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Part 8: Mysterious Girl (Part 1)

”Some things are best left unknown.” – anonymous

The first map of Chapter 3 (Pram’s Prophecies in this case) introduces something we won’t see that much of, timed extensions.

These will appear no matter what once a set number of turns have passed, though they can also be triggered early by throwing something into their location as normal. I think a lot of the enemies on here are of set type, actually, because we don’t see much of Pram’s caster enemy tendency here except in the second extension, which has Shadows and Apples. The enemies are no stronger than what we saw last chapter and you’ll have plenty of time to mop them up if you feel like waiting for the extensions to come on their own. The only bad thing is that there aren’t a thousand points on this map, so the bonus meter can easily taunt you with items you’ll never get.

Just who the hell is this Trenia, anyway?

Video- “Pram’s Prophecies Outro”

Watch the Video

Why’d you really come here? You can tell me.
Why’d I come?
Don’t play dumb, girly. Answer me—why’d you try to kill Zetta?
Kill Zetta? That never even crossed my mind… I was just being spontaneous.
…Uh, You’re kidding me.
How stupid do you think I am!? Nobody kills an Overlord out of spontaneity!

And more importantly, what the hell is her deal?

Tch, Whaa--!?

And where the hell does she get off saying something like that?

I mean seriously, ‘wannabe’?

Did you just say… Wannabe…!?
You shouldn’t want to know everything about this world, though…
There’s bad things in this world, too. Sometimes there are things you’d be better off not knowing.

I need to figure this out, fast, because otherwise things could get really out of hand…

The second map of Chapter 3 will be a random map. I actually see a few odd extensions here:

Taking a Nap puts the whole map to sleep, except that I only had one character out and they weren’t affected. I was pretty happy about this one, since it put me in a good position to steal some rare equipment from an enemy. More on that later, because again we saw a second special extension.

Energetic Power gives us enemies more like we’d see in say Seedle’s or Micky’s maps, melee types. That’s no real problem, though, we can cut them down just as easily as everything else.

We do see a lot more of the enemy types we expect to see from Pram’s extensions this time around. There are Shadows, who are casters skilled in TEC weapons, and two flavors of support caster, Apples and Idols. Pram’s extensions also tend to have a lot of cool special weapons like Syringes and Magnets and I get lucky enough to steal a Magnet from one of these guys. The basic Magnet is a pretty strong caster weapon for this point in the game so I give it to Erhard after this.

Video- “Pram the Immortal”

Watch the Battle

The third map of Chapter 3 is a sort of a puzzle map. The video’s pretty short so I’m including it. We start on an odd cross-shaped island.

We need 400 points to complete the map, but besides a hundred on the starting area the only enemies worth anything are a pair of Steel Titans in areas physically separated from where we start. It should be noted one is inside a facility which grants it +DEF while the other gets +ATK. So we start by clearing out the enemies from the cross. Once that’s done, I Invite in the Warehouse I created earlier in the chapter.

We load the Warehouse up with anyone we could ever want, at which point a less important character lifts it up…

…and tosses it to the island like a little troop transport.

At this point I pile out and murder everything that’s around. When the Steel Titan pops out I murder him too, allowing me to end the map because there was nothing so awesome in the Bonus Meter that it was worth trying to get the Warehouse over to the other island. Please do watch the video if you are interested in seeing this done or just want to see Feinne mk2 slice things into sushi.

Next time we’ll see the second half of these maps and be introduced to yet another unique aspect of the Kingdom that has never been seen again in an NIS game.