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Part 24: Rumors of A New Festival

Video- “Chapter 7 Intro”

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Male Voice: Of course. There’s nothing else that I would rather do.
Female Voice: Then… I support you. It’ll be exciting if you have a kid.
Male Voice: A kid? I guess you can call it that…
Female Voice: When it’s born, what are you going to name it?
Male Voice: Let’s see…

There’s another School Festival coming up at the end of the term.

It didn’t feel like much of a vacation with all that work we did.
Gah, Assignments… We’ll be getting more of them in class, huh?
Stop being lazy and whip yourselves into shape.
Yeah, the School Festival is coming up. Let’s get into the spirit.
Last year was a disaster. Jess was kidnapped by Roxis and—
Kidnapped? Roxis, how dare you!!
It’s not like I did it! Besides, I heard some rumors about the festival.
Ooh ooh, what are we doing this year?
It’s called… Cross Campus Ultra Alchemy Trivia…
…What the hell is that?
I don’t know exactly, but you answer alchemy questions in pairs.

I’m not sure who I want to team up with for the trivia thing at the festival yet.

We’ve got a lot of time to think about it.
That’s true. Ooh, I’m kinda getting excited!
Now that you’re energized, let’s do some Assignments!
Assignments… Bleh…
You can’t run out of energy that quickly!

Jess actually remembered my birthday. Even I’d sort of forgotten it was here, not like I normally get anything.

What is it? That was loud.
Hehehe. Vayne, it’s almost your birthday, isn’t it?
Here’s a gift from me!
Huh? Th-thank you.
You remembered… Can I open it?
Yep. Hurry up.
Um, a magical fruit and… What’s this?
It’s a medicine that I made just for you.
Even I don’t know what kind of effects it has.
So, drink up!
Uh, right now…?
The dull green makes it look really scary…
Oh, that’s because the ingredient I used was grated fro—I mean…
I used a lot of vegetables.
…Sorry! I’m full right now, so maybe later!
Hey! Wait! Don’t run away!
System Message: You have received MGK Fruit.

I guess it’s the thought that counts. Anyway, we’re as always on the forefront of cutting-edge food technology thanks to Nikki.

Just an “oh”…? I thought you’d be more enthusiastic…
You see, Vayne, I like Muscat Sorbet better.
Huh? Yeah, but it’s grape and it’s sherbet…
I like Muscat Sorbet.
Muscat is a type of grape, so…
I like Muscat.
…Okay. I’ll make that next time.
Yay! I’ll be waiting!
System Message: Item: Muscat Sorbet can now be made.

We also were able to seriously power up our bombs thanks to a new set of items we can make.

We also were able to make some new equipment.

Anna was inspired by it and we came up with a design to match a drawing of hers.

Good job. So, what were you just making?
It’s armor for girls. Do you want to wear it?
It’s not that I do not want to, but I am slightly hesistant…
…Okay. Is there a certain kind of armor you would like to wear?
Me? Well… No, never mind. You can think of one for me.
But, I’m not the one who’s gonna wear it…
W-well, that is true…
Um, well, actually… I did draw one I liked a long time ago…
Wow, you’ve been prepared for this…
Um… Please don’t laugh when you see it.
I won’t. Now let’s figure out how to make it together.
System Message: Item: Angel Cloth can now be made.

It also reminded Muppy of something.

What is it? You never ask me to do anything.
I want… Clothes for a lady captain of a certain spaceship…
…A captain of a spaceship?
Yes. A woman known as the Nightmare of Andromeda.
…And my long lost lover.
Lover!? Oh, so… Did you want to give it to her as a present…?
No, to sink in nostalgia. To feel her warmth, though I’ll never see her again.
Hah, do you think of me as sappy now?
N-not really… I guess…
I believed that you, at least, would understand.
Alright. Let us talk all night long.
Well… I think I’ll pass on that…
Now, come sit. It all started when I was 15…
I was chasing the Leonid Meteors with a spaceship I had stolen…
This is gonna be long…
System Message: Item: Star Queen can now be made.

He was also inspired by that crab shell armor we’d created earlier.

You like it?
It looks valuable.
Do you want to try it on? If you even can…
Muppy will wear it. But first, it must have decorations on it.
Decorations…? Like what?
I demand Kaiserfish, from the anime I used to watch when I was a kid.
Anime…? What are you talking about?
There was violence and scantily clad women, so young kids can’t watch it.
You just said you watched it when you were a kid…
Thanks, and good luck.
Hey, wait…
Kaiserfish, huh… I wanna check it out…
System Message: Item: Kaiserfish Mail can now be made.

I tried making one of those… pot things he rides around in. It’s way more complicated than it looks from the outside.

Don’t you like it?
It’s just another lousy knock-off. To be blunt, it’s a loser mech.
O-oh, really? Then how should I…
I’d like to say, a red captain model, but…
I won’t be greedy. I request the creation of a prototype model.
Prototype? You mean, the original version of this?
The design is old, but its performance is unrivaled: every spaceboy’s dream.
Spaceboy…? Well, I’ll try to make it, but… don’t expect too much.
Not to worry. Muppy shall help, too.
System Message: Item: Proto Pot can now be made.

We had plans for a new sword for Flay, but he wasn’t terribly satisfied with it.

…A C!
I mean, it doesn’t look bad. It just needs more original flair.
Original flair? …Hmm.
For example, some weapons are inspired by animals, or fish…
Ah, I know. Make a weapon that looks like a fish!
Huh!? What part of that is original? I don’t wanna be a tracer.
Minor details! Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery!
You’re just saying anything now…
System Message: Item: Sharkgill Sword can now be made.

I really don’t even know what Muppy’s talking about, like, 95% of the time. It’s best to just humor him, though, for a little guy he can get mighty angry.

Yeah. I can move a little faster in these…
So, now you will have both air and ground military capabilities.
Well, I can’t really fly…
…And what about sea?
Sea? Well… There’s no ocean near the school…
Why are you so mad!?
How dare you say aqua-types are lame, and useless in RPGs!
Uh, I didn’t say that… I don’t even know what you’re talking about…
Either way, just make one that works underwater! That’s an order!
Y-yes, sir…
System Message: Item: Flying Fish Boots can now be made.

Now we’ve got Assignments to do, and I think that Marathon is coming up soon…