should probably just forget about what you saw, there…
Okay… Take 2!
How’s this!? Surely you realize that I can crush you like a tiny, worthless bug!
Back up, I’m still curious about that last one… Wasn’t that--?
Argh, I told you to forget about that! Fight me, dammit!

Let’s take a look at Drake.

Yeah, Drake’s not that impressive. He’s got a lot of health and decent stats for his level but you should be able to blow him up if you can make the wish. Not much to say about him.

Ha ha! He he! Surprised? I had to teach you that rough lesson… Hopefully you’ll realize what a good friend…
This isn’t an elaborate excuse, you know. I planned this all out from the beginning.
To prove my intentions, I’ll give you this…
System Message: King Drake’s phantom double agreed to help!
Wh-What!? I don’t wan this!
Ho ho! No need to be gracious. As friends, we have become one!
Friendship lasts forever; friendship never ends! Ha ha ha ha ha!

Hoo boy, let’s look at Drake’s for real now that we have him.

Weapon Skills: Hammer, Shovel, Balloon, Pie
Magic: Ha ha ha no
Stat Boosts: HP+6, SP+6, ATK+6, DEF+6, RES+6, TK. EXP 100%
Mobility: Low
Slots: 5
Unique Skill: Passion (ATK)- Decent power, range, and area on this one.
Okay, so Drake is really strange. Needless to say only two of his weapons are even sort of viable, and realistically he doesn’t have the stats to swing using anything but a Hammer. Balloons are a good comedy option though because he doesn’t OB himself after using a Balloon skill. The answer to what you use Drake for is you don’t unless you’re messing around, because he’s sort of not good. Also ha ha ha 10% INT aptitude.

Anyway the last extra stage is tricky to trigger. What we need to do is, in the last map of Chapter 8, have Salome die before Alex. If we do that, we’ll get this scene after the battle.

Video- “Duel With Alex Intro”

You Know What Screw Alex

It will all be over, soon… Very soon…
I feel honored that I could… help you before… the end.
I truly loved you, Lord Zetta… Promise you’ll live on… for me…

What’s going on…? I can feel new power coursing through my body…
I’ve felt this… I’ve felt this before!
So much for the relationship, huh?
That woman won’t interfere this time… Are you ready, Zetta!?
We’ve fought many times, Alex…
…But I’ve never felt hatred for you, until now.
Oh, and you can never forgive me, right? You’re this upset over some girl? Ha! What are you, a teenager!?
You’re right… She was just a woman… …Who died.
I don’t care about her!
I just wanna beat the living daylights outta you!
Alright then, Zetta. Just you and me… …’til one of us dies!

YaaaaaaaAAAAAARRGHH!! Briiiing iiiit oooon!!

Video- “Duel With Alex”

Watch Us Win

So here’s Alex. If you could arrange to get here he should be no problem at all really, since you had to kill Salome to get here.

Video- “Bad End 3”

And That’s It

Salome… What did you really want?
…Was this worth ending your life?

It is said that Zetta vanished in shadows, still clutching Lady Salome’s body… They were never seen again.
Where did Lord Zetta go…? The answer will remain forever unknown.

Now for our final extra character.

Weapon Skills: Spear, Nunchuk, Drum, Fan
Magic: None
Stat Boosts: HP+8!, SP+4, ATK+8!, DEF+4, RES+8!, MOVE+20!
Mobility: Very High
Slots: 5
Unique Skill: Vanishing Bolt (INT)- A very odd skill in that it works off a stat that isn’t really Alex’s best. It’s very strong, though.
Phew, Alex. So, he’s super fast. That’s his best feature by far really. He’ll be a lot better with his ATK based weapons probably but Drums are just sort of classy and do improve his powerful Vanishing Bolt. He’s got surprisingly poor stat growths for an extra character, his main advantage is that he can move ridiculously far.

And that’s the last of the extra stages.