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by Feinne

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Original Thread: Getting Schooled [Mana Khemia: Alchemists of Al-Revis]



Getting Schooled [Mana Khemia: Alchemists of Al-Revis]

Video- “Mana Khemia Intro”

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Current Update

What is Mana Khemia?
Mana Khemia (also known as Project A9) is actually a really remarkable game, because it is a game about alchemy that itself feels like the result of alchemy. Various elements of its closest spiritual ancestors, the three games of the Iris series, were combined along with some exciting new ideas to create something really above and beyond any of the prior games.

At various points in the game I will ask for input as to, for example, whose side quests we want to do and what classes we want to take when we have options. The first, it should be noted, controls which ending we get, so when we get to that point some level of care should be taken.

I would also like to note that I would greatly prefer it if you avoided spoilers, even in spoiler tags so as to not, well, spoil the awesome stuff that happens in the story.

Dramatis Personae:

Our Heroes:

Vayne Aurelius:
Our main character. The son of a famous alchemist, Theofratus Aurelius, Vayne has been living in an old abandoned house with his cat Sulpher.

Vayne’s cat. Only Vayne can understand Sulpher, and it seems as though there is more than meets the eye to him.

Jessica Philomele:
Vayne’s classmate. She seems to know a bit about alchemy, and is allied with a Mana of Wind. She constantly explodes things, and was almost arrested for doing alchemy without a license. Was very ill as a child, which shortened her lifespan.

Nicole Mimi Tithel:
Vayne’s classmate. She’s a beastman, making her a minority at Al-Revis. She has a lot of people angry thanks to her flirtatious ways. She's a talented singer.

Flay Gunnar:
An upperclassman looking to stay in his present workshop. Has become a Defender of Justice.

Pamela Ibis:
A ghost girl who has lived at Al-Revis for quite some time.

Roxis Rosenkrantz:
A transfer student from a prestigious alchemist family. Hates Vayne for some reason. Joined our workshop on a bet.

Anna Lemouri:
A young girl who started at Al-Revis in our sophomore year. Flay managed to convince her to join our workshop.

An alien whose crashed ship we discovered. Has joined our workshop even though we really shouldn't have let him.


A rather unpleasant person who attempted to ‘kidnap’ Vayne on his first day at Al-Revis.

A rather disinterested person who did not particularly help or hinder the attempt to ‘kidnap’ Vayne on his first day.


A rumormonger at Al-Revis.

Al-Revis Staff:

The Principal:
Al-Revis’ Principal, who actually seems to be a pretty cool guy.

The Vice Principal:
Al-Revis’ Vice Principal, who is rather more stern than the Principal. Flay seems to know her so well that he refers to her by her real name, much to her annoyance.

Zeppel Kriever:
Vayne’s homeroom teacher at Al-Revis. He also was the one sent to offer Vayne a place at the school. Also teaches Synthesis Basics. Classmate of Theofratus Aurelius.

Teaches Combat courses at Al-Revis.

Teaches Predictology courses at Al-Revis. Seems to have known Theofratus Aurelius.

A Professor at Al-Revis.

Runs the Student Store at Al-Revis.

The school nurse. Takes her job much more seriously than is immediately evident. Also teaches Pharmacy.

The school registrar. She handles student enrollment in courses.

Runs the Athanor, a magical forge at Al-Revis.

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