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Mana Khemia: Alchemists of Al-Revis

by Feinne

Part 20: The Furthest Reach

It all started when the conversation turned to why people had come to Al-Revis.

Video- “Theofratus”

Watch us Learn Some Truth

I think it’s kinda fun. But, it can wear you down sometimes.
This is how it should be. You just slacked off way too much before.
Roxis is correct.
I mean, sure, I guess… But Flaya doesn’t even show up anymore.
And, honestly, if I gotta do all this work just to become an alchemist…
Oh yeah, I never really asked. So, why did everybody come here?
That’s a stupid question. I was pre-enrolled for as long as I can remember.
I aim for mastery in both academics and sports…
I was recruited, so I just kinda came, I guess.
Hmm, it was so long ago, I can’t remember.
What about you, Vayne?
Oh, uh, I… My dad was an alchemist… Or something. Maybe…
Why so mysterious?
Actually, I can’t remember much of my past…
The earliest I remember was being in a workshop. I vaguely remember my dad.
Really? Do you even remember his name…?
No. Not at all…

Sulpher, it seemed, did know his name. He just never felt like telling me before.

…Theofratus? That’s my dad’s name?
What? Isn’t Theofratus…?
That famous…!?
You all know him?
Know him!? He’s like, the most famous alchemist of the past few years!
In just 10 years, he made a great discovery and alchemy theory.
…I heard he passed away, suffering in his research in his later years.
Wow! So you’re the son of Theofratus!
No wonder you’re so skilled at things.
If you say so, I guess… I don’t really understand it myself…
Oh, Theofratus… Those were good times.
You’ve met him before?
Oh yes! I played with him when he was a student.
So Theofratus was a student here, too?
I guess it makes sense. You can’t be an alchemist until you graduate.

We decided to go ask the teachers if anyone knew him.

Why don’t we go ask the teachers, then?
Sounds fun! Vayne, don’t you want to learn about your dad, too? Let’s go.
Sulpher… you knew about my dad?
Yes. He was my master.
Really? You never told me that before…
You never asked.
You’re so mean…
Get going, or you’re gonna be left behind.
Oh, yeah…

Miss Isolde’s office is the first room we passed, but she wasn’t in. So we talked to Mr. Zeppel first.

Hm? What’s going on? What’s with the crowd?
We came to ask you about Theofratus!
Theo-! Do you remember now!?
Um no, not quite…
Oh, uh… that’s too bad.
He’s Vayne’s dad though, right?
There’s no proof, but I believe so. That’s why we recruited him.
But that merely got your foot in the door.
Seeing you now, I can proudly say it wasn’t a mistake to bring you here.
So, what was Theofratus like?
Well, actually, we were classmates.
Really!? Wow.
Did you get to do research and stuff with him?
No. We were just in the same class. To me, he was way above the clouds.
I never understood his research…ever…at all.
Hmm… So he really was an amazing person.
Huh, but…
Hm? Is something wrong?

Anna needs to work on her people skills a bit, and this is coming from me.

You’re old enough to have a kid as old as Vayne.
*gag *
Oh…sorry. Mr. Zeppel?
He’s frozen in shock…
…Let’s get outta here before we get blamed for something.

We headed next door to Mr. Lorr’s office.

Yes. We were wondering if you knew anything.
He had already graduated by the time I came here…
Oh, I see… That’s too bad.
You should ask Zeppel and Isolde. They’re about the same age as him.

While we waited for Miss. Isolde to return, we also decided to ask Mr. Dior.

Hm? What’s with the crowd?
Do you remember anything about Theofratus?
Tea-oh…flat? Hmm, I think I’ve heard of that…
Theofratus the Alchemist, old-timer. Have you gone senile?
How rude! I’m only 80.
Then tell us.
W-well. Okay… I had just turned 19. At the time, I was…
This is gonna have nothing to do with it…
Will this story be long?
If you would like, I can talk for hours.
Please excuse us, then. Nikki, you should stay and listen to his story.
What? Me?
Everyone else, let’s go.
Wait a minute! You cold-hearted meanies!

When we were done there, we returned to Miss. Isolde’s office and found her in this time.

Umm, can we ask you about Theofratus?
He’s Vayne’s dad, right?
So I’ve heard, though I have my doubts.
Um, well… what kind of person was he?
His skills were unrivaled. That’s probably why he had so many enemies.
Enemies? Like who?
He was the target of envy. There were times… Oh, I remember one story.
Ooh, what, what!?
There is but one place that has always been off limits to students.
It is guarded by a monster called the Great Beast.
Ooh. Sounds like an adventure story.
I don’t remember any dangerous places like that, do I?
It’s not dangerous if you steer clear. I’m not surprised it’s not known.
But he… Theofratus, defeated that beast and entered that place.
When he returned, he said it was nothing special. Just beautiful scenery.
Scenery that only my dad has seen…

I guess Flay was following us the whole time, because he came out of nowhere and insisted we go there.

Eep! Flaya!?
When did you get here?
If only one man has reached that land, then I must go there, too!
And there’s nothing we can do to stop you…
We’ll just have to tag along…
Thank you, Ms. Isolde.
I’m sorry I haven’t introduced myself… I’m…
Hurry up and go. You shouldn’t make your friends wait.
Yes ma’am… Excuse me.
This may not prove anything, but it’s worth a try…

We headed through the Dragon’s Grave, and at its highest reaches we discovered Heaven’s Road.

Yeah. A place only my dad was able to reach…
I can hardly wait. Come on, let’s go.


…I saw them earlier. They were asking about Theofratus.
And how many times do I have to tell you to stop calling me by name.
I see… I found some stuff from back then, and I wanted to show them…
Oh well. I’ll just do it some other time.

We realized far too late how dangerous this undertaking was.

Video- “The Great Beast”

Watch the Epic Showdown

I don’t see anything. Maybe she tricked us?
No way…
There’s another path over there. Maybe it’s a little further in.
???: …Stop.

It seemed the Great Beast was still very much alive.

Great Beast: My home lies beyond… It is not a place for humans to enter…
So you’re the Great Beast or whatever, huh?
Oh, come on. Just let us through. You let Vayne’s dad go in, didn’t you?
Great Beast: Dad? So, you are his son…
Great Beast: The son of the only human who scarred my pride…
Oops. I think I mighta stepped on a landmine.
Vayne is his child. The rest of us have nothing to do with him.
Whoa, Pamela! You’re evil!
Great Beast: I won’t take your life… But I will make you wish I had!

The Great Beast attacked us!

Boss Battle: Grandwing Drake
The Grandwing Drake will take one damage from anything that isn’t a critical hit. Fight it for a while, and eventually the battle will end.

There was just nothing we could do to harm it, it seemed.

It doesn’t look like we’re even hurting him…
Great Beast: Insolent humans… You will regret ever stepping into my land…
Great Beast: The man’s son? You wish to take on everyone’s pain? Very well…
Vayne! Watch out!
Back off, idiot!
I can’t let anyone else get hurt because of me…
I’ve never seen you so determined.
But I do want to see this place that he saw… Show me what you’ve got.
Great Beast: This…light…!?
His powers are weaker?
Okay. Can you all lend me another hand?
Sure thing!
I won’t let you take all the credit!

I don’t know what he did, but Sulpher gave us a fighting chance.

Professor Feinne’s Alchemy 101: Variable Strike and Finishing Burst
Now we’ve got two all-new battle mechanics available to us. The first is the almighty Variable Strike. This is a special attack available to Vayne. We trigger it by using him as the last of three Support Attacks, and it is a brutally powerful team up attack with the two people who are still out. It does tons of hits and is a great way to charge up the Burst Meter. Speaking of the Burst Meter, we have an all-new reason to want to charge it up: Finishing Burst.

When we enter Burst Mode from now on, it’ll pop up some sort of goal. Whenever we do whatever it’s asking, our Finishing Burst meter will fill. When it fills up, we can unleash a Finishing Burst with any of our characters who are not Roxis before he gets his Mana. This will end Burst Mode with a bang, doing massive damage to the target. Finishing Burst’s meter remains at its charge level, by the way, so we can take advantage of charge built up in earlier battles. I should be able to show all of the Finishing Bursts off by the end, I did Vayne’s and Jess’s this time. If it really comes down to it I’ll just refight Grandwing Drake a few times to show off Flay’s, Anna’s, Pamela’s and Nikki’s.

Boss Battle: Grandwing Drake
Okay, so this time his defense is low enough that we can actually hurt him. We start out in Burst Mode, and all of our Bursts in this fight are ‘Attack Consecutively’, which is incredibly easy to fill. Variable Strike is enough to fill it up, and I’d suggest using Vayne’s Einzelkampf for the first one just for style’s sake. Grandwing Drake still has a massive pool of health, and you’ll likely see a second Burst Mode. Just charge up the Finishing Burst again and blow him up. He does a decent amount of damage, but this is definitely a gimmick fight to show off the mechanic. Oh, and you get the ability to create Flame Rings as a result, useful resistance items.

And in the end we defeated the dragon.

Yes… We won…
Great Beast: I do not fare well with your kin… I must… Rest…
The voice disappeared…
I guess he’s gone then.
Phew… I was really worried for a moment there.
Wow Vayne, you were amazing!
It wasn’t me… It’s all thanks to Sulpher.
We’ll talk later. Now, we must go onward!

And that let us push ahead, to the place only my dad had been.

Video- “The Furthest Reach”

Watch the Chapter’s End

No wonder that monster really likes this place.
It’s so pretty…
Hmph. Not bad, I must say.
I didn’t know this school had such a beautiful place…
Aren’t you glad, Vayne?
Hellllloooo! Vayne?
Oh, sorry.

I stood for a while at that place, trying to imagine what he might have felt as he stood there…

Yes… That’s something else he didn’t deserve.
Theofratus… my dad… A place only he had reached.
I would never have been able to get there without everyone’s help.
But Dad… He got here on his own. And defeated that monster…
I wonder what kind of man he was. If only I could remember something…