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Mana Khemia: Alchemists of Al-Revis

by Feinne

Part 54: The Heart’s Prison

’s Prison

At first it seemed as though there was nowhere we could go inside the strange object. But then it began to shake, and a door opened to one side. We found a familiar landscape inside, and that wasn’t all.

Video- “Familiar Faces”

One Last Time

There you are, Vayne Aurelius.
But…why are you here?
Are you going to help us again?
Stop! Don’t get any closer!
We don’t wanna hurt you. Just surrender already.
…What does he mean?
Uh, won’t it be bad if we hurt them?
I’m sure a little’s fine. It can’t be helped if they resist.
Could these two be…
Imposters. Or, more like…
What are you babbling for? If you wanna fight, then I guess I can’t help it.
Sorry. We have our own things to worry about.

Didn’t think we’d ever have to fight Tony and Renee again, even if it wasn’t really them.

Boss Battle: Tony and Renee
It’s Tony and Renee again. They have basically the same abilities they did last time we fought them. The biggest change is that Renee is now immune to Seal, so there’s no way to stop her summoning her Azureflame Mana. I’d say Renee is probably the most dangerous of the three at this point, so blow her up then blow up the Mana and Tony in some order. They’re just not very threatening in this incarnation sorry to say.

They vanished after we defeated them.

Why those two… And imposters?
Stuff like that happens here all the time.
You make these things sound way too simple.
We can’t worry about these little details. Come on, let’s go.

We pulled back out for a moment to get ready to explore more.

Professor Feinne’s Alchemy 400: Ultimate Weapons
We get the recipes for the best weapons for Vayne, Jess, Nikki, and Flay in here, which also made me realize I had missed one of Nikki’s earlier. They’re actually not that bad to make, just remember to see if you’ve got the prior weapon (which is always a component for these pretty much) equipped on the person in question.

Another area had opened up, this time it looked like Heaven’s Road. It wasn’t really a surprise then when we were attacked.

Video- “An Old Foe”

This Guy Again

Eek… That voice!
I’ve heard it before…
Great Beast: I forbid humans to step foot beyond this point. Back away…
So, now it’s a dragon.
What in the world is going on here?
Ask questions later. We might’ve suffered before, but not this time!
Great Beast: Foolish humans… You shall die here!

This copy of the dragon was just as unpleasant as the original.

Boss Battle: Grandwing Drake
Grandwing Drake is again armed with basically the same abilities he had the first time we fought him. Unfortunately for him, you are now able to counter them pretty heavily. His only moves that might be even slightly threatening are countered by Muppy’s D-Support, you have much better healing capability, and because he’s a dragon Vayne’s normal attacks hit his weakness. You should dice him apart in no time flat.

Fortunately, we’re way stronger than we were then.

First, it’s them, and now… Vayne?
Yeah, probably…
Huh? What is this about?
I said, ask questions later. We don’t have a lot of time left.
Flay is right for once. We can talk while we walk.

We headed out again to get ready to tackle the third door.

Professor Feinne’s Alchemy 400: A Bit More Alchemy
Just one ultimate weapon this time, Muppy’s Crown Pot. It’s not even that hard to make honestly, it doesn’t even use a Pot Station.

Behind the third door was an area that looked just like the depths of the Mana Ruins, which made it obvious what was waiting at the end.

Video- “Shadow of the Moon”

Practically the Same

That crystal is…
Wha! Something’s coming out of it!
Just as I thought.
What are you “Just as I thought”-ing about now?
We don’t know the exact moment when the Mana escaped the crystal.
The only one who saw it was Vayne.
…But I don’t remember that clearly, either.
Those we’ve been fighting, they’re enemies from your memory… Am I right?
…Vayne’s memory?
How does knowing that help our situation?
You rely too much on your logic.
We must defeat the enemy in front of us. That’s it!
*sigh * Sometimes I envy your simplicity.
???: Human… Revenge…

We were forced into combat with the huge Mana again.

Boss Battle: Zweis Monde
Once again we’re fighting this thing. It works exactly the same and has the same attacks, just higher stats. Use Seeker if its shifting resistances are annoying you and watch out for Time Effects and you’ll be fine.

They’re all only shadows, though.

But it’s too early to rest. I believe the road ahead is still long.
Vayne, when we get back, you’re going to have to explain all this.
I wanna hear about it, too.
Yeah. We can’t even stop to talk about it.
Thank you… everyone.
Let’s move! Don’t lag behind!
Everyone: Woo!
But… I…

I think we’ve opened up the center now. Who knows what waits for us there?

Professor Feinne’s Alchemy 400: The Last Three Items
We got the recipe for Anna’s, Roxis’, and Pamela’s best weapons this time around, and they’re the last ones in the game. Here they are.