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Part 13: House Call

You didn't think I let the year end without an update, right?

House Call

:"Here, to Avtaikin's House. I sense a big fight. - Ok, comrade Avtaikin. Let's test your might."

Avtaikin's house in deep in the city. It's just behind that reddish building on the left.

This battle can be very hard, if you don't approach carefully and have some kind of plan. But as always, I'm prepared.

Looking at the map, it should be clear that a pincer move is the most sensible option. Serb and Zhirik will go around the left, aiming for the backdoor. Akhmet and Vitek will take the right and then split up, but more on that later.

Because before I can really make a move, I have to deal with dogs.

After that, Akhmet and Vitek move forward and split in the industrial area ahead. You really have to be careful on the right side as it's very easy to get spotted.

:"A whole dog pack. Gathering like flies on shit."

:"These bitches are no match for our lads. - For Russia!"

Indeed, Serb. Indeed.

Akhmet will sneak up to that bus and then will approach the house. He's the only one stealthy enough, and I have a crafty plan for him.

Vitek will stay in this corner, for now. He'll get spotted when he rounds it. So he has to wait till the party starts. When that happens, he'll sprint to the ruined building ahead and will provide support from the top of it.

The other team is getting close to the backdoor.

Meanwhile, Akhmet has reached the house.

There are basic trigger-mines around, so that's another reason why this is a job for him.

He clears the ones that are close to him and then waits.

It's a bit hard to make out, but some of those windows are open. Very important for my plan.

The other group also spots some mines.

But it's easy enough to avoid them.

They move into the foliage next to that tree and wait.

With all my pieces in place, let's start the show.

Remember that I said, that I had a plan for the heavy grenades and gave Akhmet the throwing talent for a reason?

:"Fuck! What did I destroy?"

:"Can you put your mind to anything?"

This was triggered because the explosion smashed some containers, but the items don't take damage. So whatever.

I think this was the perfect way to start this battle.

The backdoor team is one the move and Vitek sprints towards his position.

But wait!

There is another open window..

There is a sniper in here, and I want to keep him busy while Vitek moves through the open.

No kill. But the log shows a heavy hit, that's good enough.

Zhirik can only stun this guy, as the medium armor blocks 9x18mm pretty reliably.

I'm sure this is close to a war crime.

Vitek has reached his spot.

He can see and shoot into the staircase from here and into some parts of the house. This is important as the AI usually rushes the staircase and fighting an uphill battle gets you killed fast.

But this time, the AI stays in the flat and refuses to step out.

I leave Zhirik behind as three guys will hinder each other in the cramped area.

The lads get ready and I tell Vitek to shoot the door to pieces.

I swear this just happened. The AI opened the door at the right moment to catch that round. And it's actually Avtaikin.

This is good, as he's also armored. Now he's passed out.

Akhmet get's foiled by armor again. This is the point where buck should be kept as a backup for dogs, while slugs should be used on humans.

But stun is also neat.

Have some more of it, Avtaikin!

But I'm in kind of a bad spot. The AI camps the entrance and going in there is a big no-no.

Serb catches a rifle butt here, but his armor absorbs it.

Another plan is needed.

That'll do.

Vitek engages in a cat and mouse game with the wounded sniper. He won't get him and will actually not play a role in this battle anymore. This is weird has he usually gets some sweet snipes here. But whatever, it's not like he didn't had time to shine already.

Akhmet steps into the flat...

...and does more war crimes.

Serb keeps pushing into the flat..

...but instead of letting him walk into a possible trap, I set my own.

But nobody wants to make a move. So let's just Rambo this.

He just empties the clip before pulling back.

Akhmet takes over for him.

God bless the auto-fire upgrade!

Zhirik leveled when the scene started. That's why he can feel special with that little star over his head

Well that was some fine work, I think.

Of course I had the advantage of knowledge. But when I played this the first time my plan was roughly similar. Just without the surprise grenades.

Time for some levels.

Zhirik goes up in the MG tree.

Accuracy:"In your hands, a machine gun is not a "support weapon". Few bullets are wasted on "keeping enemies down", most make them go down for good!"

Vitek maxes the rifle tree.

Fast aiming:"Optical scope or not, you lock enemies in your crosshair faster than lightning."

And Serb takes the throwing skill.

Grenadier:"In peaceful times you could excel at basketball. Now you excel at scoring grenades into the smallest crevices."

Now it's time to clean up and collect the loot.

Meanwhile you can check out the map. The border is roughly where that fence is, but they bothered to give the map more depth. Neat!

First off, let's get the proof of Avtaikin's demise.

:"To the colony deputy chief Avtaikin A. V. from the grateful inmates...Bleh, what a jerk."

He also had some Whiskey and this..

A nice upgrade in storage.

There are some things hidden in the house. Namely behind a metal door that Akhmet failed to open.

That works.

Here you can see that a metal door will make bullets ricochet. And you surely can hit yourself in the face! While you can't destroy the door, without explosives, you can shoot down the lock.

In there, is a chest and a safe.

The PKM is the one MG that I'm going to use. I figured I may as well use the biggest one. The SVD is a nice rifle, but I like the unique Vepr more.

I'm not sure if this optic will ever show up at traders, as I've never bothered to really look. But the mag is unique and will increase Vitek's shooting time before he has to reload by a nice amount.

There is more stuff on the map to collect and see, so let's keep moving.

There are several corpses around. They are not just re-skins or container bodies, they are parts of the scenery and look like they're dead for some time. Also Jerry.

In a garage, Akhmet finds this.

This goes on the AKM. While it will raise the stamina drain, it turns the AKM into an LMG that can be used when shit hits the fan.

We've seen bus stops, like this, multiple times.

But it's a nice touch that they added a map on the side.

In the ruin where Vitek was sitting...

Say hello to the RgG-6! It can bang out six 40mm grenades in a couple of seconds. I'm not kidding, you can paint the whole area with explosions. With that said though, the actual mechanic is a tad complicated so I'll go into it when Serb uses it. Oh yeah, that backpack is also nice.

Lastly, Akhmet checks the gas station from the beginning of the map.

Seems like someone holed up in here...

Avtaikin's band had a bunch of good weapons and gear.. the rest of the group is as equally packed.

:"This road leads to the house."

Enjoy your new years celebrations!