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Mana Khemia: Alchemists of Al-Revis

by Feinne

Part 50: Spiral

We’ve been pretty bored the past few weeks, not much to do while we wait for graduation now...

Because…well, you can learn from it, too.
…If it was a collar for you, I’d be more than happy to.
Huh? What?
Nothing. Is that all for today?
Yeah. Thank you.
I was hoping to make a stronger one, but…
Just change the stone that you used in it.
Yeah… But it’s really hard to balance…
…Fine. I’ll help you. I’m sure I’m better at this than you are.
Thanks, it really helps.
…If I could control you with this collar, I’d have so much fun.
Huh? What?
Nothing. Here, try making it like this next time.
Th-thank you…
Why do Roxis’ eyes look so evil today…?
System Message: Item: Magic Stone Collar can now be made.

With everything done, it was inevitable the question would arise again.

Video- “Isolde’s Request”

Watch the Video

Next up is graduation. Come to think of it, that was pretty fast.
Are you even guaranteed to graduate yet?
Hmph, you underestimate me. I had an intricate plan to gaining units…
I made him a schedule.
Wow. When did you do that?
Umm…at the beginning of the year, I was forced…
It’s not good for him to stay here so many years.
…I’ve had enough of this hollow conversation.
How long were you all planning to avoid the obvious question at hand?
I wasn’t really… planning anything…
Well, I wanna know, but…
Vayne, this isn’t going to solve itself on its own.
Curiosity is a troublesome beast. People want to know what they should not.
There are things we’re better off not knowing. Especially for them…
But it seems that’s not gonna slide…

We didn’t have time to finish our conversation, though, because that’s when she walked in.

You, again… What do you want?
Nothing from you.
I can’t allow any student involvement. Bring him far into the Resource Center.
Hey! Don’t ignore us and keep talk—
If we go there, will you tell me…what I am?
I’m glad that you at least realize you’re not normal.
I know all about you… That is why I must do this.
What a tease. Do you think we’ll mindlessly obey everything you say?
Whether you come or not is your choice. If you don’t, I’ll find another way.
Ms. Isolde, please answer my question. If I go… Then will you tell me?
…Of course. I’m not heartless.

She says that, but… Anyway, she wanted me to come alone and I should have probably listened, but everyone else insisted on being there.

Yeah. I want to hear what she knows. About me…and about Sulpher.
Then, let’s go. We don’t need much preparation.
Yup. I’m perfectly fine like this.
You’re all…gonna come?
Of course. We can’t let you have all the fun.
She really knows how to make a ghost curious.
It might be dangerous, like last time…
Then it’ll be even more dangerous to go by yourself.
Don’t worry. She is a teacher, after all. Even she has limits.
Yeah… I hope so…

We still didn’t understand how far she was willing to go.

I’m in a hurry. Maybe later.
Wait. What do you plan to do with those children?
I’ve explained many times the danger that he holds.
I know, but… I still can’t believe it.
Even if it were true, the fears you have are merely possibilities.
It will be too late if it happens for real.
…There’s something else. His powers are just an excuse, aren’t they?
You’re right.
Though the purpose is different, the result will be the same. Excuse me…
I said wait!
If you try to stop me, I won’t hesitate, not even for you.
I couldn’t even take a step… How pathetic.
However… You are a sinful man, Theofratus…

Deep within the Resource Center Ms. Isolde had opened a new path up for us to an unused area.

Huh? Did you even hear what we said?
We want to know, too… Is that so bad?
No, but…I have a bad feeling about this…
You’re already in for it. It might actually be better that they’re here.

Professor Feinne’s Alchemy 300: The Unorganized Zone
There’s nothing to this dungeon, but make sure you get all the chests here because all of the best armors have their recipes in here and it’s a long walk back if you miss one.

She was waiting for us in a really strange room in the depths.

Video- “The Center Cannot Hold”

Things Fall Apart

There’s no story behind it, but it feels so nostalgic…
I see you came.
Ms. Isolde…
…I thought I told you not to involve any other students.
We don’t quite trust what you’ve got up your sleeve.
Or is there a problem with us being here?
We want to know about Vayne, too.
…I suppose it will help me deal with the confusion later.
Ms. Isolde, you promised. Please tell me everything you know about me…

And that’s what she did. I suppose I have no choice but to believe what she said.

My dad…right?
…Dad? I suppose you can call him that.
He made many discoveries, greatly contributing to the advance of alchemy.
But everyone around him looked at him with jealous eyes.
He couldn’t stand it, so he left. He used alchemy to benefit the public.
He was free of all his burdens. He was happier than I’d ever seen him.
But…in one of the towns he visited, he made an irreparable mistake.
There was a girl who was very sick. She had an unknown illness…
But he was overconfident. He believed he knew how to cure the girl.
What!? That’s…
What is it, Jess?
N-nothing… I’m sorry.
He tried to cure her, using his own unique alchemy methods.
As a result, he was able to rid the girl of her disease. But…
Her life…her remaining time, had also been taken with the disease.
But the girl was grateful. With her innocent smile, she thanked him deeply.

Still, it was all hard to accept.

Living quietly in the forest, his heart slowly became distorted…
…That’s why there’s nothing written about his final years.
Jess, you look a little pale. Are you alright?
Y-yeah, I’m okay. I’m fine…
Nice monologue, but do you mind speeding it up?
His distorted mind slowly filled with dark emotions.
Conceit of being a genius. Vengeance against mockery. Vanity to spite others.
In order to satisfy those emotions, he set upon his final research…
Creating life…a refined form of artificial Mana. Do you understand yet?
Umm… Don’t tell me…

Especially for the others.

That’s just preposterous.
Eh, I’d give him a 4/10. He’s way too nice for those kinds of emotions.
Harsh criticism. But I’m sure you can think of times that confirm this.
But…that can’t be. I just have amnesia…
I wish you were just an artificial life.
If that were the case, you would not have been so fascinating.
The problem is, the powers you hold as a Mana…

But all those times…

I didn’t want to believe I’d done it.

Who restored the burned tree? Who defeated the great beast?
Who released the frozen Mana from the crystal? Who revived a dead cat?
Your power did all that.
But that’s…not…
Y-you’re lying! It’s just a coincidence.
I mean, do you even have proof that Vayne did all that!?
Nikki’s right. Your conclusion does sound like a bit of a stretch.
…And what do you think?

We should never have gone there. We thought that we knew Ms. Isolde. I mean, she’d saved Sulpher that one time. Sure, she attacked us, but that at least seemed to have a reason that made sense.

We didn’t really know her at all, though.

How could we have, though?

It won’t be long, you can bear this.
Teacher… Why…?
You’ll be fine. I’m confident.
Err… Vayne…
No… This is a joke, right?

It’s all I can tell myself.