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Part 18: Working Hard For the Money

These jobs really have gotten pretty time consuming.

Professor Feinne’s Alchemy 101: Chapter 5 Jobs
Let’s start as always with the alchemy jobs. The Metronome you’ve quite possibly not made yet because it’s very complicated. It’s not really made of anything rare, you just need a whole bunch of crap. The Plosions are easy to make but you need quite a lot of them, so make sure you’re smart about how you get the materials or you’ll not make much profit. Chrome Crystals come from mining in the Dragon’s Grave, which we haven’t even had to go yet. They actually really suck to get because they’re not even common results from said mining. I had to take two trips to get enough. Now the hunts.

Video- “Fairy Trio”

Watch the Hunt

Mob Hunt: Fairy Trio
The fairy trio is a bit interesting. They each have their own unique skills, strengths, and weaknesses. Make sure you lead in on the one you want to kill with Analyze so you know what will be effective against it. I’d suggest starting with the one riding a jewel, because it can heal. For defeating these gals, you get the recipe for a Sledgehammer.

Video- “Continuous Guardians”

Watch the Hunt

Mob Hunt: Continuous Guardians
This throws an increasingly powerful series of guardians. There are three forms of them, but they’re universally vulnerable to Lightning. Flay’s Raiden Charge makes everything he does Lightning powered, and with that you’ll be in Burst Mode for like half of the fight. That makes this pretty easy despite the greatly increased power of the enemies compared to the last continuous.

Video- “Armored Brownie”

Watch the Hunt

Mob Hunt: Armored Brownie
The Armored Brownie is a brownie riding in a big stone guardian. If you guessed that means he’s vulnerable to lightning, you’re right. He can hit pretty hard but his weakness means it’s easy to Burst and therefore easy to stack up huge amounts of damage on him. You get the recipe for the Alchemic Bag from him.

We were able to make a few new items, too.

Pamela even had another idea for plant-based headgear.

Ooh, I like it, actually. Vayne, you’ve got pretty good taste.
Oh please…
By the way, there’s a hat that I was hoping you can make for me.
Uh…what do you want on it this time?
I really like this Yubana flower. I’m sure it’ll make a wonderful hat.
Oh, okay. That’s fine…
But we might as well use some unique ingredients while we’re at it.
It can be like a doll’s hat… Or maybe we can use expensive cloth.
…I knew it wouldn’t be that easy.
System Message: Item: Yubana Cover can now be made.

Yeah I don’t even know…