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Mana Khemia: Alchemists of Al-Revis

by Feinne

Part 53: The Alchemy Hour of Power

We had a bit of work to do to prepare for our assault on the mysterious object.

Professor Feinne’s Alchemy 400: Graduate Level Alchemy
Let’s start with the easy stuff, ‘normal’ items we just got the ability to make. I’m actually going to go through the supply chain to help make things make more sense.

Aroma Materials are probably the most difficult item that is a relatively common component to produce. It takes a Brilliant Stone, a Pentagle, one of the three accessories that greatly improves a resistance, and one of a number of high-end plants including Tercia Pollen and Dunkelhite. They’re a good reason to have been making Pentagles with the Task Sheet for one, because otherwise Pentagles are kind of a pain. The high-end resistance items are all complicated as well, Fires of Hell is probably the best because you can buy more components for it than the others. This would be a good item to give people if it weren’t so hard to make and commonly used in the rest of this update.

Azoth Z has a set recipe, Jade Tablet, Dragon Tongue, Aroma Material, and Dunkelhite. Everything but the Aroma Material is pretty simple, two are gathered items and the Tablet is just a bit annoying, which is why I made some with the Task Sheet earlier.

We saw this a while ago when we made the Alchemy Robe. It requires an Altena Ingot, which is easy, an Aroma Material, which sort of sucks as noted above, and either an Imperial Cloth or an Alchemy Robe. I do it with an Imperial Cloth here but looking at the whole supply chain of both I’d suggest Alchemy Robe, because most of its components can be purchased. We’re going to need two of these, so doing them efficiently is helpful.

Crown Breastplate is refreshingly easy, just takes one of the other four higher end heavy armors, an Altena Ingot, and a ‘crown’ themed item (basically any item with King or Queen in the name). That’s the last of our easy items, though. Let’s move to the unique armors.

This is the recipe for Vayne’s Bleak Veil. Everything here but the Fallen Wing is pretty annoying to synthesize for one reason or another. Gold Mail uses a Gold Bullion, which is inherently going to add difficulty if you haven’t been making them with the Task Sheet. Stellar Globe is also tough, it uses a Pot Station and Globe as major components. Pot Station in turn requires several of Muppy’s other pots, so this is a very complex synthesis at least. Symbol of Uroborus requires a Giant’s Ring, again ideally you made a few early on with the Task Sheet. If not, don’t worry too much. While the Symbol is complex, it’s not actually very difficult to make with respect to rare materials.

This is the recipe for Flay’s Gallant Mantle. It’s the easiest to produce by far. Gangster is an older armor that we probably have lying around still from making it, Altena Ingots are straightforward, and you should probably have a Tera Flame or two around. That just leaves Megingjorz, which do require some complicated items like one of Vayne’s higher end collars if you’ve not made any with the Task Sheet. Still, only one annoying component is a plus.

This is the recipe for Roxis’ Grand Alchemist. Half of it is very easy, you can buy most of the components for Philosopher’s Hand and Glasses of Death and anything you can’t buy is common and low-end. On the other hand, it also takes a Saint’s Garb (and therefore an Aroma Material) and a Shining Grail, which is relatively difficult to make. Still, it’s not nearly as bad as Vayne’s was.

This is the recipe for Jess’ Biohair Wig. Uni God is a bit complicated, since it requires a Pentagle, and Aurora Curtain can be quite a pain since it requires a Dragonscale Garb to make. The Garb, in turn, requires a Symbol of Uroborus and a Dragon Scale as well as some cloth and another dragon component. I hate to keep saying this but some of these real pain in the ass things are just something you need to anticipate needing a few of and making with the Task Sheet earlier, I did that with the Aurora Curtain and Dragonscale Garb once each or so and it served me well.

Nikki’s Holy Beast Hide is another one saddled with an absolutely brutal single ingredient, the Angel Cloth. The major component of this is the Archangel Wings, which you should have been making with the Task Sheet since forever ago at this point because they’re awesome and hard to make. The rest of it would be a pain if it weren’t made of things that are really obvious choices for the Task Sheet early in the game, but hopefully you should have lots of things like Angel Wings and Winged Boots around. Bunny Ears are complex but made out of a lot of very basic components if you don’t have one lying around.

This is the recipe for Anna’s Knight’s Waistcoat. It requires a lot of things which can be very complex if you’re not prepared for them. Of course there’s a Symbol of Uroborus, which we’ve talked about, and a Feathery Flow. Maiden requires another Feathery Flow or a Heaven’s Silk, which is probably slightly easier since its main components are an Angel’s Wing and Misty Curtain. Maiden also requires an Aurora Curtain, which we again mentioned earlier as a pain. Still, if we have the components prepared ahead of time this can actually be one of the easier ones.

This is the recipe for Pamela’s Robe of Life. Right off the bat note the Saint’s Garb and again Aroma Material that requires. Beyond that it’s actually pretty simple, Formell is easy to make, you should have Elixirs around, and Trauer Tarot is a bit complicated but requires mainly things you can buy from the various stores. If not for the Saint’s Garb this might be as easy as Flay’s armor.

Here’s our last ultimate armor, Muppy’s Rejuvenator Skin. Three quarters of it is a total joke, Elixirs you should have in surplus, Blood Clay is very easy to make, and any water is as easy as going to your workshop tap. It takes one of the three high end elemental resistance accessories, I’d suggest the Fires of Hell because it’s easiest to make. If you’ve got a Fires of Hell that didn’t become an Aroma Material this is possibly even easier than Flay’s.