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Manhunter: New York & San Fransisco

by GuavaMoment

Part 3: Flatbush Bar

Before I entered Flatbush bar, I thought back to my very recent encounter with the Orb babies. I suddenly realized that it was a good thing I left when I did, otherwise something horrible might have happened.

Babies can never seem to get enough to eat.

But back to the task at hand.

I know the suspect played this video game for some time before moving on. I wonder if there's anything special about that game?

Arcade games have suffered a slight drop in quality since the Orb invasion.

I've never played this game before. If this is some kind of clue I don't get it, nothing here seems too unusuWHAAA!

Oh crap! I can't take on all these people! What do they want?

Oh....kay. This might be some kind of initiation ritual. I have to prove myself to be able to play that video game. If I keep my cool and play by the rules set by these bar patrons, I should be able to enter their circle of trust. It's just a matter of throwing the four knives perfectly between this guy's fingers. I'll have to time my throws perfectly. Now of course what I'd like to do is... prove to this asshole that I don't play games. I'm on a mission, and I have no time for...

...uh, for games and such...

You'll never succeed if you keep losing your head like that!

Of course that didn't happen. I decided to play their little game.

But I suck at it.

Thankfully, they just threw me out of the bar. After collecting my thoughts with a little dance, I headed back into the bar, four knives in hand.

This time I did it perfectly.

What is this? Three strange arm movements? That's what I get for not removing your fingers? I played your game, I want a better reward!

Looks like I'm not getting one. They all left as soon as the big guy gave me that weird arm signal. At least I can get back to that arcade game.

Time for some Halls, Walls, Balls and Dolls!