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Part 10: Ghost Stories

So, tonight was seriously strange.

Video- “The Ghost Tour”

Watch the Spooktacular Tour

Good job.
Oh gawd, I wanna play outside so bad…
Not just yet.
Huh!? But, we’re done with homework and have nothing else to do.
We can make medicine! I want one that’ll magnify cavity pain 10 times!
What the hell do you plan to do with that?
You guys have too much free time on your hands.
Oh, hey Flaya. You came in through the door today. How rare…
You look pretty happy. What’s going on?
I’m here to save you all. I’ve prepared some entertainment for you.

It all started with Flay’s idea.

Yeah. One of our classmates was talking about it.
Oh, don’t tell me you want us to go catch it…
Don’t be silly. I’ve planned a horror night for you!
A horror night? Sounds like fun.
There are scary stories about places on campus. You will go to each one.
I’ve never done anything like this. Is it really that fun?
I love scary stories.
I guess it’ll kill time. Though, Flaya set it up, so who knows.
It can’t be that bad…
Here are the stories that go with each place. Read them as you walk around.
Heh heh heh. The rest should go as planned…

The first story was at the Old Schoolhouse, but it wasn’t really scary for the right reasons.

Typical… but very scary story-ish.
So, what kinda rumor do we have here? I bet it’s a ghost.
Hold on. Um…
There are rotten planks here that collapse just from stepping on them.
…That’s not the kind of scary I was expecting.
Oh, there’s more to it. Once, a student fell through and got hurt.
Did he die and now his spirit haunts this place?
Nope. It was only a minor scrape.
This is stupid…
But one week later, the wound began to swell and his ankle puffed up.
I’m not sure I like where this story’s heading…
The nurse at the time saw it was bad, and cut open the wound. And then…
A wave of termite larvae came spilling out!
They say the eggs probably got in through the wound and hatched inside.
And ever since then, the Old Schoolhouse has been shut down…
It’s scary, but not the kind of scary story I was expecting.
It’s completely wrong! Let’s just get out of here! I’m gonna be sick.
Oh, and be careful where you walk…

We’re all relatively sure that whole termite thing can’t happen, so we continued on to the Infirmary. At least I think we did. I don’t remember much of what happened.

There’s a rumor about this place?
Let’s see… it says the story is called “The Bloody Infirmary.”
One night, a student walked in and found a pool of blood on the floor.
A made-up story, you think?
Of course it is. If it were true, it’d be a huge problem…
What happened?
It felt like… I just stepped in some sort of liquid…
No way…
You too…?
S-someone just spilled water on the floor, right?
Y-yeah. That’s gotta be the trick!
W-well, I’m gonna turn on the lights, okay?

Everyone: Ahhhhhh!!!
Oh, it’s you three…
Miss Melanie… Please don’t scare us like that…
What are you doing here at this time of night?
Umm, we were just telling each other scary stories and walking around…
Scary stories? Ah, I see.
Oh but you should know, I think someone spilled water on the floor.
Don’t worry, we’ll clean it up before we leave. I’ll turn the lights on.
Um… Before you turn the lights on, will you smell my perfume?
We can smell it later… Eh, hr?
Nikki? What’s wron… *yawn *
I’m so… sleepy…

I’m not sure how we fell asleep in the infirmary, but luckily I don’t think we were in there for long before Miss Melanie arrived.

Urh… Huh?
*yawn *
Ahh, my head’s all spinny…
Rise and shine. Did you sleep well?
…Huh? This is…
The infirmary. I found you three sleeping here. I was quite confused.
Sleeping? Why would we…?
We were having a horror night, and then, umm…
You shouldn’t wander around so late just because it’s summer break.
I’m sorry…
If you go back now, I won’t report you to your teachers, okay?
Okay… Then, excuse us.
How did anyone know about this? I need to be more careful from now on…

The next story was in the music room.

So do the instruments start playing on their own?
Nope. It says, the eyes on the composer’s portrait on the wall start glowing.
Oh that? I already know the trick.
See, I knew it. There’s a tack stuck in each eye.
Oh, I get it now…
There’re always pranksters who do this kinda stuff.
It’s kinda boring when we figure it out so quickly.
But it’s better than having to be scared…
Let’s take them o… Aaaaahhhhhh!!
Ahhhh! What!?
I took the tacks out and then… it cried tears of blood! Nooooooooooooo!!!
Tears of blood…? She’s right!
This isn’t blood… It’s just rusty water.
Oh, I see. A flask was hidden back there and the tacks punctured it.
Nikki, it’s alright… I think she’s gone.
What should we do about this?
Uhm… wanna just wipe it down and clean it up?
But… it’s kinda sad to lose this scary story.
Then let’s just leave it like this. Let’s keep it a secret from Nikki, too.
Good idea.

We tracked Nikki back down and headed for the last place, the resource center.

Umm… the skeleton sings at night.
There’s… A person, on the floor…
What? Where?

We hadn’t seen anything scary, but it seems Roxis certainly had.

Hey, you better not be dead.
It looks like he just fainted… He’s foaming at the mouth.
Why is he lying here?
Maybe he saw a ghost and got scared!
Hahaha, no way.
Let’s just take him to the infirmary for now.
We could just leave him here.
No we can’t. He might get sick from sleeping here too long.
*sigh * You’re too kind.

Anyway, after we got Roxis to the infirmary we headed out to the grounds to check the list again.

Video- “Trouble at the Library”

Watch the Dungeon and some Extras

Yep. We went to all the places on Flay’s memo.
But, it wasn’t really all that scary.
Well, it was okay for killing time.
Scream: Ahhhhhhhhh…!!!

The scream had some from nearby, and it turned out we weren’t the only people on the grounds.

What was that?
Finally gotcha! I was getting tired of waiting. Huh?
You! Uh… what are you doing here!?
Uhh, we just finished your list of scary stories…
More importantly, did you just hear that scream?
Indeed. I just assumed it was one of you. What’s going on?
how the hell are we supposed to know? Let’s go find out!
That’s odd… Did she scare the wrong person?

The scream had some from the resource center.

Nemu: Ahhh… I don’t know what to do… It came out of nowhere, and took him…
Calm down. Tell us what happened… from the very beginning.
Nemu: Um, okay… You see, I invited Riggs to come test his courage with me.
So we were wandering around, looking for the ghost.
But then, all of a sudden, a monster appeared and dragged Riggs away…
Dragged hi-- …And you just watched?
Nemu: Uh…yeah.
What about Riggs? Where did it take him!?
Nemu: Deep inside the Resource Center…
Well, I guess it is cruel to make a girl go after him alone.
We’ll go look for him.
Alright, let’s hurry.
Most unexpected. At least it’s more interesting this way.

It turns out the depths of the resource center are full of monsters.

Professor Feinne’s Alchemy 101: The Resource Center
There are actually some important notes on this place, because it’s a source of a lot of difficult to find materials throughout the game. The first thing is that off a bit to one side (and therefore a bit out of the way for this first trip) there is a hidden store. They sell all sorts of useful materials here and some recipes, so make heading here a priority in Chapter 4. The second thing is that the ground has a lot of rare items like Brownie Masks and Crimson Feathers, which you should keep in mind. The most enduringly valuable thing in here, though are the Big Monsters. The Power and Marquis that come in these will drop Angel’s Slips and Devil’s Panties, which are used in a lot of high end armors and accessories. Anyway, back to the show with a scene we trigger halfway into the dungeon.

Elsewhere, later.

Flay, how much longer do I have to wait?

Ah, perfect timing. I was just about to go find you.
I’m so tired of waiting. I was so bored, I scared some boy in glasses.
Sorry about that. Something unexpected came up. You see…
Oh my. Why does everything have to be so difficult?
If something happens, we’ll never hear the end of it. I need your help.
But I’m sleepy from waiting so long… Can it wait till tomorrow?
Negative. This requires immediate action.
Okay, fine… You know, lack of sleep is bad for the skin…
Nemu: So there really are…

We managed to find the monster and Riggs, fortunately.

Video- “Ghosts of Al-Revis”

Meet the Ghost with the Most

I see him!
Monster: Bwaaahhh!!
It looks rather excited.
What should we do? We can’t leave him here.
Oh my, what’s all the commotion about?

When you’re facing down a huge monster it really puts a ghost in perspective.

She’s, floating in thin air? Is she—
Hahaha don’t worry. She’s not an enemy.
But… she is a ghost, right?
Indeed. I asked her to helm me to try to scare you guys, but…
Naughty boy, you know this isn’t allowed.
Monster: Bwahhh… Bwahhh…
I know how you feel, but you can’t go around kidnapping students.
Monster: Bwahhh…
What are they talking about?
That monster seems to be in love with that ghost.
He hadn’t seen her in a while, and became insanely jealous.
I see…
Well, we’re gonna take him home now, okay?
Monster: Bwaaahhh!!
Oh no. I can’t let you do that.
Monster: Bwahhh…

Unfortunately, it seemed there wasn’t going to be a peaceful resolution to this.

Are you sure?
Mhmhm. He’s being so selfish right now. Oh, and take this boy home.
I don’t really like carrying guys around…
I can’t do it by myself.
Hmm, then it can’t be helped… Vayne. Take care of the monster!
What? But…
Monster: Bwahh!! Bwaaaahhhh!!
Ahh! Stop yelling at me!
Looks like we’re outta time to talk it over.

Boss Battle: Fallen Lover
Fallen Lover isn’t too bad if you are well prepared. His big gimmick is an attack that does damage to SP instead of HP. Vayne and Nikki will probably be dry pretty quick, and even Jess will run out if the fight goes too long. Luckily, his normal attacks aren’t terribly powerful. The story bosses will be getting tougher, but this guy isn’t it quite yet. We get the recipe for the Cure Jar from this, which is always good.

The monster ran off, crying.

And I have to say ghosts are not like I expected.

Of course they are. I expect much out of them.
But was that really okay? Wasn’t that monster your friend?
Oh, don’t worry. Naughty boys need to be punished.
Hahaha! Being popular is a tough job, isn’t it?
That’s not funny! Ughh!
Uh, Flaya, care to introduce little miss ghost lady here?
Oh, I completely forgot. It’s kinda long, so let’s go back to the workshop.

We all headed back together so they could explain what was going on.

Video- “Pamela”

Watch Our Workshop Get Haunted!

Of course it is. I haven’t even used it once all year.
Um, I don’t think that’s something to be proud of.
Flaya, hurry up and introduce her.
Oh, right. This lady here is Pamela, a ghost who’s lived here for years.
Hehehe. Nice to meet you.
So… you really are a ghost?
Years? We’ve been here for 6 months already. How come we—
Yeah. I never noticed…
Pamela’s like our summer feature.
It’s a tradition to hide her from the Freshmen until summer.
And then we scare the new kids during summer break.
I just couldn’t wait this year. I scared a few people early.
That’s not very nice…
Flay, won’t you introduce these children to me, too?
The pink hair is Jess. The furry animal is Nikki. The guy is Vayne.
Pink hair…?
Furry animal…?

I think if all ghosts looked like Pamela, people would be a lot less afraid of them.

Y-yes, Miss Pamela…?
Oh dear, don’t call me Miss. That’s so formal. Just call me Pamela.
Oh, okay.
…Hehehe. You’re very interesting. You’re one of my new favorites.
Oh ho, raising Pamela’s interest so quickly is quite impressive.
I’ve decided. I’m gonna join your workshop.
But, you’re a ghost!!
I am now, but back when I was alive. I was a student here, too.
Or, do you just not want me to join?
Well, it’s not that… I just don’t think the school would allow it…
Oh, don’t worry. I’m good friends with Bernard. I’m sure he can work it out.
Bernard? …Where have I heard that name before?
He is the most influential man at this school.
Oh! The principal!
He was such a handsome boy back then. Now he’s just a boring old man…
To gain Pamela…that’s a great achievement on your part, Vayne!
I guess…
Well, once again, it’s nice to meet you all. This’ll be so much fun.
I hope so. Well, welcome…
System Message: Pamela has joined your party.

Pamela, the ghost. I used to think ghosts were scary, but seeing her…
I mean, it’s fun with more people… but then again, she is a ghost…