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Part 43: Fanatics and Pharmacy

Nikki’s fans have been getting even more crazy recently.

Video- “Nikki 4”

Watch the Farce

She really needs to stop encouraging them.

Fan E: Good work. Update us on the situation.
Fan D: Yes sir! Those guys show no sign of getting close to Miss Nikki.
Fan C: Seems we can finally trust them a little more.
Fan A: They live so close, but don’t realize Miss Nikki’s charm. Miserable fools.
Fan E: Though, in this case, it’s a good thing…
Fan B: Dah, hah, tah… H-hey!
Fan E: What’s wrong? You look like you saw a ghost.
Fan B: I-I just received god forbidding news… Miss Ni… Miss Nikki is…
Fan C: Calm down. What’s going on with Miss Nikki?
Fan B: D-d-d-d-don’t panic and listen closely, okay? Miss Nikki, her true goal…
Is to find a husband at this school!
Everyone: …… W-whaaaaaaaaaat!?

Anyway, things blew up again.

Yeah… By the way, how have Nikki’s fans been doing?
Sometimes I’m being watched from far away, but that’s about it…
Same here. It seems she was able to convince them pretty well.
Yeah. I’m kinda relieved.
D-did, was I able to outrun them all…?
What happened? You look tattered.
*sob * The guys in my fan club, they…
Did they hurt you?
How dare those people!?
No, it’s um… I was being proposed left and right…
A huge mob just pushed me around asking me to marry them… I barely survived.
I thought this might happen one day.
Yeah, it was bound to happen sooner or later.
Oh come on, don’t say that. Help me out!
Last time, even I went through a tough time…
They say, lions force their own children off a cliff…
I believe that you can climb back up that cliff without anyone’s help!

Flay and Roxis were very unsympathetic and left her to her fate.

I do understand, though…
Vayne, you won’t cast me away like that, right!?
Huh? Uh, well…
Oh, come on, Vayne.
A lady is in trouble, Vayne.
I-I know. I’ll help. …Anything you want.
Yay! I knew you’d come through.
…Such pain we must go through.

With them out, the rest of us got together to come up with a plan to address this.

Hmm, we just have to get them to give up, right?
Ooh, pick me! I have a good idea.
Go ahead, Pamela.
They all want to become Nikki’s husband, right?
But, if you already picked someone, then shouldn’t it be fine?
Ohh, I get it!
Well that’s a workable suggestion, right off the bat. And from Pamela.
But, do you have anyone in mind already?
What are you saying, Vayne?
Even if she doesn’t, it just has to look like she does.
Well, that’s the plan. Let’s get to it, hubby.
Who else?
Well… there’s Muppy.
I refuse. That female is not my type.
Well I’d never consider any soft bodied creature as my lover anyway!
Err… I wonder if I can do this…

Yeah so today really sucked.

Aww, wait. Vayne, you’re such a meanie-poo.
Gotcha! I’m never gonna let you go.
Aw, I lose. You’re so fast at running, Nikki.
Hehehe, it’s just so that I can catch you, Vayne.
…Hey Nikki, this is so embarrassing…
And you think I’m not!? But look. I think it’s working.
Whisper: Wh-what’s that?
Oh, so those two were in that kind of relationship?
Geez, in the middle of public here…
Oh, you’re right… Which means, we can stop now…
No way! This isn’t enough. We have to spread this rumor all over the place.
We have to do this? In more places?
You can’t complain now! Ahem. Now, it’s your turn to try and catch meeee!
Okaaay. I’m gonna catch you.
Hehehe. Come on, chase me hunny bunch.
Fan Club: Impossible… No…

We went down to the music room but it was empty, which gave Nikki an idea.

Aw, I thought at least someone would be here.
Then, we don’t have to do it here, right…
Wait. I got a good idea.
There there. Just sit right here.

Nikki started singing, I didn’t immediately get why.

Daniel: What? Nikki’s singing?
Thomas: I didn’t hear about this. Did she say she was going to sing today?
Billy: Why aren’t you going in?
Daniel: Oh, well, I think she’s singing just for him.
Billy: It is kinda hard to walk in… Damn, we just have to be patient here then.
Fan Club: This is, unmistakable… Damn this!

She wasn’t satisfied that they’d be convinced yet, I think she was just enjoying making me do ridiculous stuff honestly.

You mean, you just wanted to sing?
No, I was trying to show off to the eavesdroppers in the hallway.
What? There were people in the halls?
You’re so slow. Well, whatever. Let’s continue.
We still have to do this!?
Of course. Wanna hold hands?
Uhh, well that’s just a little…
Fan A: Stop right there!
Wh-what now?
Fan A: I let you go once… But I can’t hold back any longer! I will rid you!
Wa-wait, this isn’t… Nikki, tell them.
I kinda though this would happen, but oh well. Good luck!
Fan A: Ahhh! Stop talking to Miss Nikki!
Arg, geesh!

I had to fight some of these crazies again, and there were more coming afterwards.

A Vayne who would fight for me with his life… This isn’t half bad…
…Are you listening?
Huh? Yeah, I’m listening. Sorry, sorry.
Fan A: Grh… Don’t think this is over yet… Comrades, I leave the rest to you…
Fan D: There! There they are!
Fan E: Surround him! Do not let him escape!
Uh oh. Reinforcements…?
I can’t do this anymore… Let’s get away from here!
A Vayne who takes my hand to escape from evil… This isn’t half…
Just hurry up!

We fled to the cafeteria.

They gave up pretty fast.
Fan A: Haha! You didn’t even know you were being guided here.
We’re surrounded!?
Oh… Whatcha gonna do?
You know it should be more of your concern, too…
Fan A; You’re the devil who seduced Miss Nikki… Engarde!

So many fights in such short succession was really leaving me tired, especially since Sulpher’s not been feeling well lately. And then things got even worse.

Well aren’t you in trouble.
…It’s your fault, you know?
Fan A: I knew this wouldn’t be easy.
Fan B: It’s fine, we’ve got the numbers. I’m sure he’ll get tired soon…
Fan C: Ur… urrrhh…
Fan A: Hey, what’s wrong? Are you nervous?
Fan B: Patience, patience. This guy’s nothing…
Fan C: Urrr… Wahhh!! I’m gonna kill Miss Nikki and I’ll die tooooooo!!
Fan A: H-hey?
Fan C: Wahhhhhhh!!
Watch out!

I managed to stop him, and the distraction let us get away.

Fan A: Hey, get him down!
Fan B: Idiot! Why’d you go crazy?
Nikki, now’s our chance!

We headed to the roof above the workshops.

Phew, at one point I was really worried…
Yeah… I’m sorry.
…Are you sure you’re sorry?
I am! If you didn’t protect me, I…
Let’s stop this, okay?
Yeah… Thank you, Vayne.
It’s okay.
You’re pretty dependable. I thought you were more delicate and weak…
Should I take that as a compliment?
I guess… I wouldn’t mind letting you be my hubby…
What did you say?
Hehehe. Nothing. Well, let’s go back now.
I have a bad feeling… I hope it’s just me…

Those crazies could attack again at any time, though hopefully the fact that we’ve stopped this farce will satisfy them…

Video- “Pamela 4”

Now That IS Scary

Pamela has been making some very strange things recently.

Pamela’s taking alchemy seriously…?
She’s been like that for a while now. She asked me a lot of questions, too.
Maybe she ate something strange.
Maybe Anna’s encouragement worked…
Uhh… Anna’s, huh?
Anna’s yeah…
What about me?
Oh, no no no! Nothing, it’s nothing…
Done! Finished! Time to go test it out.
By the way, what was she making?
I have no idea…

Just then we had a visitor who conveniently informed us what she’d been making.

Yeah, she was.
More like, who are you?
Maury: Ah, as I thought… More victims to come…
Maury: Miss Pamela’s medicines… Are dangerous. And she passes them around…
Dangerous… Is it really that bad?
Maury: It’s bad, alright. Over 20 boys were sent to the infirmary already…
Why would you put it in your mouth, knowing it’s caused so much damage.
Maury: When she stares at you with that amazing smile, you just can’t resist…
That’s… even worse…
Maury: I beg you, please! Stop Miss Pamela! At this rate, this entire school will…
Now that sounds a little exaggerated…
Either way, I think we should stop her…
Yeah. It’s not good to make other people drink dangerous medicine.
You do it all the time…

By the time we got outside Pamela had already given out a sample and gone, unfortunately.

Maury: Ahh… Another victim…
You fool! Why did you drink it!?
Orwell: If I die drinking Miss Pamela’s medicine… It’s my heart’s desire…
Maury: How could you…? You…!
Hey, don’t just sit there! Medic! Medic!
This isn’t the time for war comedy! We need to help him!
Get him to drink some sort of antidote! Hurry!

We got him a Cure Jar from our stocks, luckily we had one on hand.

Fabio: Heart rate and breathing are normal. He just needs to get some rest…
I’m so glad. Looks like we made it in time.
Orwell: Heh… Thanks guys.
We can’t let this damage spread any more. We need to go after Pamela!
Yeah. I wonder where she went though…
Orwell: Miss Pamela…has headed to the Wind’s Corridor… In search of new… Grah!
Don’t speak. Just sleep for now.
So, the Wind’s Corridor. Let’s stop her before she makes her next medicine…
Yeah, let’s hurry.

She was by the fruit trees in the Abyss.

Oh, hello. What a delightful coincidence to meet you all here.
Uh, it’s no coincidence. Um… Vayne, tell her.
What? Me?
Oh, what perfect timing. Roxis, here you go.
Erm, for me?
You seem so tired lately. So I made medicine that’ll energize you. Go on.
Uh well, I was born with a tired looking face…
Just try it.
Er, I mean, so…
Resist it! Resist it with all your fury!
You can’t lose. Just tell her straight out!
Just drink it. Come on.
Waahhh… Tah!

I’m glad it wasn’t me, I couldn’t have even held out as long as Roxis did probably.

So? Do you feel energized?
Yeah… It was very delicious. Thank, you…
Really? I’m so glad. I’ll give you all some after I make more, okay?
What are you doing!? Why did you drink it!?
I couldn’t refuse…haha! You can all laugh at my failure…
Roxis! Get a grip!
Watch out… Her smile is a dangerous weapon…
Wow, that medicine is strong… Maybe I should ask Pamela how to make it.
No! Please don’t!
Even Roxis has fallen. We can’t let our guard down.
We have to keep our wits, or else we’ll end up…
Yes. We can’t let Roxis’ death be in vain!
So, where should we start looking?
We don’t have much time. Let’s split up.
Yeah. But even if you do find her, take it easy.

I drew the short straw and ran into Pamela.

No one was at the workshop. I was looking all over.
Uhm well… We were all looking for you.
For me? Why?
Well…about that medicine you’ve been making…
My medicine…? Oh I get it. You all want one, too. You shoulda just asked.
No, that’s not it. Well…umm…you see…
What is it? You have to be clear or else I won’t understand.
Um…so… We want you to stop making it!
Wha-what~!? Why!? Everyone’s so happy.
After they drink it, everyone has to be taken to the infirmary…
Nuh uh! You’re just saying that to be mean!
I’m not lying. It’s true. So please…
Is it really true?

I just wish I didn’t have to be the one, she seemed so sad…

Oh, Pamela…
She seemed depressed… Maybe I should’ve thought about how I said it…