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Manhunter: New York & San Fransisco

by GuavaMoment

Part 5: The sewers and Coney Island

Phew! Thankfully I managed to survive getting flushed away! But now I'm in some kind of sewer. Everything looks the same! I wander through these tunnels but there's nothing here to help me figure out where I need to go to get out of here, let alone why the suspect wanted to come down here in the first place. I guess it's a good way to avoid getting tracked by the Orbs, but not if you have to wander a maze for hours!

Forward. Right. Left. Forward a lot. A fork, one road going forward, the other left. I continue forward. Left.

Hey, what's this? It's a keycard! But to what?

Wait a minute, this maze layout feel somehow familiar...

That's it! That stupid game! That must be a map to this maze! That's why the suspect played that game, to get a map of this maze! Each of the squares in the game must correspond to a keycard drop in real life.

*Lots of wandering and collecting later. Seriously, this part of the game blows and it's what stumped me as a kid until I bought the guide. It was one of those "highlight the box to reveal the text" guides, which in itself was a puzzle to my eight year-old self. Took me a week to figure out why they gave you that highlighter with the hint booklet. When I figured that out it blew my mind*

Freedom! Finally! And I see a shiny thing on that dock to collect!

It's a medallion with the anti-Orb sign on it. Could be useful to show to people, convince them I'm on their side. Along with twelve keycards, I've gathered a lot of trinkets here.

Time to move on. Hey, that Ferris wheel in the distance, that looks like the one on Coney Island.

Without tracker info I don't have any leads on where to find the suspect. Perhaps she went to Coney Island? It's all I have to go on now.

Whoa, I knew this looked familiar! The "you won" screen from that video game has the Coney Island amusement park as a background! The game, and the people in the bar, all the clues are pointing here. What would someone need to do here though?

I could always play the games.

Throwing darts at balloons.

Rings and bottles.

Baseball throwing at the kewpie dolls

Wait a minute! This is another thing the video game was showing me; it had kewpie dolls in it too! With one game I have three shots...but which dolls should I hit?


That's it! Playing through the video game, I hit three dolls while traveling to the end. I should hit those same three dolls in the same order as I did in the game!

Top middle-right...

Middle middle left...

Bottom right!

Hmm...I've won a stuffed orb as a prize, but that look the Carney gave me was a bit off.


The anti-orb medallion I just picked up! It's probably a safe bet to say that this guy is part of the Resistance, so showing him that medallion might make him think I'm with the Resistance as well. Plus, it also shows that I don't want some stuffed orb toy, I want something...well I want something useful I guess.

Success! A data card! My MAD computer can read it.

Oh...kay. I don't know exactly what this is supposed to mean right now. "Phil" - I'll have to try and remember that name.

Crap, the Orbs are checking in on my progress.

It's nearly sundown already?


Yeah, I don't know the suspects name. Now that I think about it I'm not even sure of the gender. The passage to the underground maze was in the women's bathroom, and I guess to get underground both women and men would have to use it.

I guess this one slipped through the cracks.

Tomorrow will be another day, with another suspect.